Predicting Your Menopause Age: What Factors Matter


It’s a query many ladies marvel about, particularly in the event you’re fascinated by planning a household and your 20s are however a distant reminiscence.

What number of extra years of fertility would possibly you might have, and the way for much longer will or not it’s earlier than you begin experiencing “the change?”

Here is what does — and doesn’t affect the age at when a girl reaches menopause.

The High Issue

There are a selection of things that have an effect on girls’s age at menopause, however one is extra vital than every other: the age their mom skilled menopause.

“Menopause is strongly genetically linked, so that you’re very prone to fall inside just a few years both method of the age your mom was at menopause,” says Nanette Santoro, MD, director of the division of reproductive endocrinology and infertility on the College of Colorado-Denver Faculty of Drugs.

This isn’t at all times true, after all. Some girls attain menopause at an unusually early age — earlier than 45 or so — with no recognized trigger, which might be the results of an inherited subject or a one-time genetic mutation. “These might be random occasions, however may also be handed on,” says Howard Zacur, MD, PhD, who directs the reproductive endocrinology and infertility division at Johns Hopkins Faculty of Drugs.

So in case your mom reached menopause at 40, however her sisters and your grandmother have been throughout the typical age of fifty, it’s unclear whether or not you’ll observe your mom’s path or theirs.

But when a lot of the girls in your loved ones, your mom included, attain menopause early, late, or someplace within the center, you’ll be able to eye your calendar with a point of confidence.

Menopause Age: 4 Extra Influences

Your mom’s age at menopause is a key issue, however not the one one. Listed here are 4 others to think about:

  1. Smoking. No different way of life issue does extra injury to your ovaries than smoking. So in the event you smoke and your mom didn’t, you’ll most likely attain menopause sooner than she did. If she smoked and also you don’t, you most likely attain menopause later than she did.
  2. Chemotherapy. Most types of chemotherapy utilized in youthful girls are at the very least mildly poisonous to the ovaries. Many ladies undergo non permanent menopause whereas present process chemotherapy; if cycles do return (they don’t at all times), you’ll be able to nonetheless count on to succeed in common menopause a few years sooner than you in any other case would have.
  3. Ovarian surgical procedure. “The extra you use on the ovaries, the extra wholesome tissue will get broken,” says Marcelle Cedars, MD, director of the division of reproductive endocrinology on the College of California, San Francisco, Faculty of Drugs. So in the event you’ve had diagnostic surgical procedure for endometriosis, for instance, Cedars recommends utilizing medical choices (resembling hormonal suppression) to deal with the situation as a way to keep away from repetitive surgical procedures.

Not a Issue

Listed here are three stuff you would possibly assume would affect menopause age, however don’t:

  1. Age at first interval. Though the typical age of the primary interval has been getting youthful in U.S. girls, there hasn’t been a corresponding shift within the common age at menopause. The typical age the primary interval is now about 12.4 years outdated, down from 13.3 in girls born previous to the Twenties, however the common age at menopause has been round 51.5 for many years. “You’d assume {that a} lady solely has so many cycles in her life and if she menstruates later, she’ll attain menopause later, however that doesn’t appear to be true,” Cedars says.
  2. Being pregnant and breastfeeding. These don’t have any impression on menopause age.
  3. Hormonal contraception strategies. “Even in the event you’re utilizing a birth control method that stops ovulation, it doesn’t cease the lack of follicles, the fixed means of the ovary taking them from the resting pool of eggs,” Cedars says. “All of the follicles obtainable within the cohort that month die away, even in the event you’re not ovulating, so birth control doesn’t seem to delay menopause.”
  4. Ethnicity. A examine of premenopausal and early perimenopausal girls discovered that race/ethnicity performed no function in what age the ladies skilled menopause. The Research of Ladies’s Well being Throughout the Nation (SWAN) checked out cross part of girls from completely different races from seven states and located that a lot of the girls skilled menopause between the ages of 52 and 54.

There isn’t any solution to delay menopause; it will probably solely be sped up, not slowed down, by exterior components.

Some components are nonetheless unknowns. As an illustration, some analysis hyperlinks publicity to sure “endocrine-disrupting” chemical substances to earlier age at menopause. But it surely’s not sure that these chemical substances trigger earlier menopause, because the analysis solely exhibits an affiliation and doesn’t rule out different doable causes. General, the everyday age when menopause begins hasn’t modified a lot over time that these chemical substances have been round.

Predicting Menopause Age

Aside from avoiding smoking, there’s most likely not a lot you are able to do to affect the age at which you’ll attain menopause. However as you get nearer to that point, it is going to be simpler to foretell extra precisely when it is going to occur.

“For those who’re over the age of 45 and skip at the very least three intervals in a row, that tells us that you simply’re going to maneuver on to menopause comparatively quickly,” Santoro says. “However we’re nonetheless engaged on blood exams to see if we will predict this extra precisely.”


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