In Half 1, I mentioned how debilitated planets drive us to be taught classes across the values of these planets and that now we have to work 3 occasions as arduous to make these points work. Nonetheless typically, if now we have a debilitated planet, it might assist us and create challenges that grow to be our best asset. If we work arduous on the issues that we’re not good with, then we will excel at them. This may increasingly present up if the planet is debilitated within the D-1 chart however sturdy within the D-9 chart. Possibly after 35-40 years now we have realized to grasp the vitality and typically we don’t.

Once more, in taking a look at debilitated planets, one has to additionally contemplate what homes they personal and if they’re good planets for the chart and if they’re pure benefics or malefics. If the chart lord is debilitated, it might imply well being points or low vitality. If it doesn’t personal good homes, we could need to work arduous to manifest these good qualities. If it’s a malefic and troubled, it’s darker qualities could come out.

On condition that the D-9 and the D-60 chart are so vital for chart evaluation, listening to debilitated planets in these charts are very revealing about hidden qualities and previous life karma from the D-60.

Saturn in Aries:

Fortunately Saturn is simply debilitated for two.5 years each 29 years and that is slightly uncommon however debilitated Saturn can flip up within the D-9 chart and have an effect.

A retrograde, exalted Saturn could act like a debilitated Saturn in line with Parashara. The tendency is for self-willed, impulsive, and undisciplined conduct in Aries, which contrasts with Saturn’s conservative, disciplined nature. Saturn within the 1st signal of the zodiac is Marana Karaka Sthana as Saturn in Aries creates worry slightly than grounded motion primarily based within the base chakra the place it grounds the physique and creates infrastructure.

Saturn, not alert in Aries to the truth that it may be creating new karma for the longer term that needs to be paid again, is a bit reckless about its duty to be moral and righteous. Therefore, karmic baggage for the longer term is constructed up because the soul is just not accountable. Saturn’s debilitation reminds the soul that it’s all the time vital to pay again what you owe, in any other case you’re ceaselessly including to your karmic baggage. Saturn in Aries seems to not take its soul duties severely. Except it modifications, this place will create extra baggage than it will probably pay again. Saturn by nature must train warning and correct planning and never be rushed into that which Aries creates. This could result in the air component getting out of steadiness leading to extreme worry and anxiousness.

Saturn will get debilitated within the constellation of Bharani, a really sexual nakshatra, because it clashes with its personal pure meditative, ascetic nature. Saturn positioned right here could lead to a powerful sexual drive tormented by guilt. Saturn will delay vanity and gratification till it’s profitable at work and might present safety for themselves and others. In Aries it’s too reckless and undisciplined to achieve success. Typically it results in laziness or inertia which then can explode into anger and rash conduct.

For Capricorn: Saturn could block happiness and makes Capricorns impulsive risk-takers who keep away from duties, creating anger and despair.

For Aquarius: Aquarians could grow to be too impulsive and be vulnerable to combating the unsuitable battles for his or her humanitarian spirit.

For Mercury: Debilitation in Pisces:

Mercury is debilitated in Pisces as a result of the idealistic and humanitarian vitality of Pisces is at odds with the philosophical and probing mind. Getting caught up in religious idealism weakens the mind. Emotional Mercury can’t suppose rationally in Pisces and this places Mercury out of its very nature. The sensible, earthy high quality of Mercury exalted in Virgo will get unbalanced and this isn’t good for worldly affairs. Mercury in Pisces can create despair, nervousness, speaking an excessive amount of, and superficial values. The brilliant aspect of Mercury in Pisces is that it will probably result in religious awakening and result in understanding the broader extra common values of our existence. Nonetheless, the sensible businessman, Mercury, might not be good at dealing with funds if different elements of the chart are missing.

Mercury in Pisces could be too emotional and be out of its important nature to intellectually probe and should get extra caught up within the emotional oneness and love of Pisces. This may increasingly result in poor judgment and troublesome selections being made. Nonetheless the imaginative aspect of Pisces could flourish resulting in creating nice fiction, fantasy writers, or creating highly effective instinct.

For Gemini: Debilitation within the 10th: Dangerous profession choices or the power to behave and make selections to foster one’s profession create deep frustration for Gemini rising. If Mercury is just not critical about work then as soon as the enjoyable wears off of the present job, they have an inclination to maneuver to the subsequent one and fail to develop a significant profession.

For Virgo: Debilitated within the 7th: For Virgo rising, they lack discrimination in relationships and could also be extra emotional of their alternative of attracting companions.

Therefore, they grow to be susceptible in relationships and dangerous selections, which make them too eager on making an attempt to repair or enhance their companions. They might entice troublesome enterprise companions if they’re too idealistic in not checking them and their ability units out. They might lack the power to do something sensible and constructive to vary their lives.

Solar in Libra:

The Solar is debilitated in Libra the place it sacrifices its ideas and management talents to get together with individuals and do it collectively. In doing so, they sacrifice their imaginative and prescient and lose confidence. The Solar’s placement right here would slightly do issues collectively than be unbiased and be topic to the challenges of working in teams and coping with dissenting opinions and loses its energy to steer.

Whereas being extra diplomatic, individuals born with Solar in Libra (Oct. 17-Nov. 16) typically fail to encourage or draw upon their energy. The Solar is out of its important nature when it’s not pursuing its religious dharma and want to be alone and meditate and as a substitute it seeks success in relationships. For the reason that Solar is linked to Shiva and pursuing the Divine to be able to attain liberation, if it will get too caught up in sexual intrigue in Libra, it loses energy to maneuver the shanti vitality up for enlightenment. The Solar is debilitated within the constellation of Swati (Libra 6.40-20), which is likely one of the extra materials constellations of the zodiac that enjoys pleasure and materials issues and this additional takes the Solar out of its pure component and pursuit of the best.

The Solar in Libra loses its self-confidence and skill to do issues by itself in working with others, so it loses its energy. It might undergo deeply if rejected in a relationship and get caught within the Maya of relationships and hold it certain to the struggling of the fabric world. Debilitated Solar could lack confidence that was not given from a powerful father and this may occasionally additionally result in a failed relationship energy and never creating a powerful masculine core.

If the Solar has no different main afflictions from Saturn, Rahu or Ketu, then the constructive aspect of the Solar in Libra could create humble souls who’re able to working for the nice of mankind in humanitarian teams and never get caught up in energy and ego journeys. I’ve seen this very constructive high quality in working with individuals at ashrams the place there are numerous individuals celebrating birthdays between Oct. 17-Nov.sixteenth.

For Leo: In case you are Leo rising and have a debilitated Solar, you might be topic to well being points and be missing the internal braveness and management qualities to encourage others and as a substitute could flip right into a tyrannical boss who’s extra curious about being proper than inspiring others.

Particular due to Komilla Sutton, Sam Geppi, Invoice Levacy and Sanjay Rath for his or her insights on this subject.

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