For these of you who observe the imply nodes, the formally moved on April twelfth.    They’re thought of sandhi or in early or late levels till Might 1st within the imply node system.    We will probably be writing you about their impression over the approaching weeks.   The true drawback is the transition zone.

As a result of the nodes govern the unconscious they appear to carry up eerie views of the unconscious thoughts.  I keep in mind when this occurred earlier than, when the Moon went into Rahu or Ketu nakshatras, I might drift from futuristic desires from my sleep, replaying various eventualities of an altercation and being caught prior to now and fantasizing the long run on a deep and refined degree of the thoughts.   It jogged my memory of my article on Different Universes which I’ll repeat for you.

Rahu when troubled by being sandhi  (till Might 1st) or on the sting may be extra anxious or paranoid, feels constrained by forces past his management, victimized by overpowering forces, might have extra nightmares or troublesome desires, or be a bit manic-depressive. If in case you have your Solar or Moon 29-1  diploma of the water indicators/air signal juncture in your natal chart  or in case you are Aquarius rising which is co-ruled by Rahu or in case you are in a Rahu interval or a Dasha interval the place Rahu is the nakshatra lord. It may additionally result in vacancy main towards addictive patterns, frustration, sorrow, dejection, psychological depth, and psychological anguish.

Ketu on the sting 1.30  diploma Scorpio to twenty-eight.30  Libra a  (till Might 1 within the imply node system) can have a robust need to alter instructions in life, needs to surrender materials attachment, feels disillusioned, has troublesome emotional knots to unravel, feels unsettled and his emotional distortions might have a tendency towards self-isolation. might really feel caught prior to now with regrets. If you’re in a Ketu interval, dominated by Scorpio, or have the Solar or the Moon or key planets at 0-1 Scorpio or 29 levels Libra, you might intensely really feel this power then.

When the nodes develop into a brand new signal, the impression of the transit is instant as new homes and points all of a sudden come up on the precise day of the transit.   The important thing date within the  imply node system] April twelfth.  There’s a big debate between Jyotish students about whether or not to make use of True Nodes or Imply Nodes.   My Jyotish academics are inclined to go along with custom and imply nodes whereas students like Marc Boney, who’ve studied individuals’s charts on the sting, have discovered that True Nodes are extra correct for prediction. I’ve at all times gone with true nodes in transit however in both college, Rahu is formally in Aries.

How will the nodes altering indicators impression your life?   Search for additional articles on our weblog or contact us for a session.   To shortly summarize,


Rahu needs journey and creativity and particular person energy and Rahu and Mars are fearless on this conquest. Therefore athletic prowess and competitors will probably be enhanced. There is a rise in need for journey, bravery and thrills, and pleasure, and a deep quest for freedom as Rahu and Mars are conjunct Uranus on August 1st. The darker a part of Aries can emerge and one has to be careful for being cussed, egocentric, and unwilling to compromise.   Given the tensions on the planet round wars with China and Russia round Ukraine and Taiwan, we’ve to fret that Rahu in Aries will set off navy adventurism.

KETU IN LIBRA: Libra the signal of relationship doesn’t do effectively with Ketu as Ketu needs to meditate, be alone, and discover moksha.  Ketu is out of steadiness in Libra as there’s a need for relationships and likewise a robust need to reject and go away them.  There could also be too many revolving door new relationships as one acts too impulsively and doesn’t give them time to develop.   The Aries/Libra axis brings up a robust co-dependency axis the place we entice thrilling companions and uncontrolled companions and we are inclined to assist them of their misbehavior reasonably than asserting our wants.   This axis teaches the have to be in your energy and assert your wants in relation and to not grow to be a doormat.  Libra rising will significantly have classes round this.

We’re writing an extended article about Ketu in Libra and can report in later weeks.


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