At varied occasions of the yr, planets within the sky might fall behind the Solar and will not be seen because of the blinding energies of the Solar. That is known as combustion.This fall we’ve got:

Mercury combust direct movement : July 4-July twenty ninth;  Oct 18-Dec 4th.

Venus combust : Sept 14-Dec 1st 2022

Jupiter combust  March 27, 2023-Apri 26, 2023

Saturn Combust:  Jan. 30, 2023-March 5, 2023

This is likely one of the harder occasions in Vedic astrology notably when this occurs inside 2-3 levels because the significations of the planet are destroyed and the darker energies of the combust planet might come up. When you have been born with planetary combustion then when it occurs in transit, it’s notably activated. Nonetheless, if the combust planet is the ruler of your chart, you’ll all the time really feel a robust influence from the combustion in transit notably when it’s inside 2 – 3 levels. As all the time there are such a lot of mixtures and exceptions. In natal charts, lower than 10 levels is often an issue however any planet inside 1 – 4 levels is especially broken. Planet inside .40 minutes of the Solar are nevertheless raised in stature by being blessed by the Divine rays of the Solar.  Combustion might spiritualize planets however destroy materials significations basically.  Mercury and Venus retrograde and combust usually are not an issue in any respect besides perhaps inside just a few levels.

Nevertheless, there are just a few parameters for natal charts which might be referred to as saving components for the planet. Typically a planet can carry out very nicely within the horoscope if there are different ameliorating components.

These embody:

  •    If combust, a planet is occupying its personal or exaltation signal within the horoscope.
  • If combust planet is getting a robust benefic facet from Jupiter, Mercury or Venus. That’s the case now with Mercury/Solar/Venus in Libra.
  • If combust planet is sitting in the home the place it will get directional energy like Mercury and Jupiter within the 1st home, Moon and Venus within the 4th home, Saturn within the seventh home and Mars and Solar within the tenth home. This can fluctuate along with your natal chart.
  • If combust planet is exalted and nicely positioned in divisional charts (Particularly in D-9 & D-60).
  • If combust planet is retrograding in horoscope which is the case with Venus combust this yr.

VENUS COMBUSTION:  Venus is taken into account combust when it’s in ahead movement inside 8-10 levels of the Solar.  It will possibly elevate jealousy points so keep in mind to reward and admire others right now, assist them, applaud their success and luck. This conjunction may result in manipulative vitality in relationships, trigger annoyances, friction and issues so keep in mind to just accept individuals with all their imperfections or you’ll possible be seething with anger. The very best outlet for Venus annoyed vitality throughout combustion durations can be to do some wild dancing, take a craft class, sing loudly with the radio turned up or go on a wild buying spree or create a large creative dinner with mates that you’re not more likely to get into fights with.

Mercury Combustion: Can create a really busy, buzzy, and annoyed thoughts with some agitation. When Mercury is beneficially supported by the Solar in Cazimi it will possibly create deep analytical talents, shrewd enterprise practices and good monetary planning so perhaps a great day for bookkeeping however because the energy of the Mercury wanes away when combust (test transit combustion dates), one must handle cash extra fastidiously and be sure that ethics return to enterprise. Mercury transits are fast.  Retrograde Mercury combustion is just not a lot of an issue besides inside just a few levels in transit. Make time for meditation and methods to quiet the thoughts.  The cobra pose and the shoulder stand in yoga can quiet the thoughts a bit and stability Mercury. Be affected person with offended communication from others and know-how issues and know that it’s going to raise. Retrograde Mercury combustion might be about 75% easier and will be discounted.

Jupiter Combustion: Can expend its significations so issues just like the liver, which is dominated by Jupiter, might have extra issues functioning. Jupiter guidelines optimism and judgment and when it will get too near the Solar, it may be falsely optimistic about one thing or be too vital or judgmental. Be practical and test your information cautious and loosen up on individuals in case you are feeling heavy. The precise conjunction of Solar and Jupiter will be actually highly effective because the Solar will tackle all of Jupiter’s vitality and really feel uplifted by generosity, confidence and growth.

Keep away from heavy and oily meals — particularly at night time — that are arduous to metabolize and use liver tonics and lemon in water within the morning to tonify the liver. This can be a good time for Panchakarma on the Ayurveda clinic or a easy food regimen of rice and dahl to offer your liver a relaxation. So, keep on prime of liver well being and test your information fastidiously and keep away from false optimism in order that you’ll not get upset.

MARS COMBUSTION: Mars doesn’t develop into as susceptible to combustion as a result of hearth doesn’t extinguish hearth.  Nonetheless relying on the signal and different features and different planets concerned, it will possibly improve volatility and blow out Mars with an excessive amount of hearth energy. In Most cancers, it will possibly create exhaustion.

SATURN COMBUSTION: Can carry out the darker qualities of Saturn. Within the early phases, it could promote arduous work, effectivity, readability, and reliability at work however because it will get nearer to the Solar, it will possibly make work intense, trigger issues between bosses and associates, mistreatment by employers and resistance to authority. On an emotional stage, it will possibly harm confidence and convey on despair. In Ayurveda, Solar/Saturn mixtures if in your natal chart within the 4th, fifth, tenth, or eleventh homes, might elevate blood strain and if severely stricken can result in coronary heart issues so go simpler with train and keep away from demanding circumstances which will have an effect on your coronary heart. This would possibly influence Virgos, Leos, Pisces, and Aquarius rising or Solar indicators extra. Go simpler in case you have coronary heart or hypertension issues and go to your physician to observe it if it appears to be performing up. Solar additionally guidelines well being for everybody and I discover the Saturn affliction can harm the immune system which can also be why loads of flu appears to interrupt out with this combustion mixture. Merchandise like colostrum can improve your immune system. Get loads of relaxation and preserve your immune system sturdy by reducing down on sugar.

In case you are born with the Solar very near Saturn in your natal chart inside just a few levels, this signature may result in over-responsibility and taking up an excessive amount of work and this might stress your coronary heart and circulatory system so loosen up for those who begin pushing your self. In case you are operating a Solar/Saturn interval or a Saturn/Solar interval and have a decent signature in your natal chart, this transit could also be most tough. Saturn cuts off the vitality of the Solar and restricts its skill to shine so chances are you’ll really feel lonely, cut-off, or inclined to interrupt relationships or stop work due to a battle with a supervisor.  This will result in despair. The anecdote for Saturn is all the time Venus so ladies, relationships, singing, meals, music, and dance all assist lighten Saturn so keep away from isolation.

This can be a time to be disciplined about your meditation observe and yoga and different non secular practices as a result of these lighten the burden and provides us extra energy to cope with every little thing. The tendency is to skip that which is nice for us once we are challenged however that’s like taking off a winter coat when it’s beneath zero.

Donate money and time to assist these in want. That is one method to handle karma and by getting out of our personal points, we really feel higher and transfer by means of our personal karma.

Be disciplined with food regimen and train. The tendency is to make use of meals to cowl up tough feelings or skip train as a result of we really feel drained or lazy. So many sicknesses (sixth home) will be overcome if we’re disciplined doing what is nice for us.

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