Full Moon in Sagittarius June 2022


The Full Moon happens at 12:51 (BST) on June 14, 2022, at 23°Sa25′.

Edited excerpt from my Patreon Full Moon International Astro-Tarot studying :-

The Sabian image of this lunation is ‘A Blue Chicken Perched On the Gate of a Cottage’. It’s an exquisite image with an animated, cartoon-like high quality to it. Right here we’ve got the thought of good happiness – the white picket fence, all is nicely on the earth. And I assume that’s what we’re all trying to find in happy-go-lucky Sagittarius.

The gate within the image represents a gateway between right here and there, the place you’re and the place you wish to be. The truth that the hen is perched on the gate tells us that we have to look to the hen itself for clues as to how we will achieve entry to the attractive imaginative and prescient we aspire to create. I consider birdsong, how the birds sing to the solar at daybreak after which once more at sunset, praising the sunshine, honouring the day and all that may be achieved in that point. Each day is a brand new starting, a brand new begin, a brand new hope. Discover your pleasure. If you discover your pleasure, then daily can really feel like this blue hen on the gate.

Saturn in Aquarius, sextile to the Full Moon, huffs beneath his breath. “Come on, not daily goes to be like that!”. And sure, all of us have down days, tough days with tough issues and tough folks. Virtually talking, we all know that actuality tends to chunk now and again.  However the sextile to Saturn means that we’re able to overcoming our limits, able to managing successfully, capable of obtain our goals. Hope just isn’t one thing obscure and ephemeral. It’s actual and tangible, a plan, a mindset, unshakeable perception.

Provided that this lunation is sq. to idealistic Neptune nonetheless, we do have to look at a sneaking potential for judgmentalism, a shadow expression of Sagittarius. Expectations can change into so excessive that nothing is ever ok. In that headspace, we’re always upset and let down by life as a result of we’re so centered on what’s flawed that we can not see what is correct. The blue hen on the gate reminds us to open doorways for others, refuse to gatekeep, welcome a variety of tourists and teachings. Sing the praises of these folks and conditions that raise you up and allow you to to see the massive image. Pleasure is gratitude in motion.

I recorded a 38mins astro-tarot studying over on my Patreon the place I mentioned the chart in depth together with an exploration of the that means of asteroids Hypatia and Sphinx and their relevance to this chart. The recording, together with transcript, is accessible on the $1 tier and up. Click here to join my Patreon

Portray – ‘Aline on the gate (lady within the backyard) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

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