Jupiter in Pisces:  We’ve Acquired Excessive Hopes!

April 13, 2022-April 23, 2023

Jupiter strikes into its personal signal of Pisces in mid-April and may deliver a refreshing breeze of optimism and hope to our troubled world.  When Jupiter is robust and unafflicted in its personal signal it helps monetary growth,  consolation, good household life, pleasure with kids, logic; academic development,  constructive outlooks, visionary outlooks, and robust nurturing and therapeutic qualities.  It tends to extend our logic.   In case your rising signal or moon signal is Pisces, Most cancers, or Scorpio, you’ll significantly really feel its advantages. For Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces rising it would kind a Hamsa Yoga for highly effective advantages for well being, relationship, profession, and happiness.

Jupiter takes 12 years to undergo the zodiac and the final time it was in Pisces was Could 2010-Could 2011.  This time round, it’s not an unafflicted transit because it stays very near Neptune most of April and a part of Could. This conjunction is precise on April 12th on the finish of Aquarius and that conjunction final occurred Could 23, 2009, within the signal of Aquarius. The opposite time that Jupiter and Neptune had been conjunct in Aquarius was March 16, 1856.

Jupiter/Neptune conjunctions occur each 13 years and in case you had been born with this conjunction, you’re devotional pure-hearted, deeply spiritual, have robust religion, and are tender and compassionate, and tolerant.    You’re extremely imaginative and creative and are typically reasonably psychic and have robust therapeutic skills.

If Jupiter is stricken by Neptune in your natal chart, it might deliver up the darker energies which may promote poor judgment,  dwelling in a dream world, and never being unable to behave on the earth.  One should concentrate on escapist tendencies which at worst can result in taking medication or alcohol or doing non secular retreats endlessly to flee the stress of the world,  It could additionally result in issue to diagnose sicknesses and allergy symptoms.


 Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces could enhance flooding significantly as a result of the constellation of Purvabhadrapada (Aquarius 20- Pisces 3.20) is a water nakshatra and Neptune will likely be there till March 2024.  It will probably additionally enhance wild speculative power and I bear in mind Jupiter in Pisces from Feb-June 1987 resulting in an enormous idealistic transfer within the US inventory market which peaked two months later.

In Mundane astrology, the conjunction can assist peace. In Could 2009, following greater than a quarter-century of combating, the Sri Lankan Civil War ended with the entire army defeat of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, In 1856, the Crimea Battle ended with the treaty of Paris.   We even have Jupiter conjunct Venus in late April and I’ve seen peace accords signed with this signature.  Maybe Jupiter/Neptune and Jupiter/Venus deliver hope for an early finish to the struggle in Ukraine.


Jupiter is a planet of enlargement and Pisces tends to be extremely idealistic and hopeful given the state of our world, this transit guarantees an opportunity to increase our hearts and minds in nice non secular endeavors.

Pisces is the favourite zodiacal signal of the non secular group. Dominated by the expansive Jupiter and in Western astrology additionally related to Neptune, Pisces embodies the deepest qualities of the 12th home and the hunt for enlightenment and getting off the wheel of karma. It’s a place of outdated souls and the place karma is being accomplished. Pisces’ shadow needs to flee the world, having issue with being sensible/grounded, and having issue with discrimination and judgment. Nonetheless, more often than not, Pisces individuals are nice to be round as they’re at all times stuffed with a deep love of joyful emotion, intuitive insights, and eager for completion. The important thing to this signal is service and repair can also be the important thing to the 12th home. If our palms are busy, our coronary heart is full and we will get out of our heads, then there’s a likelihood for launch.

The shadow aspect for Pisces can also be an inclination to procrastinate, be unclear in considering, lack confidence, and have bother managing cash and planning. An emphasis on Pisces could make individuals too delicate to their atmosphere and hesitant in pursuing love.

Planets positioned in Pisces can have the blessings of Saraswati and be blessed with the love of information and knowledge.

The Pisces soul is mystical, intuitive, and provoking. Pisces individuals make nice counselors and coaches as they’re sympathetic and good at calming individuals down. Their unbounded generosity, wonderful social expertise, politeness, and charismatic nature make them beloved by many.

Jupiter in Pisces will promote love and enlargement of knowledge, want to review meditation, and enhance our want for information and being in nature.

Jupiter in Pisces may also enhance our compassion and reference to humanity and a time to develop extra empathy for the struggling of these on the planet.  It’s a yr to be taught that the world is our household and the individuals of Ukraine are simply as vital because the ravenous individuals in Yemen and Afghanistan, who don’t obtain as a lot consideration.

When Jupiter is stricken in Pisces we will develop a false sense of hope and keep up within the clouds reasonably than be grounded in actuality.  It could miss alternatives for fulfillment, get lured into grandiose schemes, tackle too many charitable pursuits, develop liver issues or have issues with weight acquire.  Affliction to Pisces will occur this yr when Mars goes into Pisces, Could 16-June 26th, and when planets oppose Jupiter from Virgo within the fall like Venus from Sept 24-Oct 18th and Mercury from August 20-Oct 26th.    Neptune can also be afflicting Jupiter strongly in April and Could.

Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces:  July 28-Nov. 23 2022.

Retrograde advantages are extra highly effective to do good and they are going to be significantly extra highly effective in Pisces.  Nonetheless, we at all times see advertising and marketing delays with Jupiter retrograde and we at all times have extra alternatives to heal troublesome points in our life.

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