Astrology Of February 2022 – Venus Conjunct Mars In Capricorn –


To say that February 2022 is intense is an understatement. February 2022 is sort of a volcano that’s about to erupt

The spotlight of the month is the Venus-Mars conjunction in Capricorn. The 2 lovers might be holding palms in a conjunction orb for the whole month, which is unusually lengthy. 

The conjunction turns into precise on February sixteenth, when Mars, assured and decided in his exaltation signal, sweeps Venus off her toes. Our hearts awaken to the impulse to behave.

Venus, nonetheless a bit asleep after the retrogradation, will slowly get again to her senses, matching Mars’ pace, and the 2 might be at the exact same diploma for a document of two weeks! 

The 2 lovers will conjunct once more on March sixth, 2022 at 0° Aquarius, with a renewed sense of goal.

Till then, they have to meet the King of the Underworld, Pluto. Pluto is the planet of upper reality – Pluto desires us to be courageous and have our hearts in the proper place. Our intentions should be crystal clear, stripped of ego. This isn’t an encounter for the faint of coronary heart. 

If a Venus-Mars-Pluto conjunction was not intense sufficient, asteroid Vesta – and on February Twenty sixth-Twenty seventh, the Moon – take part for an apotheotic encounter.

Vesta is the keeper of the everlasting sacred flame. The Moon is our soul.

When Venus, Mars, Pluto, Vesta and the Moon come collectively in a ritual of soul purification – that a part of us that’s true, our essence – will shine by, as Venus and Mars kiss within the morning sky. Issues will change into crystal clear as to what it’s that we really need. 

This discovery could take us unexpectedly as a result of it could talk about part of our psyche that we shut down or don’t acknowledge a lot. The Solar, an emblem for what’s seen and acknowledged, shouldn’t be a part of the stellium. Every little thing occurs earlier than daybreak. The Solar is lacking from the image. 

This celestial occasion made me consider a German celebration known as KocherlBall, translated to the Cooks’ Ball. Again within the nineteenth century, the working servants would meet in the summertime months on Sundays, as early as 3:00 am to drink, dance and have enjoyable below the moonlight – or candlelight.

By daybreak, they might get again to work, simply in time earlier than their masters returned from church. This night time celebration is a superb metaphor for the lunar, inventive, desirous half that drives our psyche generally in unconscious methods.

Simply because the cooks and servants had ‘masters’ and obligations (Solar) didn’t imply they might not honor their Venus and Mars. 

The Venus-Mars-Pluto-Vesta-Moon conjunction speaks to our humanity, to our desires and wishes that we regularly suppress and don’t deliver to our acutely aware consciousness.

However this doesn’t make them much less sacred. Vesta’s function is to remind us that our wants and desires matter, that they’re alive, boundless and everlasting. And that we should hold that sacred fireplace burning

February 1st, 2022 – New Moon In Aquarius

On February 1st, 2022 we’ve got a New Moon at 12° Aquarius.

The New Moon is conjunct Saturn and sq. Uranus. This New Moon will deliver to the forefront some 2021 themes like Covid restrictions.

The excellent news is that that is the final lunation that options the dreaded Saturn-Uranus sq.. From March onwards we may have a lot friendlier themes to work with. 

February 4th, 2022 – Mercury Goes Direct

Excellent news: on February 4th, 2022 Mercury goes direct at 24° Capricorn. Not so excellent news: Mercury stations near Pluto, so this transit is as intense as you will get.

In fact, Mercury going direct is a superb factor, since these matters that obtained caught within the final 3 weeks will lastly get unstuck. Nonetheless, on account of Pluto’s scrutinity, we need to be very aware and truthful in how we transfer issues ahead. 

February fifth, 2022 – Solar Conjunct Saturn

On February fifth, 2022 Solar is conjunct Saturn at 15° Aquarius. Solar conjunct Saturn is a severe transit that may check your commitments to your imaginative and prescient.

A conjunction can be a brand new starting. We have now one Solar-Saturn conjunction yearly, and that’s your yearly alternative to delivery a brand new Saturn mission. Saturn initiatives are any initiatives the place laborious work, dedication and mastery are required. 

February sixth, 2022 – Mars Sq. Chiron

On February sixth, 2022 Mars in Capricorn squares Chiron in Aries.

Tense Chiron facets set off our insecurities. With Chiron sq. Mars, we could discover it harder to claim ourselves, we could second guess our actions, really feel clumsy or insufficient.

In fact, Chiron, the Wounded Healer brings additionally the chance to remodel these insecurities into a present. The sq. is an invite to claim ourselves (Mars) with empathy, being acutely aware of how our actions impression others. 

February eleventh, 2022 – Mercury Conjunct Pluto

On February eleventh, 2022 Mercury is conjunct Pluto at 27° Capricorn. The vitality of this transit has been build up for greater than 2 weeks.

This last Mercury-Pluto conjunction will include a much-needed decision and readability. The conjunction could be skilled both as an empowering revelation, or as a requirement to give up to a better reality we’ve turned a blind eye on.

Because the saying goes, the reality will set you free – however first, it could piss you off. 

February 14th, 2022 – Mercury Reenters Aquarius

On February 14th, 2022 Mercury reenters Aquarius.

For those who skilled some delays or setbacks within the 2nd a part of January (from January 14th to January Twenty seventh) it’s possible you’ll now discover the much-awaited decision.

Ready can really feel irritating at first, however looking back, there’s all the time a cause why we needed to put in a bit of additional effort, or wait a bit longer. Good issues come to those that wait. 

February sixteenth, 2022 – Venus Conjunct Mars In Capricorn

On February sixteenth, 2022 Venus is conjunct Mars at 16° Capricorn. This can be a peak within the apotheotic journey Venus and Mars have undertaken within the underworld.

This isn’t the tip of the story – Venus and Mars will proceed to carry palms for a number of extra weeks – that is nonetheless an important flip of their journey. One thing will click on. A dedication might be made. 

Take note of what occurs on the time of the conjunction – these might be insights, occasions or alternatives that may set off one thing inside you – it’s possible you’ll change into conscious of one thing that is essential to you – instantly the whole lot will make sense.  

February sixteenth, 2022 – Full Moon In Leo

On February sixteenth, 2022 we’ve got a Full Moon at 27° Leo. The Full Moon is quincunx Pluto, inviting us to shed what’s now not very important and to seek out inventive methods to precise ourselves and our distinctive items and skills.

Being a part of a group, becoming into society is after all crucial – however not on the expense of who we’re. There’s by no means both, or. Me vs them. We are able to all the time discover a center floor if we glance laborious sufficient. 

February 18th, 2022 – Solar Enters Pisces

On February 18th, 2022 the Solar enters Pisces and the Pisces season formally begins! After a difficult Aquarius season once we’ve been largely in our minds, the Pisces season is an invite to get in contact with our feelings and loosen up into being.

That is the final leg of the photo voltaic cycle that started on March twenty first, 2021. A brand new astrological yr is simply across the nook.

Till then, make the most of the Pisces season to let go of what now not serves you – hold solely what you may’t depart behind. 

February Twenty sixth-Twenty seventh, 2022 – Capricorn Stellium

On February Twenty sixth and February Twenty seventh, 2022 the Moon joins Venus, Mars, Vesta and Pluto to kind an intense, passionate stellium-conjunction in Capricorn

The Venus-Mars-Vesta-Moon-Pluto encounter is so intense, that transformation is inevitable. By the point Venus and Mars are out of the underworld (on March sixth, 2022) you’ll now not be the identical particular person you have been earlier than you started this journey. 

When you’ve got planets or angles between 23 and 28 levels of Capricorn, Most cancers, Aries or Libra you’ll expertise this vitality at an much more intense degree. 

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