The good sage, Maharishi Parashara, had a devotee known as Maharishi Jaimini who did commentaries on a few of  Parashara’s supplies.  In these days there may need been a 2-3 hour speak and it was remembered by a sutra that was memorized.   Jaimini wrote these down and created the  Upadesa Sutras.  I’ve been obsessed by the richness of Jaimini astrology and its non secular orientation and have launched into some superior research with it and discover it very satisfying to review.

One of many key ideas known as the Chara Atmakaraka, the King of the chart, which is the planet with the best variety of levels in your chart with exception of Rahu if it’s the lowest variety of levels.  The purpose of the Atmakaraka is to information the soul towards self-realization by purging obstructing tendencies and the outcomes of karmas that injury the progress of the soul.   The Atmakaraka is the ruler of this incarnation and has a particular function. It’s related to the first home giving it that benefic high quality but in addition the eighth home creating deep and stunning karmic classes past expectations.   Here’s a record of primary classes that it teaches if it’s the highest diploma (or lowest with Rahu) in your cart.  KN Rao’s custom feels there are solely 7 Atmakarakas and doesn’t embrace Rahu whereas Sanjay Rath’s custom from Orissa contains Rahu.

The teachings of the Atmakaraka are sometimes associated to the qualities of the planet concerned however they usually require studying the darker extra qualities.  They’re deeply related to the teachings of this incarnation.  The particular which means of the Atmakakra can be coloured by the signal that it’s in, the home, the nakshatra, the place within the Navamsha chart, and the place of the moon.   This could require hours of research and could be very thrilling for pinpointing the aim of the soul’s journey on this incarnation.

Here’s a thumbnail abstract of classes to be discovered by the planet in your chart with the best variety of levels ( or lowest for Rahu) :

SolarStudying humility and overcoming delight and self-importance.  The Solar likes to be the focus (take Leos) however when Solar is the Atmakarka it has to study to ask for assist and understand that it has flaws and is way from excellent.  They could be pissed off of their need for fame and energy and success and have to appreciate that it’s alright to be a workforce participant.  The Solar is usually too over-powering in relationships that it might burn others shortly and the teachings are sometimes studying the way to pull of their photo voltaic flares and their ego and study to be in a relationship and let others in.

MoonThe necessity to study compassion and sensitivity for others. There’s a continuous fleeting seek for happiness as a result of the moon is altering indicators each 2.5 days and this creates restlessness.  Usually this could manifest in altering relationships or on the lookout for the best associate and the important thing lesson is to take pleasure in each associate that you just expertise and never suppose that the subsequent one can be higher.  There’s a continuous seek for peace of thoughts and questing however they’re by no means clear the place they’re going and wish to only discover happiness within the current second.  The lunar day you might be born on, whether or not the moon is waxing or waning will significantly influence this one.

Mars: Working towards non-violence in speech and motion.  The lesson is usually studying to just accept defeat, and be affected person and even be bored which isn’t the character of Mars, who desires to beat.  Humility can be essential.  This soul usually has to study the upper features of Mars which is to battle injustice and oppression however not by bodily or verbal violence.  The wars that Mars should battle are inside wars, scuffling with repressed anger and there’s a have to study to harness that vitality for the nice of others. Discover a approach to channel your burning hearth inside into train and repair and don’t let it seethe and burn you up.

Mercury: Talking the reality and speaking solely that which is uplifting.  This implies transferring past gossiping and being cautious to affiliate with the proper folks and never get influenced by the unsuitable crowd.  Mercury Atamakaraka might are inclined to over-analyze every thing so transferring past the mind and into the center is vital.  They must study to belief their instinct and cease questioning every thing as this by no means results in peace.   As a result of Mercury is mutable and takes on the planets it connects with, Mercury Atmakaraka can develop into fairly advanced.   A key to Mercury Atmakaraka is studying to hear and never misread others so taking listening and communications lessons can be essential for this soul’s journeys.

Jupiter:  The native should assume the function of the protector of others as a father or mother or instructor.  These folks might not need to train however that’s their mission on this planet.  They are usually very smart and may faucet simply into the Guru inside and so they naturally develop into advisors and academics however they usually lack the boldness that they’re adequate to play that function.  They should belief their skills and information folks once they ask.   As a result of Jupiter is the Karaka for husbands, gurus,  and youngsters,  girls particularly could have life-long journeys and challenges with husbands and youngsters.  Often, this requires acceptance moderately than wanting to alter others.   If Jupiter could be very , it may well create know-it-all personalities that finally fail so studying to be humble in serving to others and understanding that you just have no idea every thing or can presumably know every thing is essential.

VenusStudying management of the bodily passions and extreme sensual experiences and studying to grasp relationships.   This can be a highly effective Atmakarka as Venus AK, is sort of a genie who can manifest their wishes and needs however just like the tales within the 1001 Arabian Nights,  it’s a must to watch out for what you want for.  For males, this AK can train you to just accept imperfect spouses and study to regulate your passions and preserve your very important sexual energies and that is usually key.   There will be battles round love and emotion as a result of Venus is a water planet so will probably be essential to grasp your feelings and understand they’re at all times altering and can by no means really feel full. and proud of one other associate.

Saturn:  The planet of struggling has to find out how to not give ache, grief or sorrow to others and sometimes takes on the struggling of others and has to discover ways to share their burdens.  This can be a tough Atamakaraka as a result of it normally can result in a substantial amount of struggling in life after which the secret is to take all of that have and assist others and elevate their burdens.   The purpose of Saturn Atmakaraka is to maneuver past struggling and understand that by meditation and repair you’ll be able to transfer off the wheel of karma.  If Saturn is powerful within the chart, then Saturn AK could possibly take care of grief and struggling with a way of detachment with nice stoicism.   Saturn is the planet of accountability so should face these duties with bravery and proceed to undergo life.  A weak Saturn AK ie in Aries could also be topic to laborious labor and should shun accountability and has to study to work laborious and face accountability.   A part of the journey of  Saturn AK is unburdening the pains of the previous and childhood and letting go of the previous and accepting the difficult nature of life.  God by no means promised that this incarnation could be a picnic on the seaside.

RahuOne has to undergo from the deception of others and sometimes finds himself cheated and betrayed thus the native has to discover ways to be pure and trustworthy and easy.  This Atmakaraka is generated if Rahu has the least diploma in your chart, usually 0-2 and there are not any planets at 28-30)  Ketu just isn’t included within the scheme of eight as a result of he’s at all times guiding the soul towards liberation. Usually Rahu AK might undergo shock and surprising occasions and betrayals,  disloyalties, and thefts.  The important thing lesson is to proceed to belief God and your path ahead and ask forgiveness for the hurts you could have carried out to others as Rahu AK could be very karmic.   One has to study to curb ambition, be completely moral, and management the senses and wishes. Rahu has a really non secular facet so turning to meditation is at all times key. One has to study that wishes are by no means full within the materials world and solely within the Divine Self can the happiness it seeks be accomplished.  As a result of Rahu can have a substantial amount of unconscious worry and emotional storms, it has to seek out stability in meditation or be a ship with out a sail tossed by the waves.   As a result of Rahu is coloured by the planets it’s conjunct and the signal it’s in, there are various flavors of this distinctive Atmakaraka

The home, constellation, 1/9 division (navamsha), planets aspecting the Atmakaraka, and even the devas at numerous levels will additional shade the qualities and classes of the Planet of the Soul or Atmakaraka.


When one goes into the deepest roots of astrology, one discovers its deep non secular essence and objective to information the soul to liberation and moksha off the wheel of karma.

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Particular because of my academics, Komilla Sutton, Robert Koch and Sanjay Rath for his or her persevering with steerage.

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