Mars takes two years to undergo the zodiac and is returning to Capricorn, its place of exaltation the place it has its most energy.   Mars moved into the final part of Sagittarius this morning and is preparing for shifting into Capricorn on Feb. twenty sixth .   The top of Sagittarius is especially highly effective as a result of Pada 4 has additional power being Pushkara for added creativity and gusto and it’s vargottama the place it features energy for completion of the soul’s goal.   Nonetheless Mars is in a planetary battle till March 12th and that won’t assist its energy.

Mars stays within the highly effective constellation of Uttarashada (Sag. 26.40-Capricorn 10.00) till  March 11th.  This constellation is sweet for management and considering of the collective complete of society and plenty of nice leaders have had outstanding planets on this constellation like Barak Obama, Modi, Indira Ghandi. Let’s hope the vitality of this constellation will permit the world to work soundly by way of its tensions.

Exalted malefics develop into extra highly effective to do hurt for sure rising indicators so Capricorn rising might have extra well being problem associated to an excessive amount of hearth or pitta and this may occasionally additionally affect Cancers and Leos due to the points.  Virgo moons and rising indicators might have challenges with kids and investments and romance. Libras need to be careful for automotive or dwelling accidents and Taurus must watch out with international journey and points with father.  Gemini rising or moon can have a troublesome eighth home transit which can set off marital separation, disputes round revenue, troublesome well being points.

Mars is exalted in Capricorn which is sweet for prime vitality, dynamic motion, energy in competitors and army may.   Motion is fast and efficient; stamina and better vitality are there for main duties. Exhausting work will carry fruits and Martian allure can result in touchdown key offers. Technical savvy will prosper. For moveable indicators, Aries, Most cancers, Libra and Capricorn, this creates a Ruchaka Yoga and brings out Mars highest qualities.

The issue is that later within the transit, Mars is conjunct Saturn on April 5th at 28 levels Capricorn, the precise exaltation level of Mars. By late March, it’ll really feel the stress because it approaches Saturn.   Mars is a warrior and may discover its energy in Capricorn as an excellent prisoner in an enemy’s signal can dig for the deepest energies to beat challenges.  Will probably be extra annoyed and indecisive in early April because it will get nearer to Saturn however it’ll additionally discover the vitality to maneuver by way of the depth.

Mars in Capricorn for many of March can have greater vitality so you may get away with doing 3 occasions as a lot work and have the vitality and Aries and Scorpio will profit most however Capricorn will take pleasure in additionally.   Exalted planets have an excessive amount of gun and energy and have a tendency to blow over individuals with their drive.  Make sure that to tone down your energy as some individuals will be unable to deal with it.

Keep in mind transits are solely 20% of prediction so it’s all the time in context to your dasha cycles.  If you’re operating a Mars interval or sub-period, you may be impacted extra by the transit.

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