New Moon In Libra – Will Love Find A Way? –


On September twenty fifth, 2022, we have now a New Moon in Libra

The New Moon is at 2° Libra and it’s reverse Jupiter (at 3° Aries), giving us an urge for food for risk-taking. Prepared, set, motion? 

Not fairly. The New Moon ruler, Venus is conjunct Mercury retrograde, so there are some issues to make. 

We now have 2 eventualities.

On one hand, the New Moon in Libra reverse Jupiter asks us to unravel the dichotomy: give peace an opportunity (New Moon in Libra) whereas standing up for our personal convictions and beliefs (Jupiter in Aries). 

The New Moon in Libra and Jupiter in Aries are decision oriented. They actually wish to discover a consensus, however they may put up a struggle first, to set issues straight. There’s an excessive amount of cardinal vitality to cover across the bush.   

Alternatively, Venus, the New Moon ruler conjunct Mercury retrograde, asks us to contemplate a distinct plan of action. We might have a change of thoughts – or a change or coronary heart – that may open new prospects and assist us see a totally completely different situation.   

What number of instances have we advised ourselves, in justification makes an attempt “That was the one factor that might have been accomplished”… when the truth is, there’s at all times one other manner, there’s at all times a greater manner? 

Discovering a win-win situation, which is really on the coronary heart of any New Moon in Libra, requires a distinct method.

To discover a new manner, a greater manner, we have to let go of our expectations, of our agendas, and simply “be”. We have to genuinely acknowledge the opposite and attempt to perceive the place they’re coming from.

Then and solely then we will discover a answer the place everybody can win. 

Venus Reverse Neptune – Will Love Discover A Manner?   

The New Moon in Libra chart options an attention-grabbing facet sample. Venus, the New Moon ruler, is the propeller of a kite with Neptune on the apex. A kite is a side sample that connects 4 planets in a geometrical configuration that appears like a wind kite. 

Crucial planets on this New Moon kite are Venus in Virgo reverse Neptune in Pisces. Neptune on the apex of the kite asks us to goal increased, and give up to the unconditional love that the Universe is overflowing with. 

However do we have now what it takes? Are we prepared – and ready – to let go of one-sided psychological and relating fashions that maintain us caught up to now, and separated from others? 

Venus in Virgo performs an important function right here. Not solely she’s the New Moon ruler, however she’s additionally the propeller, the driving drive of the kite. The stakes are excessive. 

Virgo, Scorpio, Libra In Relationships 

What’s attention-grabbing is that Venus is in fall and detriment in Virgo and Scorpio, and in domicile within the signal within the center: Libra.

What does Venus get so proper in Libra, however has difficulties to embrace in its neighboring indicators? 

Firstly, in case your Venus is in Virgo or Scorpio, there’s nothing incorrect with this placement. Folks with Venus in Virgo or Scorpio have the identical possibilities of discovering love and happiness as another Venus placement. Nonetheless, the method to get there’s counter intuitive. 

Libra is the signal of relationships, extra precisely, the signal of equal relationships. Libra’s image is a scale. The connection act (the equinox, when the day is the same as the evening) occurs in Libra. Earlier than and after, we have now unequal relationships. 

Virgo is the signal earlier than Libra, so a Virgo’s relationships are unequal due to a scarcity of expertise. Scorpio is the signal after Libra, so Scorpio’s relationships are unequal due to an excessive amount of expertise

In relationships, Virgos are tempted to take the identical method they take of their on a regular basis life: work arduous, show themselves, give greater than they take. “If solely I’d go to the fitness center every single day and lose these kilos”. This obsession with perfection will be additionally projected onto the opposite “If solely that loving, good, mature, educated, humorous, attractive, loyal (…) individual would come into my life”. 

Virgos method relationships like a challenge. Virgos are so good at engaged on themselves… nevertheless, after we do relationships, we enter a totally new territory. What works so nicely within the sphere of the “Self” not applies in relationships.

What they need to do as an alternative is notice that relationships are a North Node territory, give up and permit their companion to take the lead. 

Scorpio has the alternative method. Scorpio is aware of manner too nicely what relationships are about. They’re the signal after Libra, proper? Been there, accomplished that. They know the ins and outs of relating. That’s why they’re nice psychologists. That’s why they’re the masters of intimacy. 

However the mistake they make is that they count on their companions to really feel the identical manner they do. Scorpio received’t give in, they’ll search management and play relationship chess till their companion loves them as deeply and intensely as they do. 

The downfall? They’ll wait a lifetime for that to occur. A significantly better method is to play out their strengths and take the emotional management function within the relationship. To simply accept that there are Virgos on the market that don’t know what love is, and are ready for somebody to indicate them.

Scorpio’s instinctual method is to freeze, wait and management… when a greater method can be to make use of their emotional presents to prepared the ground. 

New Moon In Libra – The Daybreak Of A New Day

In Libra, the register between Virgo and Scorpio, we appear to discover a stability between “not being adequate” and “being too good for anybody else”.

Libra is aware of that relationships are uncharted territory so that they method them with a newbie’s coronary heart. And when that stability between “me” and “you” is discovered, one thing magical occurs.

Love emerges spontaneously.  

With a New Moon in Libra, and Venus in Virgo reverse Neptune, one vital query is raised: will love discover a manner? 

The sabian image of the New Moon in Libra offers us a touch: “The daybreak of a brand new day reveals every thing modified”. Every single day is a chance to begin with a newbie’s coronary heart.

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