The ego represents our deepest degree of id and existence. So typically the ego is distorted and out of steadiness and it protects us from dealing with the tough actuality of who we’re. On the deepest degree, it blocks our Divine id so it is without doubt one of the greatest blocks to enlightenment.  It continues to trick us and hold us caught in phantasm.  You will need to be any individual and to have an id however in some unspecified time in the future, we now have to throw off all of the false shackles of our id that block us from realizing our Divine nature. 

Once we consider ego, we normally affiliate it with a “huge ego” or somebody smug or boastful.  However ego will also be very linked to low vanity and “not ok” vitality or to shy folks. 

Mars has a really religious nature as a result of possession of Scorpio and the pure 8th home of the zodiac. When the ego is transcendent via religious follow, it could actually result in bliss, valor in speech, selfless service for humanity, liberation, and nirvana, Divine knowledge.  

The 4 planets that almost all affect our id: are Mars, the Solar, and Rahu and afflictions to the  Lagna Lord.   On this article, we’ll deal with Mars.


Vedic astrology may be very complicated and elements of Mars, the rising signal of the person, the nakshatra that Mars is situated in, the zodiac signal that Mars is situated in and the home it’s situated in will all contribute to distortions of ego.  

Notice that planets could also be aspected or conjunct pure malefics like Mars, Rahu, Saturn, or Ketu or of their nakshatras or tough homes.   END OF PART 1; PART 2 BELOW

The best way to Perceive The Maya and Illusions and Methods the Thoughts Performs on Us.  





Planets are both or in uncommon instances, they’re somewhat pure and might carry out their highest archetypal values. For probably the most half, there’s normally some side, some placement within the D9 chart, some nakshatra placement that’s going to create some dosha or distortion and for probably the most half, we’ll talk about the extra variations of Mars by signal

MARS IN ARIES:   When unafflicted, the Martian ego is caught up in achievement, doing, and independence. Their sense of self may be very linked to their creativity and the way a lot they accomplish and therefore the Ego right here may be very caught up in Doership.  Paul Newman has a somewhat unafflicted Mars in Aries for Sagittarius rising.

The extra Mars in Aries is extra caught up in sexual conquest, being combative, and never being open to others’ options therefore the ego is extra inflexible and the flexibility of the ego to bend and be open to alter will not be there.  Michael Jackson has a somewhat Mars in Aries within the 7th home for Libra rising that’s Atamakaraka. 

MARS IN TAURUS:   When unafflicted the Martian ego right here is passionate and charming and delicate and nice at salesmanship.

When the Martian ego is just too caught up in the way it seems to be, and the way nice one’s sexual conquests and will overspend and be targeted on short-term pleasures. Physique-building, wanting good, and obsession with good garments and issues can create a false sense of ego that will cowl up different inadequacies.  Arnold Schwarzenegger, well-known for his body-building days, has Mars in Taurus within the 12th home. John Denver has a somewhat retrograde Mars within the 1st home.

MARS IN GEMINI:  The unafflicted Martian ego could delight oneself on one’s problem-solving talents, mechanical or scientific data, navy technique, and love of studying.  

The Martian ego could use its analytical energies to get into fights seem too intelligent, be impatient,  have a intelligent ego, or have a pointy tongue.  Barbara Streisand has a somewhat unafflicted Mars within the 4th home for Pisces Rising.  Robin Williams has a somewhat Mars within the 9th home for Libra Rising.  

MARS IN CANCER:   The unafflicted Mars ego right here is delicate, sort, and affectionate and will have an ego caught up in its skill to nurture and have robust household connections that create a way of id

The Mars in Most cancers ego could have vanity points, turns into co-dependent and a sufferer, is just too into fixing others and their id could also be too submissive and never keen to combat for his or her territory therefore the wounded ego right here could have deep unconscious worry and nervousness and the emotional nature of Most cancers can tear Mars aside when it simply must act and transfer ahead and as a substitute is commonly caught in indecision.  Demi Moore has a somewhat Mars within the 6th home for Aquarius Rising.

MARS IN LEO:  The unafflicted Mars in Leo has his ego caught up in standing and success, in working laborious, philanthropy, and his love of nice endeavors.

The Mars in Leo is impatient, adversarial, too caught up together with his standing and the way others consider him, has hassle managing cash, and will have a much bigger ego than standard as Leo is one other signal of the Ego.   Donald Trump is a well-known Mars in Leo individual and is Leo Rising so Mars is within the 1st home.

MARS IN VIRGO:  The unafflicted Mars in Virgo has an ego caught up in being a very good strategist and problem-solver, is an effective defender, and could also be caught up in above-average analytic or therapeutic, or scientific talents.  Winston Churchill has a somewhat unafflicted Mars within the 1st home for Virgo rising.

The Mars in Virgo has an ego that’s impatient, combative, could also be untruthful, and has an overactive thoughts which blocks one from experiencing one’s true Divine nature.

MARS IN LIBRA:  The unafflicted Mars in Libra has an ego like Mars in Taurus that’s caught up in wanting good, being a charmer, romantic, passionate, and inventive values these qualities that create a powerful sense of self.

The Mars in Libra could also be smug, impatient, gullible, too liable to leaping into one romance after one other, and immature. The ego suffers from its incapacity to satisfy relationship and sexual wants.  Invoice Cosby has a somewhat Mars within the Libra within the 8th home for Pisces Rising.

MARS IN SCORPIO:  The unafflicted Mars in Scorpio has a pointy thoughts and is passionate, decisive, a very good drawback solver, and undaunted and entrepreneurial.  Their ego could also be entrenched of their skill to succeed and attain and create a false sense of Self.

The Mars in Scorpio could also be smug, cussed, impatient, egocentric, fail to finish duties, possibly sexually over-indulgent, and will have his ego caught both in sexual conquest or self-deprecation for not reaching sufficient.  Jack Nicholson has a somewhat Mars by Rahu within the 5th home for Most cancers rising. 

MARS IN SAGITTARIUS:  The unafflicted Mars in Sagittarius could have an ego caught in management talents, getting issues completed, political savvy, and entrepreneurial abilities. Billy Graham has a somewhat unafflicted Mars within the 10th home for Pisces Rising

The Mars in Sagittarius could attempt too laborious to succeed, be liable to authorized issues, has hassle with debt, and could also be unaware of the darkish aspect of ego which is immodest, impatient and manipulative, and evangelical.

MARS IN CAPRICORN:  The unafflicted Mars right here is sort of a normal with robust stamina, excessive vitality, hard-working ethics, and may be very targeted on outcomes. His ego could also be caught up in being so good at the whole lot that he does.

The Mars in Capricorn could also be impatient, liable to anger, possibly misleading and reckless, and be blind to his flaws due to the so-called dignity right here.   Albert Einstein has a somewhat Mars within the 8th for Gemini Rising but it surely did give immense scientific intuitive insights into the legal guidelines of physics because of its energy. 

MARS IN AQUARIUS:  The unafflicted Mars ego right here could delight oneself on their motion, their skill to maintain busy, their problem-solving talents, their abilities as an engineer or scientist, and their love of competitors.

The Mars ego right here is reckless, will get into radical disputes about politics, might be dictatorial, could also be liable to melancholy and vary, and could also be liable to violence.  The Martian ego right here could also be blind to weaknesses.  Carrie Fischer has Mars within the 2nd home giving rising to a few of her addictive issues which normally come out of the household because of elements from Venus and Jupiter within the 8th

MARS IN PISCES:  The unafflicted Pisces ego could delight themselves on their religious nature, their philanthropic and repair actions, their generosity and their dedication to beliefs, and their devotion.

The Pisces ego could also be out of contact with their failure, over-spending, authorized points, uneven profession, and unbroken guarantees and their addictions and tendencies to be a zealot.  The 12th pure signal of Pisces and its unconscious energies can provide them an ego that may be very out of contact with how they present up and their issues.  Gloria Steinem has an Mars within the 6th home for Libra rising.

Particular due to Invoice Levacy for a few of his insights on Planets by signal.

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