Do Some People Have More Angels Than Others?


“How Many Angels Do I Have?”

An attention-grabbing query popped up this morning within the private facebook group for members.

One of many members was shocked and confused when she had a psychic studying with a medium who informed her that she had extra angels together with her than simply about anybody she had ever seen earlier than.

And so her query is, “Do a few of us actually have extra angels round us than others?”

Here is a part of what I wrote in response:

From my experiences doing angel readings and tuning into the energies of others, it is true, that sure some individuals do have extra angels with them than others.

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However the factor is, it is not as a result of they’re any extra “particular” or any extra cherished than anybody else, as a result of after all we’re all equally cherished, guided and supported by Spirit…

Slightly, when some individuals have extra angels with them, it is as a result of these angel are wanted to assist them with their mission…

Perhaps they’re vitality healers for humanity as an entire, social entrepreneurs who’re within the public eye, academics about angels, undercover lightworkers, or another variety of life functions that will contain having help from numerous totally different angels.

That is the primary purpose, and the second is kind of merely that angels don’t usually intrude in our each day lives except particularly requested to take action.

In case you do not ask… Your angels keep again, overlooking from a distance. It is not that they don’t seem to be there, and they’re undoubtedly prepared and keen to assist, however they don’t seem to be in shut sufficient proximity for a psychic to note when scanning your vitality throughout a studying.

Do Some People Have More Angels Than Others?

Take into account, at anyone time limit there may be SOOOO a lot occurring in spirit throughout the traces of time, and psychics naturally have a tendency tune into what’s the most blatant, pure for them to tune into and in addition, probably the most attention-grabbing to them!

Angels vibrate at a a lot increased frequency than our deceased family members, than most spirit guides, and ancestors too… There are various mediums who’re capable of clearly tune into the messages of angels, however there are additionally those that can’t. Tuning into angels versus deceased family members, or fairies, or elementals is a matter of frequency, like setting your psychic dial to a unique station.

However no matter what frequency you are at present tuned into, if you do ask in your angels to be with you, they at all times step up, step ahead and present up for you in your life.

So actually, similar to the lady who posted this query within the group, it is probably that many of the members of the angel resolution, together with common guests to, have extra angels with them than many different individuals…

This isn’t since you’re extra particular, extra cherished, being rewarded, or something like that…

Slightly it is as a result of Angel Classes, webinars, meditations, and group conversations about angels deliver the angels nearer to you!

Invite Angels Into Your Life

The extra you speak about, take into consideration, examine, take pleasure in, take heed to periods, meditate with, and ask your angels to be with you … the extra they’re!

So in order for you extra angels to be with you… Invite them in!

And in order for you additional help rising your reference to the angels…

Try The Angel Solution membership and be part of our non-public group on fb.

With love,Melanie Beckler

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