Neptune Stationary Direct on Dec. 3rd squaring Venus into Dec 4th



As a Neo-Vedic astrologer, I do suppose that the outer planets are vital from years of observing their impression on the world.  Stationary planets are very highly effective and exert rather more power a couple of weeks earlier than and after round their station.  Neptune can have that impression the week of Nov. 28 and thru Dec. third.   It’s going stationary round  28 levels Aquarius within the sidereal zodiac so when you’ve got any key planets or your ascendant there or at 28 levels Leo or 28 levels Taurus or 28 levels Scorpio, you could really feel a stronger impression.  That is the final journey via Aquarius because it goes into Pisces on Feb 24th for a few years. 

Neptune causes life to turn into complicated and unclear and other people consider what just isn’t true.  It’s a planet of deception. It could possibly have an ego-denying affect which may make you’re feeling discouraged, undeserving, and futile.

Neptune is taken into account malefic because it dissolves what Saturn is making an attempt to create in actuality.  Therefore it could result in addictive conduct moderately than being accountable.  At its worse, it might create an addictive crash leaving you misplaced, confused, or defeated.   At its finest, it might develop your reference to the infinite and create religious artwork.   Watch out with addictive habits over the following few weeks.  Fantasies could take you off the trail of attending to your aim and rob you of your power just like the Sirens tempting Odysseus.  Good time for a religious or meditation retreat with this power so excessive.

Whereas the outer planets aren’t a conventional a part of Vedic astrology, I discover them vital for understanding collective conduct and in the event that they impression delicate factors in your chart inside 2 levels by transit or in your natal chart, they are often moderately impactful. As Dennis Harness has mentioned, Narendra  Desai noticed an historic Vasistha Nadi palm leaf in a museum in Madras, India, which predicted that three vital grahas or planets can be found by the jyotishis of the Kali Yuga. The good seer Vasistha was the creator of a number of hymns within the Rg Veda (dated 3000 BC) and was thought-about a terrific priest of the kings. Based on the traditional palm leaf, the names of the grahas or planets can be Prajapati, Varuna, and Yama. The center one, Varuna is understood at this time as Neptune.

“Varuna is the lord of the cosmic waters and is related to the mysterious legal guidelines of destiny. He’s a robust, mystical healer and is the lord of Maya or phantasm. Varuna is the bestower of religious knowledge and the god of cosmic drugs. Within the early cycles of Creation, all of the gods collectively approached Varuna and stated to him: “Might you settle for the lordship of all waters on earth and defend us all. Might you ever dwell within the ocean, the refuge of the aquatic creatures. The good ocean, the husband to all of the rivers and streams, would thus stay subservient to you. You’d swell and shrink together with the Moon”.4 This sounds strikingly just like the position and which means of Neptune, god of the paranormal seas, in trendy tropical astrology.”

No matter home Neptune is transiting in Aquarius now could impression that space of your life. So in case you are Capricorn rising and thus Neptune goes via your 2nd home, you’d be impacted by speculative playing round cash or be impacted by addictive meals or drink habits.  Neptune will most affect Leo additionally so no matter home is related to Leo will likely be indicated.

Neptune is most impacting Venus in Scorpio with an actual sq. into Dec 4th.   Venus/Neptune features can create illusions round relationships or can improve sexual want solely to have Neptune pop the bubble so inevitably disappointment and disillusion will comply with after the precise side leaves by Dec. 4th.  In monetary astrology, I usually see many worth bubbles bursting and costs falling through the Venus squares to Neptune.

So observe your response to Neptune/Varuna subsequent week.  Notice that every one of this can go.  The extreme emotion of this sq. side will likely be churning up all types of intense concern on the earth as it’s taking place within the constellation of Purva Bhadrapada  (Aquarius 20-Pisces 3.20 ) which is related to Jupiter but additionally to the deep state and secret and darkish sexual energies.   In mundane astrology, we could even see much more smoke and mirrors on the earth round what’s the fact across the weird political panorama we’re in.

Keep away from unhealthy habits and sexual additions and use this increased octave of Venus to create nice artwork, write a poem or story or compose a religious piece of music.

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