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Transcendent Love

Like Botticelli’s Aphrodite rising from the ocean spray, and born aloft on a shell, Venus finds itself exalted — raised up — in Pisces. Throughout the signal of the ever-circling, love-knotted fish, Venus can expertise unconditional, even transcendent love. The boundless compassion and fertile creativeness of Pisces are sympatico with Venus’ need for love, connection, and concord.

Put together for chills, goosebumps, and each shade of synchronicity, as Venus bathes in Pisces’ mermaid grotto. Right here, our mesmerizing siren joins Jupiter and Neptune, whose pores and skin is already pruning from their prolonged salt-water tub. Although boundaries would possibly blur in these intoxicating clouds, Venus is prepared for this second of candy suspension. After an countless curfew underneath Saturn, Venus has earned its revelry.

Elegant occasions beckon

On April seventeenth, it would be best to rally your dowsing stick, your runes, (or your bubble wand), as Venus and Mercury whisper candy nothings. If there’s a craving it is advisable to get off your coronary heart, the universe will probably be all ears. The next day, as Venus and Uranus collaborate, your quirks and interior weirdo may use some additional love. Take a while to tie-dye your freak flag, then let it fly within the sea-breeze. 

By April twenty seventh, as Venus goes boneless as a jelly fish in Neptune’s embrace, you’ll be able to expertise the best vibrations of affection (or a cathartic bawling match to “Fade into You”). You might also end up surrendering to the elegant (or downright surreal) in artwork, stay music, or a mass motion. Enable your self to be born aloft on the spangled fins of those leaping fish. 

The Do-Good-Duo rendezvous

Lastly, Jupiter will heart-melt with Venus on April thirtieth — one of the crucial impressed moments of the 12 months. A heady reunion of the 2 benefics, each powerfully positioned by signal, will definitely crank up this pool get together. Although these previous few pandemic years have battered the dinghies of our hearts, we’re reminded of affection’s irrepressible growth. Give up to this inrush of creativeness, fertility, and inspiration into your most uncared for tide swimming pools and river beds. 

Your Venus in Pisces horoscopes are supposed to be learn as inspiration. If you already know each your rising signal and solar signal, please learn each horoscopes. You’ll know which one resonates extra for you. Take what works for you, and depart the remainder. If you wish to share this work, please credit score the supply by quoting it and offering a hyperlink to this put up and web site. Thanks on your assist and for spreading the work round. We actually admire it and also you.

The next horoscopes had been written by Stephanie Warner.

Aries glyph

Aries & Aries Rising

In Pisces, Venus bathes within the a part of your chart the place boundaries blur, and the veil is tissue skinny. Because the planet of affection friends by means of the portholes of your twelfth Home, your needs name out in whale tune. The collective unconscious flows its shoals of fish proper by means of you. The place do you finish and the world begins?

On April 18th, as Venus and Uranus cross wires, your deep soul diving may uncover the pearl of a hidden expertise. If Uranus, the planet of disruption, has been rustling up fears round safety, security, and lack, Venus presents a flotation machine. 

What are the triggers that launch your plumes of defensive squid ink? When do these knee-jerk responses blot out the larger image? What lets you belief that the currents of abundance are all the time carrying you?

By April thirtieth, the boundless depths of sleep, naps, and reverie will demand your give up. Enable your energetic physique the liberty to surf the astral airplane, the place your creativeness will probably be cleansed. Your mattress shall be your canoe, slicing by means of the waves of your unconscious.

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Taurus glyph

Taurus & Taurus Rising

As Venus wears a crown of freshwater pearls in Pisces, you grace your group with the currents of your creativeness. By releasing your artistic choices to the collective, your work comes alive. 

Now, it’s time to solid your nets on the subject of your loftiest hopes and goals.  On April seventeenth, as Venus and Mercury commerce notes, it could possibly be useful to place out some feelers in a ardour undertaking. Just like the clownfish sheltering in fingers of coral, let your creative ambitions discover harbor in your networks. 

On April twenty seventh, as Venus will get caught in Neptune’s fishing internet, you is perhaps sharing a elegant peak expertise together with your fellow dreamers. Whether or not it’s the fever-dream of a Burning Man-esque competition, or a paddleboard yoga class, enable your self to be transported by this lifting of spirits.

Venus’ communion with Jupiter on April thirtieth is among the most beautiful alignments of the 12 months. Besides it happens on the identical day as an eclipse. Much less of a day to begin new ventures, it is a second to loosen up and obtain. Nourish your soul with group, pals, and heart-food — no matter shared playlists, communal recipes, or kitchen dance events meaning for you.

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Gemini glyph

Gemini & Gemini Rising

As you line your sandcastle turrets with shells and seaside glass, Venus will fill the moat with seawater — the final touch. The previous 12 months could have introduced an inrush of abundance in your profession, public standing, or life path. Although the tide has washed different skilled buildings away, you’ve discovered to belief these ebbs and flows, in addition to the magic of your instinct. 

Venus in Pisces will allow you to give up to the salt-water buoyancy of this skilled second. Indulge in it. In reality, April 18th may see you mixing enterprise and electrifying pleasure, as Venus and Uranus blow kisses. Did somebody say beachside work retreat? 

Even for those who’re in schmoozing mode together with your colleagues (and an enormous whale or two), discover moments to be alone together with your ideas. Your subsequent good brainchild may strike as your thoughts un-spools within the steam of a rose-oil tub, or the lodge steam room.

Between April twenty seventh and April thirtieth, the siren name of ever extra fantastical profession alternatives could have you ever intoxicated — even somewhat delirious. Bask on this therapeutic spring — but don’t neglect your self totally. If a proposal feels too good to be true, it could possibly be. 

As ever, abundance follows once you reframe your profession as a sacred calling. Don’t go chasing waterfalls: conquer the entire ocean as a substitute.

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Cancer glyph

Most cancers & Most cancers Rising

For a pair months now, the siren name of knowledge traditions has had you brushing in opposition to fantastical worlds. Whether or not you’re pursuing a course of examine, a non secular path, or one other journey, you’re studying to belief the trail because it scrolls out earlier than you. The place your instinct goes, you observe.

Now, as Venus dons its swimming cap in Pisces, you discover a extra private angle into these wonders. Nevertheless, just like the ritual tub earlier than ascending to the oracle of Delphi, you would possibly need to linger at this threshold of unknowing. 

On April seventeenth, as Venus receives intel from Mercury, it’s time to rally your runes or launch a heartfelt message in a bottle. The next day, revelations strike once you give up to the communal babble of memes, or workshop your manuscript, with different seekers. 

On April thirtieth, as Venus and Jupiter conjoin, you’ll be reminded of the abundance that comes from holding area for awe. Enable your self to be enfolded by the music of the spheres and the beautiful symmetry of the cosmos. Wherever your psychological seafaring takes you, don’t neglect to sink into the pleasure of the journey.

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Leo glyph

Leo & Leo Rising

For the previous few months, you’ve been bathing within the inky waters of all that you simply’ve beloved and misplaced. Casting your angler-fish lantern on any sorrows, the krakens that loomed massive in your thoughts could have dispersed into bubbles. Although that is by no means a snug course of, Jupiter reminds you of the blessing inherent in scraping the ocean-bottom.  

Your artwork, and definitely your compassion, are richer for experiencing the total spectrum of human emotion.

Talking of artwork, Venus’ snorkeling sesh by means of Pisces could assist to transmute your grief into poetry, tune lyrics, or delicate washes of watercolor. Should you can weave the subtler realms of deep picture, tune beats, or coloration idea into your therapeutic journey, you is perhaps shocked at what gunk will be dislodged. 

April 18th is particularly potent for sudden breakthroughs in your therapeutic, as Venus and Uranus alternate intel in Morse code. Treasure is cradled within the ribs of a sunken ship. You could discover that your deep sorrow diving will up-level your profession, in addition to your choices to the collective. 

On April thirtieth, Venus and Jupiter embrace. Forged your fishing nets extravagantly. You is perhaps shocked by the therapeutic that’s potential proper now, in addition to the sand {dollars} you reel in. 

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Virgo glyph

Virgo & Virgo Rising

To bloom alongside one other is a present, in addition to a feat of swish contortion. As your roots entangle together with your besties and true blues, you’ll want ample area on your collective branches to develop. From the sinuous snaking of ivy, to the raised gourds of banana leaves — no path to Sol is best or worse than the opposite. 

In reality, you’ve discovered a lot pleasure on this dance of lodging.  

As Venus enters Pisces, your craving for expansive partnership could attain a fever pitch. Particularly on April 18th, as Venus greets Uranus, the planet of plot twists, a golden thread of synchronicity joins you with those that cross your path. 

However, it’s price parsing the road between twin flames and the chemical rush of unstable attachment. Particularly on April twenty seventh, as Venus melts into Neptune’s cosmic soup, your need to be engulfed could override extra protecting instincts. 

Three days later, Venus’ communion with Jupiter has the ability to rinse away any heart-aches you’ve incurred on the trail to intimacy and dedication. Whether or not you’re bonding with a greatest buddy or a romantic love, your means to transcend the boundaries between our bodies and hearts is at a blissful excessive proper now.

By all means, surf these intoxicating waves together with your new crush or co-conspirator, however hold your ankle strapped to the board too. The love you create with different folks relies upon first by yourself wholeness.

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Libra glyph

Libra & Libra Rising

Maybe you’ve seen an up-swell of pleasure in your working day. Otherwise you’ve landed in a wellness routine that nurtures your soul, in addition to your bodily physique. Although these development spurts have been magical, you may additionally really feel unsure methods to surf the wave. How do you “take advantage of” of this momentum? 

Enter Venus in Pisces, who will allow you to to benefit from the dance of what’s rising. 

First: there’s no approach to do that improper. With the line-up between Jupiter, Neptune, and Venus on this most intuitive of water indicators, the one job is to tune into your inner-wisdom. Observe the present of your personal instincts. 

As Venus receives assist from Uranus on April 18th, you would possibly notice that your workaday development spurt is catalyzing breakthroughs in a therapeutic journey too. Bringing extra vulnerability or compassion to your model would be the secret to its growth. To be of use to your group is its personal remedy too.

On April thirtieth, as Venus merges with Jupiter, you understand the aerial view of the methods of care you’re creating — on your colleagues and for your self. In case your every day toil feels disconnected from the currents of your spirituality, belief the jet stream of least resistance. The waves will take you the place it is advisable to be.

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Scorpio glyph

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Currently, you’ve been exploring the connection between give up and pleasure (in addition to the magic that flows in your artistic initiatives once you let your self be a vessel). As a set signal, enjoyable that Scorpion stinger shouldn’t be all the time straightforward. Typically you enter conditions with a “arduous no” able to strike. 

As Venus adorns itself with fish scales, you’ll let the artistic spirit of the cosmos rush its winds by means of you. As a substitute of rigging the end result, you will see that pleasure within the course of, and magic in trusting the currents of emergence. 

On April 18th, as Venus crosses wires with Uranus, let the muses come to you. They’ll rush your tide-pool once you least anticipate it. Scorching tip: they are often plied by altar choices of figs, sea-shells, pennies, and seaside glass.

This grasp class in not forcing your artistic, or erotic move, will attain a crescendo between April twenty seventh and April thirtieth. No matter siren tune has fully disarmed your ordinary poise and poker face — let it. Blown bubbles could finally vanish, however so it’s with magnificence. Loss is a part of its mesmerizing spell.

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Sagittarius glyph

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

For fairly a while now, the sensation of dwelling has grow to be paradoxically boundless. Maybe your roots are much less structured or tangible than most. You might be cradled by a stream of tales, poetry, inside jokes, and lullabies. Perhaps you discover anchorage in your connection to nature sprites and animal familiars, nevertheless they manifest for you. 

Or dwelling is just bringing your favourite bar of patchouli cleaning soap to each lodge or rented room.

As Venus enters Pisces, these bigger questions round your lineages could tackle a extra human dimension. Who’re the beloveds and besties that supply secure harbor when your life’s row boat is being dashed in opposition to the rocks? 

On April seventeenth, as Venus trades notes with Mercury, it’s possible you’ll need to commune together with your ancestors, or go on a texting spree with the beloveds that give your soul a sturdy place to land.

Between April twenty seventh and April thirtieth, when Venus is engulfed by Neptune and Jupiter, there may be pleasure in not understanding the place house is but. Wherever you drop your anchor, enable your senses to be ravished by each dimension of your environment. 

The blessing of transience is the best way it sharpens your capability to drink deeply of the holy second. Take this libation.

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Capricorn glyph

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Over the previous few months, your instant atmosphere has been effervescent over with magic and inspiration. Whether or not you’ve been communing with the fae in your native moss backyard, or gathering pearls of knowledge out of your barista, conserving it native has by no means felt extra aligned. 

As Venus goes river larking in Pisces, love, candy love, will percolate in all of your favourite haunts. Drop in on the stay jazz at your cafe, or the poetry studying in your favourite occultist bookshop. The potential for meet-cutes abound once you let your instinct override Google maps. 

It’s as if the universe had reeled you into an prolonged scavenger hunt, as you map the magical undercurrents of your neighborhood — and even your personal yard. 

On April seventeenth, when Venus and Mercury play with tin cans and string, hold your ear (and third eye) open. Transmissions out of your runes, tarot playing cards, and even espresso grounds may inform the best way ahead in a artistic undertaking. 

As you proceed the cosmic cartography of your little fold of the world, April thirtieth may see you moving into the function of troubadour poet, pied-piper of the neighborhood cats, or collector of native lore. If ever there was time for a swinging block get together, or planting an city rose backyard, that is it. 

There may be magic within the mundane — all the time nearer at hand than we expect — and also you need to unfold this good phrase.

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Aquarius glyph

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Should you’ve already rolled out your rain barrels, it’s time to place out each final goblet and vessel you may have. April showers will probably be particularly beneficiant within the coming weeks, lining your coffers with petunias and daffodils. A fount of non secular assets will probably be frothing too, rounding off the sharp edges of a protracted strategy of individuation. 

As Venus crashes the Pisces pool get together, this abundance could require some coaxing. By beautifying your spreadsheets, or splurging on the flamboyant paper for your small business playing cards, you sign to cosmos that you simply’re prepared for this honey. 

On April seventeenth, as Venus and Uranus collaborate, revelations round your ancestry or lineages could have you ever unearthing the spring of a hidden expertise. If it seems that you simply come from a protracted line of spoon gamers, poets, or story-tellers, including your riff could deliver shocking delights.

Between April twenty seventh and April thirtieth, Venus is able to merge with the boundless waves of Neptune and Jupiter. It could be time to give up to the mysterious ebbs and flows of life’s abundance. Although occasions of a lot can’t be stretched indefinitely, it’s greater than alright to deal with your self when the going is lush.

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Pisces glyph

Pisces & Pisces Rising

As Venus slips into Pisces, your private glow up reaches a crescendo. In singing the tune of your self, what do you sing? The planet of affection will allow you to to delight in all method of cupid-strewn rose petals, as you revel within the fruits of a really private renaissance. 

It hasn’t all the time been straightforward to belief the circuitous currents of your instinct. However, you’ve mastered the artwork of letting the waves carry you the place they might. The pole star of a sacred calling (or artwork) has been a lightweight that by no means goes out. You’ve discovered to belief it when all different beacons are swallowed by the mists of imposter syndrome. 

On April 18th, as Venus and Uranus meet-cute, you’re able to shock and mesmerize your viewers. Whether or not by means of the feathered followers of cabaret, or your most surreal comedy set, it’s possible you’ll use some razzle-dazzle to smuggle in a extra subversive message. 

By April thirtieth, you’re prepared for a session in a flotation tank, or an opulent sound tub. Embrace no matter follow will allow you to sink into your physique’s subtler nooks and crannies. You is perhaps shocked at what will be shifted, or absolved, once you tune out the static of the outer world. Let your coronary heart’s diving bell sink inward as a substitute.  

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