Full Moon In Sagittarius – Fata Morgana –


“Saturn is the phantasm that there’s a actuality, and Neptune is the truth that there’s none” – Unknown

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14th, 2022 is sq. Neptune and sextile Saturn, elevating necessary questions on what’s actual and what’s not. 

Fata Morgana is a mirage proper above the horizon, seen at sea, in polar areas or in deserts. The mirage could contain any distant object, together with boats, islands, and the shoreline.

The optical phenomenon happens as a result of the rays of sunshine bend after they move by way of air layers of various temperatures which might be inverted from their regular layering.

Usually, air is hotter nearer to the floor, and cooler increased up – nonetheless, in distinctive situations, the layer of heat air is above the layer of cool air – and that is when a Fata Morgana happens. 

Fata Morgana and different optical illusions actually make us query the notion of actuality.

The world as we see it by way of our senses is only a reflection of the precise physics of the environment. If for no matter cause we might have cool air above the floor, and a layer of hotter air on prime, then there will likely be mirages in every single place. We’d all assume we’ve gone mad or that the aliens have come. 

It isn’t that the mirage just isn’t actual.

The reflection of an upside-down boat or shoreline is predicated on sensory info that’s 100% actual – it’s simply that it seems in a spot the place it shouldn’t.

It’s attention-grabbing that many landmases or islands have been found ‘thanks’ to mirages. Sailors would ‘see’ a shoreline for instance, they’d sail in a path the place they wouldn’t in any other case, solely to finally uncover one thing fully new. 

Full Moon In Sagittarius And Neptune

That’s how Neptune works too.

Neptune twists ‘actuality’ and this twisting helps us ‘see’ issues from a distinct perspective. At first, it might seem that Neptune’s actuality twists are completely random.

Neptune is something however random. The universe has a geometry and interconnectedness that’s so complicated, that it’s troublesome to make sense of with our Mercury thoughts.

Our Mercury thoughts is designed in accordance with Earth’s physics, and may solely decode info that may be a direct reflection of Earth’s physics. That’s why we don’t see mirages when we’ve cool air on prime of heat air, as a result of that’s our on a regular basis actuality. 

Neptune ‘strikes’ after we can not discover solutions utilizing ‘logic’ aka our Mercury.  When issues not make sense, after we’re caught, that’s after we need a Neptune intervention.

Neptune works primarily by way of desires and instinct.

After we dream, seemingly unrelated info, psychological or emotional imprints from our previous are rearranged very like in a Fata Morgana, displaying us refined connections that in flip assist us course of the knowledge and discover options we couldn’t have present in a wake state. 

Full Moon In Sagittarius – The Points

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14th, 2022 is sq. Neptune, inviting us to concentrate to the Fata Morganas on the market.

To make issues even ‘simpler’ for us, the ruler of the Full Moon, Jupiter is unaspected.

Jupiter is our reference mannequin, what we imagine to be true – as a result of it has been tried and examined. If we’re on the freeway, we don’t query the site visitors indicators – we all know somebody has carried out the work in order that we are able to comply with a trusted path.

One of many the reason why Jupiter is the good benefic in astrology is that life is straightforward after we know there are issues we are able to depend on, after we know we don’t have to fret that we’ll drive right into a pit.  

So what occurs when Jupiter is unaspected?

When Jupiter, our reference mannequin is unaspected, we really feel like we’ve misplaced our compass. We’re not on the freeway – we’re at sea or within the desert, with no map. We don’t know if we should always flip proper or left.

However that’s precisely the magic second when a Neptunian Fata Morgana happens. Neptune solely reveals us these indicators that we have to comply with for the sake of our progress and evolution. Neptune solely reveals us indicators we’re able to see – after we’re not distracted by Jupiterian ‘realities’. 

In fact, the method can really feel extraordinarily complicated.

The whole lot we knew to be true doesn’t appear to make sense any extra. We could really feel misplaced and stranded. However that’s as a result of our previous psychological fashions, our previous beliefs not serve us.

A brand new strategy is required.  

The Full Moon sq. Neptune will present us that there’s a manner – a distinct manner – to maneuver ahead in our lives. On the Full Moon, permit the inquisitive spirit of Sagittarius to information you to find totally different solutions in uncommon locations.      

Venus conjunct Uranus and the North Node in Taurus reminds us that after we honor our coronary heart, the entire universe conspires to make it occur. Identical to in Paolo Cohelo’s Alchemist, our coronary heart is our solely true compass – and it’ll information us within the barren deserts and stormy seas to seek out our biggest treasure. 

Emotions of self-doubt could come up, since Mars is conjunct Chiron in Aries. You might ask your self “Who am I to deserve this?”.

It is a essential query.

However as an alternative of specializing in “(…) to deserve this”, what if we’d concentrate on “Who am I”, and even higher, on “I’m”?

If there’s one thing that’s simple, even by Neptune requirements, is that “you might be”.  You’re right here – and you might be right here for a cause.

Take these uncomfortable emotions of inadequacy as a chance to grasp your self at a deeper stage.  There’s nothing fallacious with you – nor along with your desires, wants and wishes. The one cause you haven’t achieved them – but – is an absence of self-knowledge. 

The Sabian image of the Full Moon in Sagittarius  is “A bluebird perched on the gate of a cottage”. As James Burgess suggests:

“We get no matter we benefit. Our worthiness is at all times rewarded – and the rewards are at all times apt and honest. If we’ve the nice fortune to see a bluebird on the threshold of our place of abode, it’s as a result of we deserve it. This knowledge is the inspiration of all knowledge – we get what we deserve.”

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