Mercury in Taurus till  July 1st
Venus goes into Taurus: June 17-July thirteenth
Solar goes into Taurus Might 14-June 14
Mars in Taurus: August 10-Oct fifteenth

Jupiter in Taurus:  Might 1, 2024-Might 14, 2025

Uranus in Taurus: June 2024-

The Shakti of Taurus is it offers the facility to carry wealth, social success, prosperity, and delight. For Vedic theology lovers, it’s related to Krishna. The key phrase to recollect right here is Blessings and it’s simple to recollect the blessings of Venus who brings materials prosperity to us. Planets positioned in Taurus in any a part of the chart carry blessings, however, in fact, we have now to think about all the opposite elements of interpretation that we all know. Because the pure 2nd signal, Taurus could get too connected to cash or meals or household and its stubbornness could come up. Taurus can also be identified for being the earthiest of the indicators and probably the most grounded. But they’ll get caught or maintain onto cash or materials issues too simply. Taurus has friction with the hearth component or Agni and has issues with get-up-and-go, so the hearth planets of Solar, Mars, and Ketu trigger issues. Taurus wants assist with the hearth indicators and fireplace planets, but if they’re effectively positioned then a few of these points is probably not as robust. Numerous fiery workouts are necessary to get this signal shifting and unstuck.  Treatment: Planets in Taurus want the air component to train and get shifting. Vigorous train is required to get shifting and to extend movement. I’ve identified a number of Taurus risings and so they usually love being by the wind on the ocean or taking bike rides because it helps Taurus get invigorated.

The Solar in Taurus is in an enemy’s signal however that could be that the fabric orientation of Taurus is opposed the Solar’s innate non secular energies however could excel in politics which is sorely wanted in our world.   When you have been born with Solar in Taurus unafflicted you might be creative, good with folks abilities, having fun with pleasure, has stamina and a set goal and has conventional values and is sweet with enterprise.

Often, Jupiter doesn’t give good outcomes for the Venus-ruled ascendants of Taurus and Libra, because it tends to provide unsuitable steering, information, and an excessive amount of expansive vitality into materials areas. Extra stuff and hoarding are an issue. Jupiter in Taurus could carry the blessings of academics, however may also carry issues with weight problems. There could be a tendency towards heaviness, melancholy, and melancholy. One can sense why Jupiter is such an affliction if positioned in Taurus as a result of it may trigger issues with weight achieve and diabetes. Taurus must be cautious with sweets if Jupiter is within the chart.

Venus, the ruler of Taurus, may also grow to be a difficult planet for Taurus ascendants due to its rulership of the sixth home. The cussed Taurus bull might be their very own best enemies. Mars is a really damaging planet because it guidelines the seventh and twelfth homes. The seventh home ruler, Mars, is a maraka planet and Mars’ twelfth home rulership offers loss and expenditure.

Saturn is the raja yoga karaka for Taurus and but it’s a Badhaka. The character of Saturn is such that it may be very useful, but it’s going to block one from doing what one needs to show non secular classes or classes round Gurus, faith, or one’s father. Taurians can are inclined to misuse their blessings. They’ve many wishes and to meet their wishes they dissipate all that life is providing them.

Mercury owns Virgo and the fifth home of romance for Taurus tends to carry down the non secular qualities of Taurus and improve the pleasure cycle.

The Moon and Jupiter are different damaging planets for Taurus. Moon guidelines the third home and Jupiter guidelines the eighth and eleventh homes.

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