Love Letters from Venus in Leo


After the entire disruptive astrology in July and August, Venus in Leo arrives to carry a spoonful of honey to assist the drugs go down.

When the planet of affection strikes into Leo on August eleventh, it brings a salve to the stress. It reminds us of the connection, magnificence, and artwork that hyperlink us collectively, even in essentially the most gnarly of circumstances. And it refocuses our consideration on the therapeutic, defiant, grandiose elixir that’s at all times obtainable to us: love. 

Love programs by us within the face of each loss and alter. It connects us. It calls for of us. It transforms us. It nourishes us. It evokes us. It humbles us. And it begins once more. Each single day. 

The next Venus in Leo horoscopes are our love letters to each signal. Re-read them as you want. Interpretive-dance them if you happen to like. Then share them together with your beloveds, and anybody who may want a pick-me-up. 

If you recognize your Solar signal, rising signal, moon signal, and Venus signal, be happy to learn all of them. (To verify your placements, pull up your chart in the CHANI app or through our on-line chart tool.) You’ll know which of them resonate for you. Take what strikes you and depart the remainder.


Pricey Aries and Aries rising,

We love your bravery. We love your willingness to dive in first, to get the get together (or revolution) began. You remind us that day by day is a brand new likelihood. You remind us to play — even when your model of play is an excessive sport, like paragliding or mountaineering. We love the best way you carry these you take care of into your inventive orbit. We love your pleasure, and the best way you share it unreservedly. You remind us to dwell and chortle and search out pleasure with essentially the most unburdened model of our hearts. Your love will not be for the faint-hearted — and we love that the majority of all.

Pricey Taurus and Taurus rising,

We love your groundedness. We love the best way you may make a dialog, meal, or shared house really feel like a nurturing relaxation cease. You remind us how essential it’s to take care of foundations and shield the routines that anchor us. We love your capability to make a house out of affection. To deal with love as an evolving root system. You remind us to by no means underestimate the tender assist of a boiling kettle, wildflowers for the desk, or a comfy sweater once we want it most. You’re the coronary heart’s regular rhythm. Your love reminds us of the assist carrying us, irrespective of the place we go or discover ourselves.

Pricey Gemini and Gemini rising,

We love your allure. We love your roving thoughts. We love your storytelling. We love your willingness to let a day shock you. We love your insistence that our on a regular basis worlds — our conversations with neighbors, strangers, and chosen kin — are infinite sources of connection. You retain our minds open and curious. You remind us {that a} fast name, wave, or notice can replenish our hearts. That love is in all places and at all times, even when it feels out of view.

Pricey Most cancers and Most cancers rising,

We love your care. We love your superpower listening expertise. We love the way you’re not afraid to be reflective, even when the world rushes us all. We love your capability to detect the emotional undercurrents within the room. You remind us that abundance is available in many types: snacks, snuggles, and heart-to-heart hangs. We love your psychic moments. Your capability to make anyplace really feel like house, and any cherished one really feel like kin. And we like it when you take care of your self simply as methodically as you are likely to everybody else.

Pricey Leo and Leo rising,

We love your radiance. We love your celebration. We love your fierce loyalty to honoring your sense of self. We love the best way you assist all of your beloveds to shine. The way you lure their lions out. The way you’re not too shy to bop, or play, or roar. We love the way you crown every one that enters your orbit. The way you acknowledge their majesty, their sovereignty. We love the way you lead — together with your coronary heart. The way you view the world by gold-tinted glasses. And we love how we glance by your gold-tinted glasses — like our entire, true selves.

Pricey Virgo and Virgo rising,

We love your thoroughness. We love your consideration to element, ritual, and order. We love your braveness to carry house for the shadowed components of these you’re keen on. We love the way you nurture with out fanfare. You remind us that the missed facets of ourselves are simply as deserving of devotion. We love the way you discover every thing, and everybody. We love if you witness our flaws, messes, and errors, and observe the transformational energy of acceptance. We like it, particularly, if you provide this reward to your self.

Pricey Libra and Libra rising,

We love your allure. We love your equity. We love your model, your artwork, and your magnificence. You remind us that stability and justice are energetic pursuits: like holding a handstand. The hassle is rarely “carried out” or “achieved” (but you make it look simple). We love the way you present up on your neighborhood. We love the way you mannequin interdependence. The way you rework others together with your love, and the way you let your self be reworked as nicely. And we like it if you maintain your floor and threat displeasing others with the intention to keep true to you. 

Pricey Scorpio and Scorpio rising,

We love your unflinching consideration. We love your willingness to probe into the underbelly of emotion. We love your uncanny capability to learn any room, coronary heart, or circumstance. You remind us of what’s doable once we dare to let our guards down. You remind us of the alchemical energy of union and the way essential it’s to remain near the thriller of the second. Your love doesn’t occur at random, which is why it’s so highly effective, potent, and transformative.

Pricey Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising,

We love your unquenchable spirit. We love your daring. We love your urge to study, dwell, and love past the world you recognize. We love your starvation to expertise extra, at all times. You educate us methods to love prefer it’s an journey. You remind us of the ability of dreaming exterior the field. You remind us love is an infinite terrain to discover. You remind us of the ability of optimism, of claiming sure, of taking dangers that the guts says hell sure to.

Pricey Capricorn and Capricorn rising,

We love your steadfastness. We love your resilience. We love your stalwart capability to commit. You remind us that love is a gateway. You understand firsthand that life feels extra joyful once we share our bounty. Equally, burdens are simpler to hold once we specific our grief. You remind us of the ability of mutual assist and methods to preserve one hoof on dry land irrespective of how deep we dive. You’re not daunted by challenges or shadow realms. You allow them to gas you and light-weight the best way.

Pricey Aquarius and Aquarius rising,

We love your honesty. We love your hacker mind. We love your willingness to interrupt with custom and create new options for previous issues. We love your capability to dream — then put these desires in writing, or blueprints. And regardless of your informal, irresistible, unintentional hard-to-get demeanor, you present us how love fosters collaboration in essentially the most tender components of our lives.

Pricey Pisces and Pisces rising,

We love your poetry. We love your zaniness. We love the best way a track, a look, a e book — something, every thing — nurtures your connection to the world. (And past the world.) We love that you just empathize so deeply with different beings that you just generally establish extra with the neighbor’s cat, or a birch tree. We love your capability to maintain calm and apply a face masks, even within the midst of a busy day. The extra you take care of your personal wellness, the extra your coronary heart shines out to the world. And we want extra of that radiance.

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