Dealing with Difficult Transits with True Grit and Discipline


Some persons are afraid to depart the home on account of unhealthy transits. Transits are solely 20% of forecasting so in case you are working a foul cycle and have the identical unhealthy transit then it is sort of a twister warning and a picnic shouldn’t be scheduled. As a substitute, plan and take precautions however proceed to stay, act and undergo any problem that occurs.

My forecasts are common however their affect in your life particularly must be identified and correctly evaluated by knowledgeable astrologer. My intent is to not frighten you nor advise you to bunker down however somewhat to suggest that you’ve got an umbrella helpful if it will rain.

We must always not use astrology to stop us from appearing and shifting ahead with our lives however we will use astrological forecasts to “see” the puppet masters which are tugging our emotional and psychological strings. Relatively than hiding, burying our heads within the floor like an ostrich, we will keep away from unhealthy choices if we perceive what is going on within the stars and transfer past their grasp and transcend their affect.

I discover that 95% of my psychological and emotional noise disappears with non secular apply from private expertise and I’m able to transfer ahead consequently. Generally when issues get tough, we lose self-discipline. However to skip our non secular practices can be like taking our coats off in the course of a tough freeze in winter. It will get tougher. By being extra disciplined with weight loss plan, good habits, yoga, train, and meditation, when the planetary climate is tough, you possibly can keep away from or reduce the hostile results.

The worth of non secular apply throughout tough instances is to empower you with internal power to maneuver ahead and blow away the hostile planetary smoke and enable you regulate to make higher choices. Combine non secular practices into your life with realism and practicality.


A well-known Arab quote says: “Pray to Allah however tie up your camel.”

My colleague, Sam Geppi, has a helpful non secular reminder about tough transits:

“Difficult instances are the place non secular muscle tissue are stretched and labored out, and these alternatives are to not be averted if one seeks development. Moksha isn’t a reasonably course of, it entails letting go and could be painful.”


We’d like not worry karmic classes. That’s the reason we’re right here.

One in every of Paramahansa Yogananda’s most superior disciples, Gyanamata, wrote fantastically:

“I’ve come to measure non secular development, not alone by the sunshine that surrounds one when he meditates or by the visions he has of saints, however by what he is ready to endure within the laborious, chilly gentle of day.”

We are able to make tough transits simpler by serving to others, donating to charity, doing particular Vedic ceremonies, and non secular apply however a few of it simply requires getting by means of it and studying our life classes in order that we will turn into free.

Go forth with braveness! Do your non secular practices! Act! Have the braveness to face your challenges! Know that God’s grace is supporting you to unmask  greater self-realization and attain the sunshine.

Don’t use astrology to bypass your karmic future or keep away from your challenges. It isn’t meant for use in that manner. You don’t have anything to worry and are at all times intimately taken care of by the Divine.

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