The nodes transfer slowly backwards by the Zodiac and after they shift they’ve a long-term affect. Within the Imply Node system, Ketu strikes into the within the constellation of Arcturus (Swati in Libra, 6.40-20.00) on Oct 18th and stays there for over 8 months.   Swati is owned by Rahu and Rahu is transiting by Bharani Nakshatra (Aries 13.20-26.40) till Feb. 2023. 

Individuals born in Swati nakshatra (ie having their moon or Rising Signal)  have a really materials pursuit in life and Venus which owns Libra luxuriates in consolation and Rahu amplifies the will for materialism.  Eventual dissatisfaction could flip folks extra towards spirituality relying on different indications within the chart.   Swati’s presiding deity is Vayu the God of wind.  Transits by right here can fire up extra cyclones and hurricanes and tornadoes around the globe.  Individuals born on this nakshatra are very loyal, clever, honest and have potential to serve, they’ve very balanced persona. Many wealthy persons are birn  on this nakshatra however after attaining wealth and luxury the individual just isn’t glad from life. They finally get  drained being pursuing materialistic pleasure and switch to spirituality.

Ketu is dissatisfied with this Nakshatra because it dislikes the fabric world. It could attempt to destroy the fabric world as a result of it can’t take care of the battle.  It struggles right here and brings up storms and the lesson right here is be taught detachment and steadiness. Given the precarious financial instances we stay in with the inventory market and bond markets, this transit ought to convey extra chaos and our mundane astrology work suggests this notably for the 4th quarter and early 1st quarter.  

Relationships are going to be an enormous supply of transformation till Feb. with Rahu in Venus’s constellation and Ketu in Venus’s signal.  Ketu desires to reject sexuality and Rahu desires to enjoy it.  There might be an excessive amount of nervousness about relationship and the flexibility to satisfy the calls for of others.  There might be fights about shopping for extra stuff and Ketu desires to reject the fabric world and Rahu desires extra. 

The photo voltaic eclipse this yr on Oct twenty third is at 7.49 Libra in Swati Nakshatra and can spearhead transformation for the Libra/Aries axis in case you are dominated by Mars or Venus.  Extra problematic might be Rahu transferring into Ketu’s nakshatra of Ashwini in Feb. and there might be an change of nakshatras and we are going to write extra about this at a later date.




The Solar strikes into the   constellation of Arcturus (Swati in Libra, 6.40-20.00) iOct. 24-Nov. sixth .

Solar is weakest within the constellation of Swati    within the enemy aspect of Libra  as a result of it tends to lose confidence and will misuse its energy in a improper approach.  Not an important transit given the state of some world leaders, just like the Prince in Saudi Arabia   In its insecurity, they might attempt to management and abuse others. Joe Biden’s Moon is at 7 levels Aries on this axis and the eclipse might result in well being points or a fall in standing and energy.

The Solar is debilitated in Libra the place it could are likely to sacrifice its rules and management talents to get together with folks and do it collectively. Therefore it loses its energy and management which can thrive extra in isolation.   There could also be a insecurity the place the individuality will get misplaced within the group.  If the Solar just isn’t by different planets in your natal chart, this could result in good workforce gamers who can do higher in teams than doing it alone.   The Solar’s placement right here would reasonably do issues collectively than be impartial and be topic to the challenges of working in teams and coping with dissenting opinions and loses its energy to steer.  If the Solar is , it could get out of steadiness and be too tyrannical and demanding and lack compassion and good management qualities.  Whereas being extra diplomatic, folks born with Solar in Libra usually fail to encourage or  draw upon their energy.

The Solar represents our inside Divinity and in Libra it could get drawn extra into relationship and sexual intrigue reasonably than following its important nature to be meditation and searching for Oneness with the Creator.  Therefore it will possibly transfer out of Dharma and overlook its function.   The Solar is debilitated within the constellation of Swati (Libra 6.40-20.00) which is a really materials constellation dominated by Rahu and right here the Solar forgets its religious mission and will get caught up within the materials world.

If the Solar has no different main afflictions from Saturn, Rahu or Ketu, then the optimistic aspect of the Solar in Libra could create humble souls who’re able to working for the great of mankind in humanitarian teams and never get caught up in energy and ego journeys. I’ve seen this very optimistic high quality in working with folks at ashrams the place there are numerous folks celebrating birthdays between Oct. 17-Nov.sixteenth.

In case you are Leo rising and have Solar in Libra (born Oct. 17-Nov. 16th)  you might are likely to develop extra well being concern notably for those who deplete your energies with extreme sexual indulgences and conquests.   It’s possible you’ll lack braveness and management to encourage others since you lack the inside confidence to assist others and this will likely result in changing into a tyrannical boss to over-compensate to your personal lack of shallowness.

The important thing throughout this transit till Nov. sixth is to favor the diplomatic vitality of Libra and take heed to others and provides others a voice after they complain.   The excellent news in regards to the Solar’s absolute debilitation within the signal of Libra into Oct. twenty seventh, it that’s lifted up by Venus’s  conjunction with Venus going into Libra Oct. 18th-Nov. eleventh which may also help with workforce work actions and on the identical time it’s nonetheless channeling Rahu, which can promote poor self-evaluation and blind spots, well being issues, issues with father.


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