Focus on Leo : Leadership and Balancing Material & Spiritual Existence


FOCUS ON LEO: The Complexity of Management, Ego and Independence.




KETU IN LEO: MAY 29, 2025-NOV 24, 2026 (TRUE NODE)

JUPITER IN LEO: OCT 31 2026-NOV 11, 2027

The Solar is the guts of the Kala Purusha and everybody derives energy and vitality and well being from his benevolent rays. He represents, braveness, valor, royalty, fatherhood, victory and success. He will likely be sturdy and  residence and powerful in his personal signal of Leo beginning August seventeenth .    Mars will likely be aspecting Leo precisely into August twenty seventh and can convey up anger and disputes but in addition nice accomplishments.

Aries, Scorpio and Leo  must calm its fireplace power and funky down and calm the photo voltaic plexus by placing on lavender oil on it, ingesting coconut oil and releasing anger and frustration by screaming when nobody is round.  Use vigorous train to work out extreme power. Keep away from moving into eg0-based fights and having to be proper in a debate as somebody goes to be left with dangerous emotions and regrets.  How essential is being proper?  Bear in mind calming meditation and yoga and keep away from spicy and scorching meals so you don’t feed the fires.

Scorpio rising with the tenth home transit may have profession energized even when it comes at the price of a lot of arguing and combating however Mars likes to struggle so will probably be proud of extra fireplace power in Leo. 

The trick with Leo is balancing  the need for private achievement with humanitarian wants.  Leo must be artistic and expressive.  Leo is the signal of Individualization, an indication of majestic gentle and energy and is the pure fifth signal of the zodiac which represents the artistic urge of the Cosmic man to return to his Supply.  The problem of Leo is usually getting extra caught in materials values and never seeing the necessity to stand up and transfer towards humanitarian and world wants.  Good month to do service work and steadiness out your particular person wants


In Christian mythology, the Lion is the image of the Divine King. These of you conversant in the Chronicles of Narnia books by C. S. Lewis, the Lion represents the Divine King and Christ. Whereas we frequently consider Solar and profession and standing with Leo, now we have to do not forget that it is extremely linked to the Divine. Vedic mythology connects Leo to Prajapati, the title given to Lord Brahma and Jupiter and not directly it means the Lord of Consciousness and leaders of the brand new age and announcers of recent cycles of evolution.

As Bepin Behari notes, the fifth signal of the zodiac is linked mystically to the five-pointed star that represents the Divine baby holding the hand of the Father in heaven, however keen to leap into the fabric realm of earthly manifestation and therefore Leos are all the time torn between materials success and the hunt to return to the Divine. The balancing act right here is between the hunt for fame and ego gratification, however the actual want is to resign the fabric and transfer towards religious freedom and liberation.

Leos are born leaders and sometimes develop into profitable legal professionals, diplomats, and politicians, however they’re prone to be artful and crafty and deceitful if the Solar is poorly positioned and might be egocentric of their formidable quests and if the Solar is weak they might develop into too lusty.

Folks with this rising signal, have issues with the air ingredient or Vayu and therefore Saturn and Rahu have to be sturdy or strengthened of their charts. Growing the water ingredient and cooling off the warmth with swimming is crucial and never doing intense cardio power like working is essential to ensure the air ingredient doesn’t get out of steadiness.

Archetypically, the king wants good servants to achieve success and therefore wants a very good relationship with Saturn and but Leos have probably the most problem with Saturn. Well being and longevity might be a difficulty if Saturn and Rahu usually are not well-placed within the natal delivery chart.

If the Solar is stricken or the first home is stricken, Leos additionally must cope with self-importance, vanity, boasting, condescension, domineering, having issues with subordinates, energy starvation, and letting profession take over their lives and create imbalances.


Saturn owns the seventh home for Leos and marriage will not be a straightforward expertise because the seventh home lord is co-owned by enemies Rahu and Saturn. Saturn challenges the royal authority and if Leo will not be cautious, their companions can take pleasure in humiliating them or bringing the royal ego to Earth.

Jupiter could be a good planet for Leo, nevertheless it additionally guidelines the unfavourable eighth home, which might generally trigger issues or create surprising experiences. Nonetheless, if the Solar is well-placed in a Jupiter signal, it has a powerful benefic affect for pleasure and enthusiasm and rapture.

The Moon is a tough planet for Leo because it owns the twelfth home and may create loneliness and isolation and a sense of not being understood. This may result in emotional stress and psychological struggling.

Mars is the most effective planet for Leo proudly owning the ninth and 4th homes and is Raj Yoga karaka, however the ninth home has a Badhaka relationship which might create issues with faith, Gurus, and father figures significantly if malefics impression Aries or Mars within the chart. Nonetheless, the Solar will get exalted within the auspicious ninth home and can give power and the power to be a powerful and clever/religious chief. With Mars proudly owning the 4th and ninth homes, they typically have a powerful relationship with their mother and father however will likely be higher at fathering than mothering and have to harmonize their masculine and female sides of their persona.

The Solar when sturdy in a Leo chart creates an individual not simple to get together with as they have a tendency to dominate and lots of may have issues with this. The King archetype in Jungian psychology innate has folks eager to knock the king together with his sturdy ego off the throne and it’s no marvel our Leo President in america, Donald Trump is all the time combating for his life on this approach.

If the Solar is in Libra, it would convey a insecurity and eager to all the time do issues in partnership. Additionally, this rising signal is susceptible to moving into affairs since Libra is the connection signal. Personalities could also be extra pushy and selfish and this makes relationship power tough to handle.

Mercury is taken into account a impartial planet for Leo because it owns the 2nd and eleventh homes. Thus Mercury tends to emphasise cash and materials positive aspects for Leos. Mercury represents the Prince who serves the king, but in addition the son who desires to undermine his father’s authority. Therefore, Mercury and the Solar can have a difficult relationship if Mercury is poorly positioned as in Pisces the place inconsistent earnings can plague Leos.

Venus owns the third and tenth homes and brings luxurious and sexual {and professional} energies to Leos, however will not be thought-about a very good planet. The third home is a home of carnal and first want and it could tempt Leos within the office because the archetype of the king is used to entry his harem.

Jupiter owns the fifth and eighth homes for Leos and is taken into account a profit, however can generally convey eighth home issues, however typically simply generates a mystical thoughts deeply eager into analysis. The fifth and eighth home connection might create monetary astrologers or folks fascinated with hypothesis utilizing occult means. Nonetheless, Jupiter all the time anoints Leos with the power to assume massive and that’s all the time a blessing.



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