Blessing Your Food with Light to Raise It’s Vibration!



Blessing Your Meals to Increase It is Vibration

Blessing Food With Light

Let’s speak about how you can elevate the vibration of your meals by blessing it with mild.

As a result of actually, what you eat and eat positively has an impact in your vibration. To study extra about how you can elevate your vibration… Click Here >>

As a precursor, I do need to level out sure meals have already got a a lot larger vibration than others. Native, contemporary and uncooked natural vegatables and fruits have a a lot, a lot, a lot larger vibration than processed meals, canned meals, and even cooked meals.

So a easy trick to begin elevating the vibration of the meals you’re consuming is by selecting natural contemporary vegatables and fruits. In fact, I get that in sure communities and occasions of the yr it may be difficult to search out and purchase natural produce.

A very good factor to find out about that, is that produce on the whole, even when it’s conventionally grown, has a a lot larger vibration than processed meals. So, a standard apple is prone to have a better vibration than natural Cheetos or one thing natural… However actually processed.

So, if you wish to elevate your vibration, do your greatest to eat clear, entire meals which might be excessive vibrational to begin with.

You may nevertheless elevate the vibration of your meals additional (no matter it’s you’re consuming or cooking) by blessing it with mild!

To start out, while you’re cooking… It helps if you happen to’re in a gift, constructive, aware state, as a result of this vitality will then be transferred to your meals. A easy mantra of “I really like you” whereas cooking can truly make an enormous distinction in serving to cooked meals to retain a better vibration.

Subsequent, when you might have a plate of meals in entrance of you, there’s a few methods you possibly can elevate the vibration of your meals by blessing it with mild.

Begin by respiration, focus your vitality inward, and bringing all of your vitality and lightweight into your physique and into the current second.

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Open your coronary heart, and simply envision mild throughout your meals.

You may then say, or assume: “Angels (or God, Prime Supply, Nice Spirit), please elevate the vibration of this meals and bless it with mild.”

You may truly place your fingers over your meals as you envision mild streaming into your physique, filling you up with mild after which flowing out by way of your fingers.
So, to do that, think about mild pouring into your physique by way of your crown chakra on the high of your head, filling your spinal column and your total being with mild.

Subsequent envision the sunshine flowing out by way of your coronary heart and thru your fingers that act like an extension in your coronary heart chakra, throughout and into your meals… Surrounding your meal with mild and elevating its vibration.

Now, simply to be utterly sincere, clear and genuine with you right here… I often don’t place my fingers over my meals to boost the vibration. You are able to do this if you wish to, however you don’t should. You may simply as simply think about and envision the sunshine round it with out, holding your fingers out it entrance of you.

Give this a try to bless your meals.

Now, if you happen to overlook to bless your meals when you’re cooking, or earlier than you eat… Which I’ll completely admit that even I do overlook every now and then! I get it, I imply, we’re all busy, we get a textual content or find yourself doing one thing whereas we’re consuming or cooking and so we don’t keep in mind to consciously bless the meals in entrance of us to boost it’s vibration.

Don’t fear… You may truly the vibration of your meals when you’re digesting it… And it nonetheless works!

So, after you eat, if you happen to’ve forgotten to consciously elevate the vibration of what you’re consuming… Simply think about golden mild filling your physique, serving to your physique to simply digest, assimilate vitamins, and lift your vibration much more!

For those who haven’t already… Subsequent time you eat one thing (which I hope is scrumptious and wonderful)… Take a second to consciously elevate your vibration after which simply discover how you’re feeling!

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Encompass your meals with mild, elevate its vibration, and luxuriate in. You’ll really feel higher, your physique receives the sunshine and vitamins it wants, and you’ll carry on going on the market, making a distinction and shining your mild on the earth.

Learn more about a High Vibrational Diet here >>

With love and lightweight,

Melanie Beckler



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