Venus in Sagittarius Dec 5-29th

Solar in Sagittarius Dec. 16-Jan. 14th

Mercury in Sagittarius Dec 2nd-Dec twenty seventh;  Retrograde Dec. 30-Feb 7th

As we transfer into Christmas, the planets begin shifting into Sagittarius. 

Sagittarius rising is the pure 9th signal of the zodiac and in case you have your Solar, Moon, or rising signal there may be not the stereotypical pleased and associated and contented signal that we consider.  Whereas it’s a place the place we flip to the Divine after the tumultuous journey by means of Scorpio, it’s not essentially a peaceable place.   The Sagittarius Centaur, a horse with a human physique is the one zodiacal signal with a weapon and Sagittarius rising can get a bit too caught up on raging wars within the identify of faith or political values to push its values. Consider the US with its numerous wars pushing democracy on the planet. 

The mysteries of this signal are contained within the constellation of Mula nakshatra (Sagittarius 0-13.20) which incorporates the Galactic Middle and a large black gap that may suck one into the deep mystical expertise but in addition take away the fabric comforts of the world to start out pointing one to God. To be worthy of this religious initiation, one a lot is wash away the blood of the guts and transfer past the storms of Scorpio. If profitable the Divine will bathe down Poorva Punya Karma and the blessings of previous lives and produce God’s grace.

We can not consider the archer with out considering of Arjuna on the battlefield with Lord Krishna who struggles with the ethical dilemmas of killing his kinsman for one thing increased. Solely Krishna’s Divine steerage can transfer him to the next degree of religious initiation.  Like Arjuna, we should go by means of the confusion of the fabric world and uncover what is correct and moral and what’s Divine Dharma to develop increased on our journey. Therefore Sagittarius is linked to Jupiter, to ethics, the legal guidelines, and ethical integrity, and strikes increased up the social ladder.  No surprise legal professionals and judges are so linked to this signal.

Sagittarius people may be dissatisfied and annoyed with their utopian beliefs and struggles and should transfer to the next Divine degree lest they fall to their decrease animalistic nature and war-like vitality.  The US as a Sagittarius nation appears to be engaged on whether or not it desires to be the humanistic and charitable savior to the world we noticed on the finish of World Warfare 2 or devolve right into a perpetual struggle machine that desires to assist the military-industrial complicated.

Jupiter proudly owning two kendras (1st and the 4th) spoils its nature rooting it an excessive amount of within the materials world of self and residential and making Sagittarius too hooked up to the household which blocks it from its Divine search.  Once you meet folks with Jupiter within the first or Sag or Pisces rising, there may be a lot attachment to the household that when the kids go away the nest, the mother and father are devastated. This turns into a block for the upper that means for Sagittarius to seek for the Divine. The 5th home of kids is owned by Mars which additionally owns the 12th home so there may be frustration there until Jupiter goes to the 9th home or the 11th home.

Jupiter does finest with the Solar which is of course linked to the 9th home and brings the Divine energies into its Being.  It’s challenged by Venus who owns the 6th and 11th home and sensual allurement can create issues with well being.  The Moon is a pal to Sagittarius however by proudly owning the 8th home it’s typically denied the pleasure of household assist and emotional satisfaction.  Mercury owns the 7th and 10th  and this typically results in battle with work and relationships Sagittarius will typically appeal to companions who’re extra into enterprise and never having the deep religious values that they possess.  Mercury, proudly owning the seventh home for this rising signal has hassle with relationships and problem listening since Sag. is usually so caught in eager to be proper and wanting to evangelise reasonably than talk about or talk.

The intense spot of the Christmas transits is the Solar shifting into Jupiter’s signal of Sagittarius on Dec. fifteenth  bringing expansive pleasure for righteous motion.  One can consider the Salvation Military ringing its bells each Christmas to save lots of the world.   Solar’s constructive qualities are popping out with this transit in Sag. which embrace constructive vitality, equity, impartiality,  devotion to excessive beliefs and causes, friendliness and joyfulness, enjoyable, and sincerity.   Solar and Jupiter are good buddies and have a 5/9 relationship between Sag. and Leo so there’s a deep religious relationship that emerges at Christmas and an optimism that expands life with vacation cheer. It’s badly wanted.  Leos and Aries rising do finest with the transit but in addition Sagittarius rising if its ego doesn’t get in the way in which.  Taurus, Capricorn, and Geminis in all probability have extra issues with this transit as it’s an eighth, twelfth, and seventh home from its signal. It’s combined for others.

In case you are Sagittarius rising or Solar or Moon, then you’ll are likely to have main classes round perception, dogma, or faith and it’s no surprise that a lot spiritual battle on the planet arises from the signal which is the one signal of the zodiac with a weapon: the archer.  There’s good luck on this signal attributable to its connection to Jupiter in the event you observe your dharma. If Jupiter is in your chart, we usually consider the challenges of this rising signal being linked to being too spiritual, fanatical, pushy, grasping, having issues taking orders, and being too quick-tempered.


Particular due to Sam Geppi, Invoice Levacy and Bepin Behari for his or her insights into this complicated signal.

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