When the astrologers makes use of the phrase “debilitated”, their shoppers usually cringe. Its one of many phrases we have to take out of our vocabulary. It actually signifies that we have now to work 3 occasions as onerous to get outcomes out of that planet and that we have now to go to remedial lessons to be taught the foundations of the planet.   It doesn’t imply that we’re doomed to the dungeon.  Karmically a debilitated planet means we might not have discovered the deep archetypal classes of that planet so a debilitated Venus in Virgo means we’d like further work to do on relationships or a debilitated Solar means we have now further work  on confidence and management.

Komilla Sutton speaking on the topic says:

It is usually an space of life that has been overused or abused in a earlier life, now it must be nurtured and strengthened. The planet lack effectiveness to provide outcomes as you’ll have consumed all that they had within the earlier lifetimes. It shouldn’t be completely unfavorable if you happen to acknowledge the weak spot and begin placing again the vitality.

The homes that the weak planets are positioned in might shade negatively  or positively the problems and every planet actually wants it personal information of placements in 12 homes.   When the debilitated planet is the ascendant lord, it might impression well being negatively.  There are some combos which can be notably tough. For instance, Solar does the worst within the twelfth home the place it’s has no capability to shine and isn’t seen so a debilitated Solar in Libra within the twelfth might trigger excessive tough with vanity, recognition and standing.  A debilitated Solar within the tenth for Capricorn rising might have some standing at work however could also be imbalanced with energy journeys  and management points if by different malefics  but when unafflicted or supported by Jupiter, might be able to humbly work with individuals collectively in groups and really feel acknowledged by their contributions. This provides you some thought of the 144 combos that debilitated planets can create.

Beneath is a information to when the debilitated planet is linked to the rising signal:

Our aim is to suppose exterior the field and never get caught up in nugatory phrases like exalted and debilitation however to have the ability to perceive  what they imply particularly.

In Half 1, I’m protecting Mars, Jupiter, Venus and the Moon and in Half 2,  I’ll cowl Mercury, Saturn and the Solar. In Half 3, I’ll cowl Rahu and Ketu.   I’ve put collectively a information to why planets are debilitated in numerous indicators and for time sake, I’ll cut up up its evaluation into three  articles since many shouldn’t have time for lengthy articles.    That is an excerpt for my new ebook, particulars under.  Case work and research in my transit class beginning on Saturday, Jan. nineteenth .


Mars is debilitated in Most cancers because the warrior has nice discomfort with feelings which leads them to cowl it up with mental exercise or glory in motion.   This will result in inaction and lack of braveness like a declawed cat.  Both complacency or aggression is a unfavourable final result. Mars doesn’t do effectively in its pure 4th home so for Aries rising, he will get misplaced being caught at dwelling (4th home) and must be at work and in motion within the tenth home getting recognition and standing.  One has to know what Mars debilitation means. It isn’t essentially as unhealthy as one issues however that Mars is out of its nature in that it goes for consolation and ease fairly than having the ability to combat and confront. When you have Mars in Most cancers, you have to problem your self with tough duties, search journey and getting out of your consolation zone.

For Scorpio rising, Mars is debilitated within the ninth home the place anger at Guru or father can create deep depth or there simply might by no means be sufficient vitality to behave on the religious half regardless of the need.


Scorpio is simply too watery because it represents swamps and water is stagnant and does move.  Feelings have to move to get processed – there’s nothing worse than getting caught in a unfavourable emotion. But Moon in Scorpio can do that and make one fairly obsessive at occasions.  Scorpio is a hard and fast signal and the thoughts can turn into too static and caught of their methods and unable to move with different pondering and different’s opinions and infrequently they’re blind to their basic and caught views of the world.

Scorpio rising has bother with a debilitated moon as a result of the moon owns  the ninth home of father and Guru, and Moon in Scorpio has bother accessing the ability of the Guru and implementing religious teachings. They could keep entangled in a world of upheavals so long as they get gripped by obsessive energy performs and fantasies.  The depth of Moon within the 1st home creates a proceed emotional quagmire of emotional upsets. Moon in Scorpio generally is a bit volcanic and an excessive amount of deep self-deprecation and emotional course of can depart Scorpio rising uncooked an excessive amount of of the time and unable to take care of the emotional world and their pure water ingredient.   Moon will get caught within the eighth home the place emotional move is stagnant so Aries rising with Moon in Scorpio have essentially the most problem.


Poor discrimination about relationships or being hyper-critical (Virgo) in relationship destroys the flexibility to move.  Poor vanity results in selecting unhealthy mates.  Expanded and compassionate and creative qualities are misplaced in low vanity and fault discovering.  For Taurus rising, Venus in Virgo, Venus owns the sixth and is within the fifth.  For them, an excessive amount of sexual vitality in romance  and lack of relationship expertise can result in well being issues, over-eating or sensual indulgences.  Issues with fault-finding with youngsters or co-works can spoil this planet.  sixth home is home of celibacy and connection for Venus to fifth home of romance for Taurus is difficult in the event that they appeal to a companion who shouldn’t be as sexual.

For  Libra:  Venus owns the eighth and is within the twelfth. There’s a tendency to fall into  extreme sensual delight on the expense of correct discrimination for meditation or spirituality and and that usually results in sophisticated  or informal religious connections.


Jupiter is constrained by conservatism and industrial enterprise it it goes towards its love of knowledge and data and instructing being caught in enterprise. It’s Marana Karaka Sthana  within the third home the place the play of kama and the senses takes it off its dharmic nature for data and Moksha.  For Sagittarius rising, Jupiter debilitated within the 2nd home,  harms wealth and vanity when ultra-conservative values change Dharma into fanaticism.   Jupiter in Capricorn will be too tamasic and this may result in frugality and practicality fairly than pursuing knowledge and deep religious unfoldment.

For Pisces, Capricorn the place of debilitation is linked to the eleventh. Which means pushing too onerous for cash can result in a  burn-out and well being issues and is towards the move of Pisces.  Debilitated Jupiter turns into too optimistic and naive and this may lead too over-optimistic resulting in disappointment.

As all the time, I stand on the shoulders of nice academics.  Particular due to Sam Geppi and his ebook The Ascendant for among the insights from this text and to Invoice Levacy for his deep psychological insights and to Sanjay Rath and Komilla Sutton for his or her  deep understanding.   Search for Half 2 quickly however that is an exhaustive topic and actually requires an article for every rising signal.



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