New Moon in Cancer June 2022


The New Moon in Most cancers happens at 03:52 (BST) on June 29, 2022 at 07CAN22.

The Moon and Solar are conjunct Black Moon Lilith, sq. Jupiter and trine Vesta.

The Sabian image of this lunation is A Group Of Rabbits Dressed In Human Garments, Stroll As If On Parade.

Vulnerability arises with this image. It’s as if the rabbits are on fixed alert that they’re going to be came upon. They might be dressed up as people and stroll as if on parade, however they’re nonetheless fluffy bunny rabbits! It makes me take into consideration imposter syndrome. It’s an insidious situation. It’s the sensation that ultimately, you’re a fraud and it doesn’t matter what you do, what you’ve discovered, what you’ve accomplished or how a lot expertise you will have. By some means, somebody, someplace, is sooner or later going to seek out out, you’re a fraud! Most frequently, this syndrome is rooted in previous conditioning and experiences that inform you that you’re unworthy. So, this image raises questions round safety and value.

It might even be helpful to discover, the place we could be attempting to be one thing that we’re not, with a purpose to slot in, to belong, to really feel as if we’re acceptable. As a result of this image may communicate of that as properly – attempting to slot in with the gang, attempting to imagine a posture or angle or persona that makes us indistinguishable from others. And but, after we do that, it places us into a continuing state of hysteria, ears twitching on excessive alert, ready for all times to pounce. The extra that we attempt to be one thing we’re not, the extra the inside little one too goes to kick up a fuss, fearing being devoured by Lilith. It’s time to reward ourselves for every thing that we’ve discovered and skilled and accomplished as a substitute of bending ourselves out of form to suit the judgements of others.

I recorded a 27mins astro-tarot studying for this lunation over on my Patreon. A transcript can also be obtainable. Within the studying, I discover the chart in depth and embody an evaluation of the connection to Black Moon Lilith and the place of asteroid Little one within the chart. Click here to join my Patreon and listen.

Portray – Boy and Rabbit by Henry Raeburn


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