MARS IN PISCES :  MAY 17-JUNE Twenty sixth

Mars went  into its good friend’s home on Could seventeenth, Pisces.   The transit is unafflicted apart from the conjunction with Neptune which occurred on Could 18th and which is not going to be impacted by Neptune after  Could twenty fifth.   Jupiter in Pisces is supporting it enormously  into the conjunction on Could twenty ninth however that has some detrimental implications round funds.

Capricorn, Libra and Taurus rising or moon indicators  really might profit most because the transit in Pisces as a result of the  3, 6 and eleventh home transit from the moon or the rising indicators is taken into account helpful however it’s all the time depending on the dasha you’re operating and what number of bindu factors you may have in Pisces for the planet.   Pisces and Virgo rising   may also be affected most by relationship and sexual tensions points.  Additionally as  it is a 12th home transit for Aries, it’s a good time for religious pilgrimages and journeys to international counties and a go to to the Ashram.    Watch expenditures in case you are Aries rising throughout this time and be ready for setbacks.

Mars goes into Saturn’s constellation of Uttarabhadrapada (Pisces 3.20-16.40) on Could twenty first  and it  contains two brilliant stars in Pegasus and Andromeda.  Mars is a much less than it has been in Aquarius by Saturn  however it can nonetheless be channeling Saturn’s vitality till June eighth and since Saturn remains to be weak in early levels in Aquarius till Could Twenty sixth, there  will be some   frustration and effervescent anger.

Jupiter the depositor for Mars could be very robust and can assist Mars and this mix is especially good for Pisces Rising as Mars is the ninth lord selling religious pilgrimages and new religious adventures.

Mockingly, Jupiter can negatively influence Mars.  The transit across the conjunction into Could twenty ninth , every week earlier than and after,  can infleunce Mars in a extra detrimental means with false optimism creating extra reckless habits round funds overspending or staggering expansive vitality with out cautious thought. If you’re dominated by Mars, be certain to not be reckless and clarify choices primarily based on info and figures.

The constellation of Uttarbhadrapada means “fortunate toes and is related to the funeral cot which denotes the exit from world and turns into related with the knowledge of the twelfth signal of the zodiac and its connection to Moksha or liberation but additionally to sleep.  The deity of this constellation is Ahir Bhudhanya, which interprets to the “serpent of the depths” and is a fertility deity  but additionally a type of monster from the ocean very similar to Neptune and is related to the underworld.  Linked to Shiv, it destroys ignorance to arrange us to dissolve.

The vitality of this constellation is that of the smart previous man and it’s related to the planet Saturn and it by no means acts rapidly however with Saturn weak in transit, we marvel if its extra anxious nature will come out and create extra anxiousness and indecision with Mars in transit via June sixth. .  Nonetheless the entire transit of Mars in Pisces carries the affect of Jupiter and has a chilled and serene and compassionate nature that can calm Mars’ fireplace.

The constellation of Pegasus, because it know by the West,  is related to duty however will it have bother since Saturn is having bother in transit till Could Twenty sixth.    Mockingly this constellation is often lucky for making and dealing with money-so it could counteract a number of the Mars/Jupiter associations which result in overspending and recklessness in funds .  On an esoteric stage, it’s related to the crown chakra and represents the tip of the journey of the kundalini vitality transferring towards liberation so one would assume that it’ll promote meditation and calm Mars’ stressed fireplace.

Mars strikes into the constellation of Revati Pisces 16.40-29.59  (June 6-Twenty sixth) dominated by Mercury and related to Pushan, the god that takes us to the past. Total, we alway just like the calming vitality of Pisces and Jupiter and its affect on Mars to name the hot-headed and impulsive darkish facet of Mars and this transit is welcome.


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