11 Full Moon Rituals for Manifesting with the Power of the Moon


What Is A Full Moon Ritual?

A Full Moon Ritual is a sequence of intentional and symbolic actions you tackle the night time of the Full Moon to faucet into the religious, therapeutic, and manifestation potential of the Full Moon vitality.

Moon rituals have historic origins and the ability of the moon has all through historical past captivated and fascinated humanity.

The Moon is, after all, the closest celestial physique to Earth, and no matter speculations as to its true origin, its gravitational pull and vitality has lengthy been identified to have an effect on all the pieces from the Oceans tides, farming and fishing practices, to non-public moods, vitality ranges, and manifestation outcomes.

Whereas every part of the Lunar Cycle carries a novel energetic significance, the moons vitality is by far essentially the most noticeable across the time of the Full Moon.

The Full Moon’s Energetic Affect

When the Moon is Full, and the sunshine of the Solar that it displays is totally illuminated within the night time sky.

The Full Moon marks a time of energetic culmination and an explosion of spiritual energy on the inner planes.

The Full Moon marks a time of energetic fruits and an explosion of religious vitality on the internal planes.

Full Moon vitality has a means of stirring up feelings and heightening psychic sensitivity. The Full Moon is a time when the faery and elemental realms are extra energetic, and the refined vibrations of the upper religious realms turn into extra simply felt, accessed and reached.

The Full Moon additionally has a profound means of unveiling what was as soon as hidden within the shadows on a private and collective stage.

Symbolically, and by shining a lightweight into the darkness of night time, the Full Moon vitality has a means of unveiling what’s not serving you, and what must be healed, built-in or launched so you possibly can proceed to progress in your path of dwelling your most vibrant life.

As a result of the Full Moon is a time of heightened religious vitality, it’s a great time for meditation, cleaning and recharging your vitality, therapeutic, and for releasing and shedding the outdated to permit your highest divine potential to manifest in your life.

This profound vitality is strictly why there are such a lot of cultures and traditions that observe the Full Moon and perform Rituals and Ceremonies to consciously tune into the ability of the energetic window that opens across the Full Moon.

Our historic ancestors had been rather more related to the night time sky, and the cycles and rhythms of nature than we’re right now. The moon was noticed for sensible functions like optimizing farming and fertility, in addition to for sacred and ceremonial occasions and celebrations.

By a Full Moon Ritual you’re capable of reconnect with the rhythm and concord of nature current in all of life… To honor the cycles of life and realign with the deep knowledge and steering current throughout the earth, and written within the moon, sky and stars.

Full Moon Ritual

By finishing a Full Moon Ritual, you’ll be able to declare your private energy to name forth profound therapeutic, religious progress and transformation into your life expertise.

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A Full Moon Ritual is a method to consciously faucet into the ability of the Full Moon to manifest blessings in your life.

In different phrases, your Full Moon Ritual is about rather more than simply lighting some candles, laying out your crystals, and organising an altar to get the right snapshot for Instagram…

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This Full Moon Ritual is a robust mechanism on your private religious progress and transformation!

Manifesting With The Moon All through The Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon could be very very like the Crescendo of the Lunar cycle, however that doesn’t imply there’s not energy and potential all through the remainder of the cycle too.

Observing your complete lunar cycle and honoring your vitality and intentions all through can powerfully help your manifestations, and deepen your private reference to Spirit and concord with the cycles of life too!

The Darkish Moon

The Dark Moon

When the sunshine of the moon is by no means seen within the sky, it’s referred to as the Darkish Moon and is a robust time to enter inward. To look inside, relaxation and reconnect with the house and void inside us which when tuned into reconnects us with All. It is a time for profound therapeutic and internal work throughout which your psychic senses could also be amplified.

The New Moon

The New Moon

The New Moon is usually interchangeably seen as being the identical because the Darkish Moon. Although it can be known as the very first sliver of sunshine as the sunshine of the Moon is reborn within the sky after going fully darkish.  The New Moon is the start of a brand new cycle and is the right time to set new intentions round what you need to create and expertise in your life. It’s a time of recent potential, relaxation and replenishing your vitality so moving into the brand new you possibly can transfer with higher ease, peace, creativity and move.

Waxing Moon

The Waxing Moon

The Waxing Moon refers back to the a part of the Lunar Cycle the place the moon rising bigger within the sky. It’s the part between the New and Full Moon and is a time of vitality growth and progress for you too. It’s an excellent time to focus in in your intentions surrounding the place you are actually and what you now actually need and need to transfer in the direction of, and to take motion in alignment along with your internal inspiration to start manifesting blessings of abundance, achievement, well being, and relationship in your life.

Full Moon

The Full Moon

The Full Moon is after all the time when the sunshine of the Moon is totally illuminated within the night time sky. It is a time of heightened vitality the place feelings run excessive and psychic talents are amplified. The Full Moon is a superb time to double down in your intentions, and in addition to launch what’s not serving you as you journey by your life.

In the course of the Full Moon goals are sometimes extra vivid, and the religious realms really feel simpler to sense and attain. It’s an excellent time for ritual, divination, and meditation to obtain the steering and instinct as to how one can realign along with your true path and the best prospects on your life.

The Full Moon can also be seen as a time of fruits and harvest the place the intentions you set on the New Moon could now start to manifest and align with you. Tune into gratitude for the various blessings you’re starting to see inside and round to remain aligned with the best and finest prospects on your life.

Waning Moon

Waning Moon

The Waning moon is the part of the lunar cycle instantly after the Full Moon and lasting till the moon is Darkish and New. The Waning moon is when the sunshine of the moon is diminishing, and as this occurs we every have alternatives to launch and let go of what not serves and helps us in our journeys by life. That is the right time to deal with releasing and letting go of outdated habits, limiting beliefs and views that not serve who you are actually and who you’re changing into.

The Lunar Cycle is a endless cycle of rebirth, progress, harvest, achievement, launch, decline, dying and rebirth. By honoring your complete cycle of the Moon you possibly can deepen your reference to your personal internal cycles and deeply join with the various alternatives for progress, manifestation and co-creation with Spirit obtainable to you.

11 Full Moon Ritual Concepts

As a result of the Full Moon is the time the place there’s essentially the most religious vitality obtainable. It’s an excellent part of the moon to do a ritual below since you’re the more than likely to really feel the vitality, and expertise highly effective outcomes of your love, or manifestation ritual.

There isn’t any one proper or unsuitable method to do a Full Moon Ritual…However should you’d like step-by-step steering…

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In any other case, listed here are some key components for uplifting you to create your personal private Full Moon Ritual too.

Launch Ritual

When the sunshine of the Full Moon is illuminating the night time, what has been buried or hidden within the shadow is commonly illuminated too. When this occurs, it’s a robust alternative to face your private shadow for therapeutic, launch and to let go. What are you holding on to that’s not serving you? A symbolic ritual of launch round this below the sunshine of the Full Moon might be actually highly effective for truly clearing it out of your vitality area and life, and letting it go.

Contemplate writing out what you need to launch and let go of on a chunk of paper… This may very well be views, habits, emotional patterns, or limiting beliefs… When you’ve written all the pieces down, then symbolically (and safely) burn the paper to let it go.

“I now launch this into the sunshine.”

Amplify Your Intentions

Most individuals discuss concerning the lunar cycle when it comes to the New Moon being when it is best to set intentions, and the Full Moon being the time to launch and let go… And there’s some reality to this, however truthfully its an oversimplification, as a result of the Full Moon might be such a robust time to supercharge your intentions and strengthen your manifestation skill too!

Beneath the sunshine of the Full Moon, tune into your intentions and really feel the sunshine and highly effective vitality current on the religious planes magnetizing what you need in the direction of you.

That is additionally an excellent alternative to attach along with your guides and angels and invoke their help in manifesting blessings in your life.


Gratitude in the course of the Full Moon vitality lets you align with much more to be thankful for. The Full Moon is the right time to do some form of gratitude ritual or rampage of appreciation.

Give thanks for all the various blessings in your life, together with the folks, guides, inspiration, and alternatives you’ve already been blessed with.

Gratitude is a robust sign in the direction of the Divine and All That Is that you’re conscious of the various blessings already current in your life expertise and prepared and open for much more.

Full Moon Rituals for Love

The Full Moon is an excellent time to launch and let go of the views, limiting beliefs and patterns which can be blocking you off from experiencing the love you actually need in your life.

When you’ve performed this, then focus in on what higher love in your life would appear like. Enable your self to write down, really feel, seen, envision and expertise what your life may very well be like if love manifest in an amplified means, and know that once you do that amidst the Full Moon vitality you’re powerfully amplifying this stuff and supporting the manifestation of higher love in your life.


The Full Moon is an excellent time for Divination and to get readability from Spirit. Get out your favourite angel or oracle playing cards when you’ve got them and provides your self a studying! Check out this 5 Card Full Moon Unfold as part of your ritual too.

Card 1: What blessing is that this Full Moon vitality amplifying in my life?

Card 2: What do I must launch to manifest my Highest Fact?

Card 3: What do I must embrace to embody my Highest Fact?

Card 4: What extra messages are my workforce in Spirit making an attempt to convey to me now?

Moreover, you might use a pendulum to attach along with your guides and ask particular sure no questions round your highest and finest subsequent steps, and to determine areas of clearing or therapeutic which can be required so you possibly can permit extra of your soul reality and Divine blessings to align with and move by you.

Cost Your Religious Instruments and Crystals

The Full Moon is an excellent alternative to cleanse and cost your crystals and different religious instruments below the sunshine of the Full Moon. Collect up your crystals (stones like Selenite, Moonstone, Amethyst and Quartz reply particularly nicely to moonlight) and place them outdoors below the vitality of the Full Moon.

Be taught extra concerning the best Full Moon Crystals here.

Relying on the place you reside and the present climate, be sure your crystals are positioned someplace the place they received’t be messed with or broken (Selenite particularly you don’t need to omit within the rain). Alternately, you possibly can place your crystals on a windowsill that will get an excellent quantity of moonlight. Exterior is certainly extra highly effective, however work with what you might have entry to!

Make Full Moon Water

Moonlight Water, or Full Moon Water is basically simply water that you just set outdoors below the sunshine of the Full Moon to “cost”.

Remember to you utilize spring water or purified water in order that it’s free from added chemical compounds, chlorine, and impurities. You’ll additionally need to retailer your water in a glass container so there is no such thing as a plastic residue leeching into it!

After getting purified water in a glass container, set it out to take a seat below the moonlight. While you put your water outdoors (or on a windowsill that will get moonlight) place an intention for what you need to create, launch, or tune into.

Because the water sits out below the sunshine of the moon it soaks up the vitality of nature together with the sunshine and magic of the Full Moon. Then within the morning, drink it… Feeling your vitality improve and your intention aligning with you!

Be taught extra about making Moon Charged Water here.

Soak Up Some Moonlight

One of the easy, and but nonetheless highly effective Full Moon Rituals is to simply go outdoors and gaze up on the moon.

Really feel the sunshine of the Moon shining down upon you, cleaning and blessing your vitality and supporting you in manifesting much more blessings in the direction of you. You can even maintain your fingers up in the direction of the Full Moon to really feel the moonlight recharging your therapeutic fingers and etheric life pressure vitality.

Take A Salt Bathtub

A cleaning salt bathtub is an ideal add on to any launch and clearing work you are doing amidst the Full Moon. Water is already cleaning, rejuvenating and recharging, however its additionally instantly impacted by the vitality of the Full Moon! So a salt bathtub now’s form of supercharged too! Dim the lights, mild a couple of candles, draw a shower and add in sea-salt, Epsom salt and lavender oil (or no matter important oil fits you).

Loosen up, soak and permit your self to launch all that not serves and to return again into alignment with the upper religious realms and along with your True Self.

Full Moon Dance

Activate some music, or tune into your internal rhythm in silence… And dance below the sunshine of the Full Moon. You are able to do this Moon Dance outdoors instantly within the moonlight, or within the privateness of your house. As you dance, permit your physique to maneuver intuitively and freely. Really feel and sense that your motion is chopping by phantasm and distortion in your area and really feel the transformational vitality of the Full Moon circulating by your being.

Full Moon Manifestation Ritual

Lastly, I’ve written out a whole ritual for leveraging the ability of the Full Moon to manifest blessings and what you actually need into your life.

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