Ketu in Vishakha (Scorpio 3.20-Libra 20) Feb. 8, 2022-Oct 18 2022.



Vishakha nakshatra is a constellation that bridges Libra and Scorpio and is the gateway nakshatra from leaving the fabric and sensual energies of Libra and transferring into the spritusl  energies of Scorpio.   It’s related to the deities of Agni and Indra .  Agni has the flexibility to do herculean talks to realize its objectives with nice fiery power and braveness. Indra offers management however could create hazard for these round one however could act cowardly on the first signal of hazard.  Folks born with this constellation are sometimes looking for a little bit of energy and standing and place.    The constellation has a really twin nature since it’s dominated by Jupiter who has a robust humanitarian curiosity in service however can typically devolve into egocentric energies of wanting extra wealth which the Libra energies can typically activate.

The constellation might be very fastened on spiritual beliefs because of the Jupiter’d connection and the hot button is at all times to understand that every one paths result in God and never get obsessed along with your spiritual zealous energies.  Prash Trivedi notes that the English  phrase ‘fixation’ can greatest describe the essence of Vishakha which is marked by focus and single mindedness, though it may be affected by the character of the objective it pursues. When the darker energies come out, it could actually result in getting caught up in  vices and other people born on this constellation name simply fall  prey to alcohol, medication and intercourse.  Within the Libra facet, there  could also be a an excellent love events however this will likely result in a way of vacancy of their lives which ideally ought to lead to looking for deeper religious which means.  Therefore the constellation ought to be a gateway from the fabric to the religious worlds.

Ketu entered Vishakha on Feb. eighth within the imply node system  and retrogrades by the Scorpio part of Pada 4 although April twelfth after which it strikes into Libra.  The primary a part of the transit in Scorpio will promote extra selfless service and letting go of the fabric however the Libra part could result in extra egocentric clinging to success of 1’s wishes.

Vishakha is a superb constellation of manifestation of 1’s wishes however Ketu desires us to search out Moksha and should trick and delay the success of our wishes notably  if they’re extra self-centered and never  in coordination with Jupiter’s humanitarian nature.   The important thing will likely be to let plant a seed and let go. When you maintain digging up the seed to see if has sprouted but,  it is going to be destroyed. Belief that God will grant your need whether it is pure and in the event you let it go.

Ketu and Rahu at all times are related to expertise and Vishakha will help manifest new innovations, softwares and technological wonders so in case you are engineering, use this time to dive deep and congnize the summary legal guidelines of nature to create new wonders.    Know-how shares ought to lastly come again from their swoon by the point Ketu goes into Libra round April twelfth (imply node).  We expect Jupiter in Pisces will assist the inventory market come again life.  In previous transits of Ketu in Libra we’ve got had the start of Polaroid cameras, Nintendo. Ketu in Libra can breed escapism and Jupiter in Pisces after April fifteenth will increase that so watch for brand spanking new video video games and digital realities to take us past the fears of the world blowing up.

When it comes to Mundane astrology, Ketu in Libra has introduced it’s share of catastrophes as within the case of the Chernobyl nuclear leak on April 26, 1986 and the destruction of the spaceship Challenger blew up one lift-off on Jan 28, 1986 when Ketu was in Swati Nakshatra.  It looks as if Swati Nakshatra (Libra 20.00-6.40) which is dominated by Rahu  hits Oct. 2022-July 2023 is tougher for the world.

So benefit from the first a part of Ketu in Vishakha for brand spanking new religious awakenings and practices after which transfer extra into religious neighborhood because the Libra part will enhance the need for being in  religious teams. With Covid coming into an finish and hotter climate coming to the Northern Hemisphere, it is going to be time to return to church, rejoin your religious satsangs and reawaken your religious service actions.

Particular due to  Komilla Sutton, Prash Trivedi and Ksanati and Eve Mendoza for his or her insights.

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