Metatron Cube – Activating and Invoking its Healing Power


Most individuals know that Archangel Raphael is the Archangel who oversees therapeutic… Nevertheless, do you know that Archangel Metatron might be an enormous ally in your therapeutic journey as nicely?

The Goal of Metatron’s Dice and Sacred Geometry

After I first began working with Archangel Metatron… I rapidly observed geometric shapes and blocks of coloured gentle spiraling round me. I later realized that Metatron’s dice and these sacred geometric shapes of sunshine have been highly effective instruments utilized by Metatron to facilitate therapeutic, power balancing, and non secular progress.

Archangel Metatron, Instructor of Non secular Mild and Energy

I now know that Archangel Metatron is a high-level non secular being, who serves in response to Divine will and who teaches those that are prepared learn how to entry their non secular gentle and energy.

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A pure a part of accessing non secular energy for the best and biggest good is first therapeutic and clearing away any decrease vibrational energies, ideas, and patterns you’re nonetheless carrying.

Metatron’s Dice and Chakra Therapeutic

Metatron’s dice is likely one of the instruments Metatron makes use of to clear away decrease vibrational energies, steadiness and activate chakras, increase your vibration, and far, way more.

Metatron’s dice is a mix of sacred geometric shapes just like the platonic solids, the tree of life and the flower of life. When referred to as upon Metatron might use these shapes merged into one, or individually relying on what’s going to most serve.

Whenever you name upon Metatron for therapeutic and non secular help, don’t be stunned in case you discover geometric gentle spiraling round your power, and thru your bodily physique.

To facilitate therapeutic, Metatron rotates these non secular kinds, together with Metatron’s dice by way of your chakras, and thru all ranges of your being.

As Metatron’s dice and different geometric gentle kinds spiral by way of your psychological, emotional, bodily, and non secular our bodies they work to clear and launch dense power, toxins, and negativity in any type.

Metatron’s dice and sacred geometric gentle kinds are one of many predominant methods he delivers therapeutic help, although he has many extra instruments and presents to share as nicely.

platonic solids

Metatron and The Akashic Report

A part of Metatron’s service contains recording each alternative (previous, current, and future) within the e book of life or Akashic report… Because of this, his therapeutic help works powerfully throughout the traces of time, as he can help you in figuring out and therapeutic previous stay hurts and blockages tied to current obstacles.

Metatron can be a beautiful and enthusiastic trainer of Common Fact, esoteric knowledge and excessive vibrational residing.

As I discussed, Metatron’s highly effective therapeutic power usually seems in sacred geometric gentle formations. The sacred geometric gentle kinds broadcast by Metatron’s dice will dance and spiral by way of your energetic area as they do their work.


metatrons cube

So How Do You Invoke the Therapeutic of Metatron?

Aligning with the therapeutic gentle of Metatron is admittedly fairly easy… And begins with asking!

Attempt it now!

The best way to Heal Your self With Assist From Metatron:

Take a deep breath, and calm down your thoughts and physique.

Focus your consciousness inside, and ask Metatron to help you in clearing your chakras and therapeutic your total being.

When you ask, there’s actually nothing particular it’s essential to do, however I like to recommend focusing inside and staying in a relaxed and meditative state to tune into the sunshine work of Metatron.

Visualize gentle throughout you.

Metatron’s presence is that of sensible gentle.

You may additionally have the ability to discover Metatron’s dice showing above your head, and gently rotating downward by way of your being.

As Metatron’s dice spirals down alongside your spinal column, really feel dense power, toxins and blockages releasing and your vibration naturally elevating because of this.

Simply calm down and permit the therapeutic gentle, and sacred geometric types of Metatron to work their magic.

There’s nothing particular it’s essential to do, see, or expertise for this to work…

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Ask for assist, be prepared to obtain, and belief that your intention is extremely highly effective for aligning you with the therapeutic gentle and energy of Archangel Metatron.

Belief your instinct. Thank Metatron for his help, and know that he’s completely happy to assist at any time when referred to as upon, so be sure you name on Metatron usually, and repeat this straightforward course of as wanted.

Melanie Beckler

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