Caring for a Child With Moderate to Severe Atopic Dermatitis


By Cassie Larkin, as informed to Stephanie Watson

Treating our son, Kyan, for atopic dermatitis (eczema) has been an extended haul. He was about 6 weeks outdated after we first observed that he was breaking out in rashes. That was in Could or June of 2013. We simply figured he was delicate to the warmth.

Kyan was a reasonably fussy child. We tried switching him to completely different formulation, however his pores and skin wasn’t getting any higher. Between the fussiness and the rashes, we had him examined. That’s when he was recognized with eczema.

I had eczema as a child, however I grew out of it fairly shortly. By age 2 or 3, my pores and skin had cleared. That wasn’t the case for Kyan.

By age 2, his pores and skin was simply getting worse. The eczema was in all places. We tried each cream, each lotion, each ointment. We put him in cotton pajamas and gloves. We rubbed oil onto his head to appease his itchy scalp.

The pediatrician who was dealing with his care stored telling us, “That is regular. We’ve got numerous children with eczema. Simply strive these lotions.” However the lotions weren’t touching the eczema and it wasn’t going away. It was fixed.

It Takes a Little Piece of You

As a mother or father, your job is to handle your youngsters and attempt to make them really feel higher after they’re sick. When you’ll be able to’t make them really feel higher, it takes somewhat piece of you.

Watching Kyan endure took an enormous piece of me. His pores and skin was open and cracked. He needed to be hospitalized for staph infections. We bathed him in diluted bleach, which burned his pores and skin a lot that he would scream and cry, however it was the one solution to cease the infections.

Our each day eczema routine was 2½ hours lengthy. At bedtime, we might bathe Kyan, then apply ointment throughout his physique to maintain the irritation down, after which put lotion on to seal in that moisture. Lastly, we would costume him in moist pajamas to appease his pores and skin sufficient in order that he might sleep. Our morning routine was virtually as lengthy.

We tried quite a lot of medicines, together with the immune-suppressing drug methotrexate, which principally crashed Kyan’s broken immune system to attempt to rebuild it. Each different week we needed to get blood attracts to see if the drug was damaging his kidneys and liver. We principally needed to maintain him in a bubble to forestall him from getting an an infection.


Eczema was affecting each a part of Kyan’s life. His palms had been so infected and cracked that he could not maintain a pencil or bend his fingers to jot down at school. And he was so itchy and uncomfortable that he could not concentrate at school. His academics thought he may need autism or ADHD as a result of he could not focus, however he could not focus as a result of he was so uncomfortable.

Kyan suffered not solely bodily, but in addition emotionally. The children teased him. They did not perceive why he wore gloves to highschool. They did not get why his face was so blotchy. His academics observed the lifeless pores and skin cells on his head and the best way he’d scratch at his scalp and so they stored flagging him for lice, which made the teasing even worse. Many instances he would come residence from college crying.

The eczema was relentless. It wasn’t stopping and it wasn’t getting higher. I knew I needed to be an advocate for my baby. What we had tried to date wasn’t working.

We had been referred to pediatric dermatologist Sheilagh Maguiness, MD, at M Well being Fairview in Minneapolis. I simply broke down in Dr. Maguiness’s workplace. I stated, “I can not do that anymore.”

New Hope

When dupilumab (Dupixent) first got here available on the market, I keep in mind Dr. Maguiness saying, “We have to get Kyan on this drug.”

The difficulty is, dupilumab is pricey — about $3,000 an injection. We battled for two years with our insurance coverage firm, which would not cowl the fee as a result of the drug wasn’t permitted but for Kyan’s age group. Then in 2020, lastly dupilumab was permitted and we had been in a position to get our insurance coverage firm to pay for it.

The treatment has been enormous for Kyan. We noticed outcomes inside 3 weeks. There have been no extra open sores. We stopped needing to do the bleach baths and steroid lotions. Inside a couple of months, his pores and skin was clear.

At present, we simply give Kyan one shot each 2 weeks. And we apply lotion as soon as a day, at night time.

We hadn’t realized simply how a lot atopic dermatitis had consumed our lives as a result of it was our regular. Discovering reduction for Kyan has been enormous. It has been stunning how a lot freedom we’ve got and the way significantly better he feels.

Kyan has progressed a lot, each emotionally and educationally, that it is virtually unreal. Now he is in second grade. He is excelling at school. He is creating new friendships. He does not need to put on gloves or keep away from touching sure issues. He is like everyone else now. And he has a confidence he did not have earlier than.

Seeing how a lot Kyan has blossomed and flourished as a scholar and as an individual has been awe-inspiring. I used to be lastly in a position to take the ache away. I used to be lastly in a position to make him OK. That is all you need in your baby, to make them really feel higher.

Our hope is that Kyan will outgrow the allergic reactions and atopic dermatitis sooner or later in his life. The possibilities of that are not the best, however we’re preserving our fingers crossed. For now, we simply need to give different households some hope and assist them see there’s a gentle on the finish of the tunnel and so they aren’t alone within the journey to get there. 


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