I’m unsure the place our society could be with out Mars’ power and the enjoyment of competitors and sports activities. Mars is the defender of society within the type of the police or the army. Mars is the logical mind behind our engineers and the power within the development world that builds every part. The fan worship of our motion heroes’ childhood comics, the brave power in our firemen and docs, and the hero that retains our society going. Certainly he governs the very purple blood in our veins because the Vedas remind us he’s the controller of the blood and all ardour. In Vedic mythology, Mars is linked to Skanda, the 2nd son of Shiva. Mars can be linked to the hero of the Ramayana, Hanuman, who reminds us of the glory of selfless service to realize moksha by devotion to the Lord.

Mars’ final goal is to carry pent-up volcanic turmoil to the floor to heal. He’s the firepower vital for making the world transfer and heal. He governs volcanic eruptions, wars, and rebellions.

On the psychological stage, Mars governs willpower and the power to forge by means of troublesome duties utilizing simply his would possibly and power. Mars is the sexual conqueror that ladies need however on the identical time concern. When weak, Mars results in rape, homicide, and struggle, however when robust Mars embodies service as within the army obligation to assist the king and nation. When bothered, Mars can rage with anger, brutishness, and violence, and get caught up in consuming, smoking, and playing –all these enjoyable issues that adolescent boys like to do. On the deepest stage, the Mars archetype wants to overcome primal drives and transfer towards surrendering to the Divine will in service to mankind and past one’s personal egocentric and lustful wishes.

Mars is deeply linked to the ego and goals of nice journey the place he’s celebrated because the hero for climbing Mt. Everest or saving the deserted miners misplaced within the cave. Boys develop up idolizing superheroes and the nice athletes of our society. Society makes use of tales to encourage braveness and overcome defeat. The darkish aspect of Mars additionally comes out in early childhood training the place the obsession with successful leads us to neglect the necessity for cooperation. Bear in mind: that for each winner there’s a humiliated loser.

When you had been born with a weak Mars in your chart –e.g. within the indicators of Most cancers or Aquarius–you could not have realized core classes round service and braveness. In case your Mars is in both the indicators of Libra or Taurus, you could want to manage your passions and lustful energies.

Paradoxically, Mars is exalted in Capricorn as a result of a great soldier can triumph and have further power whereas within the enemy’s camp. Nevertheless, Saturn is debilitated in Aries since it’s Saturn’s nature to be gradual and ponderous. Saturn will get into hassle whether it is impulsive and hasty. The signal of Most cancers will debilitate Mars as a result of home life destroys the Martian drive for power and journey. Each man wants a great evening out with boys to steadiness out home drudgery.

Mars and the Solar are good pals as a result of the Solar, the archetype of the King evokes their troopers to be heroic and combat for simply causes. Mars wants the Solar’s independence, braveness, and confidence to finish its mission.

The darkish aspect of Mars in Aries is the sexual conqueror prepared to attain one other notch of sexual conquest –the pure expression of adolescent joie de vivre. Sadly, many males don’t outgrow their teenage fantasies.

On the deepest non secular stage, Mars is the Shakti within the kundalini power of Scorpio which is dormant and must change into energetic to start out the journey to self-realization. In the end, Mars ignites the hero’s journey for God-realization to return to his source.

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