Exorcist Diary: Demons Tortured by St. Michael Prayer


I strongly encourage these bothered by demons to often attend Mass. However I do know that it’s troublesome for them, particularly for the totally possessed. When somebody is possessed, there’s a sort of interpenetration of the our bodies of the possessed with demons. Thus, the possessed will typically really feel a few of what the demons really feel. So their lives will, at instances, be a dwelling hell– actually.

For instance, when positioned in touch with something holy, the possessed will usually say they really feel excruciating ache. They may say that chilly holy water burns. When a crucifix, their eyes will really feel like they’re on “hearth.” When encountering a priest or a Catholic Church, they could really feel intense hatred.

I requested “David,” who previously belonged to a Satanic cult and is now possessed, to do his greatest to attend Sunday Mass. He valiantly tries however has solely managed to attend as soon as each few months, if that. He mentioned that when he is ready to attend, “I can’t say the prayers whereas I’m there or reply to them like everybody else does.”

David added, “It’s torture to be there, with the entire statues, and photos that encompass me.” He went on, “All the folks and the priest praying is such a loud noise that it makes me so offended.” And he concluded, “After they say the St. Michael prayer, I can hear the demons screaming. It’s so horrible and horrifying and painful.”

I like the Church’s sacramentals. They encourage and strengthen us. However in addition they serve an necessary apotropaic perform: they’re abhorrent to demons and assist to forged them out. I famous particularly David’s remark concerning the St. Michael prayer: it frightens demons, causes them intense ache, they usually scream in agony. I can be extra diligent in utilizing this prayer in our future exorcism periods.

Picture: St. Michael Defeats the Satan by Eugene Delacroix, Wikimedia Commons.

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