Sacred Geometry – Uncover The Secret Script of the Universe


What’s Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry refers back to the common patterns and geometric symbols that make up the underlying sample behind every little thing in creation.

Sacred Geometry could be seen because the “hidden script” of creation and the Religious Divine blueprint for every little thing manifest into existence.

In different phrases, sacred geometry is the Divine sample of the universe that makes up all of existence.

Though it could not look like it at instances, every little thing within the bodily universe has a divine order and significance. In lots of historic thriller colleges and religious traditions every little thing in bodily actuality is described as being a thought kind within the Thoughts of God.

By way of this lens the unique sacred geometric form is a sphere representing the oneness of Supply/ God with All That Is.

A sphere is then each the best sacred geometric kind, and its additionally the Divine container that the entire different sacred geometric patterns, or thought kinds from the thoughts of God are contained inside.

The numerous different particular person sacred geometric patterns which can be behind every little thing in creation are particular person thought kinds within the Thoughts of God, that collectively create actuality. They’re all contained throughout the higher sphere, or oneness of the Supply of All.

vesica piscis

As a Sphere of Creation replicates (as could be seen within the mitosis of a cell), the sacred geometric type of the Vesica Piscis is created. This sacred geometry is in itself a thought kind within the Thoughts of God that’s each a person sample, in addition to being contained throughout the higher Oneness of the Supply of All That Is.

In different phrases, the Universe, and the Earth, every started with a seed of life, a thought kind from the thoughts of God, and a person spark of creation. Inside every seed of creation, lies a vibration that exists in every residing factor right here. By tuning into the Divine inside a person sacred geometric sample, we have now a hyperlink and entry to the sacred geometry of the entire, the Supply of All, the One.

Actually, tuning into this sacred geometric hidden script behind creation generally is a bit thoughts blowing however by starting to see the underlying patterns that make up creation unlocks a lot magic.

The Language of The Universe

Sacred Geometry- Uncover the Secret Script of the Universe

With consciousness, we are able to start to see the sacred geometric patterns in every little thing. They’re the underlying language of the Universe.

From the way in which the leaves develop out of the stems of a tree, to the way in which the ocean meets the shore, or how a seashell kinds, or a plant grows … The pure world is all created in line with the underlying Divine blueprint and in line with the sacred geometric, mathematical code of bodily actuality.

The Fibbonacci sequence is the mathematical understanding of the how the bodily universe is created. Like a cell, when multiplied, it kinds the premise of different geometrical patterns to be created.

Consciousness of how nature is Divinely designed can assist us keep tuned in to the underlying concord, divinity, and music woven all through every little thing within the Universe.

Sacred Geometry is like the unique blueprint, the script for all of life and the way it’s divinely constructed and arranged. It’s the arithmetic of the universe, which kinds consciousness and matter.

Sacred Geometry Blueprint For Awakening

Sacred Geometry Blueprint

Sacred Geometry accommodates the Divine blueprint in your awakening.

By attuning to the symbols, you may open to the transmission of Divine Thoughts and instantly hyperlink to Supply Consciousness…

This empowers you to obtain the Divine Love, blessings and light-weight codes inherent in all of creation.

The brand new ”Sacred Geometry Blueprint with Archangel Metatron” is channeled by Melanie Beckler, and gives you a stunning meditative journey you will LOVE returning to time and time once more.

As you pay attention you’ll be walked by way of a robust means of harmonizing with Sacred Geometric Blueprint of Supply.

You’ll uncover how one can co-create with the sacred geometry power of Like to reveal and faucet into the facility of your limitless multi-dimensional fact.

You’ll obtain Divine help in embodying the clearest reflection of your Divine individuality…

And restoring the template of your Sacred Geometric Gentle Physique in Bodily Type.

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The Sacred Geometry Blueprint Periods with Archangel Metatron are so extremely uplifting and supportive… However I do not simply need you to take my phrase for it… As a result of the true energy in that is YOUR distinctive expertise of connecting with the upper ranges of sunshine.

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With this assure, there’s nothing to lose… And an unbelievable new degree of sunshine and coherence with the Sacred Geometry Blueprint of the Divine to realize!

The Connection Between Sacred Geometry and Nature

Exploring the Connection between Sacred Geometry and Nature

One of the crucial pure and delightful locations to start connecting with Sacred Geometry is in nature.

The sacred geometry in nature is so excellent, and in such alignment with Supply, that it’s the most pure place to obtain the sacred geometric codes of awakening.

The essence of Nature is in concord with the circulation of the universe. While you take a look at the stillness of the bushes, and even the static nature of a stone, there’s a refined vibration shifting at its personal velocity in ways in which our bare eyes don’t see.

When you can learn every little thing it’s good to know in books, or online about Sacred Geometry, I truthfully consider top-of-the-line methods to tune into its energy is by merely taking a stroll in nature with consciousness. Look deeply into nature to see how the bushes transfer, perceive the life cycle of flowers, and see the flying patterns of pollinators!

With consciousness, nature holds countless inspiration and a direct entry level and hyperlink the Divine, the Supply of All.

Can you see among the underlying Divine patterns in nature and the way they resemble shapes and geometrical patterns?

This may simply be seen within the intricately lovely spiral form of a sea shell, or the spiral grown sample of a fern. It may be witnessed in the way in which birds fly in unison. Or, the way in which bushes develop, but their roots deepen, interlinking and connecting with each other.

All the pieces that grows naturally in nature, stems from a vibration of sound and creation that must be expressed itself within the bodily. The knowledge of earth, the seed of life, the flower of life all have a means of restoring us to our true Divine core.

While you take a better look, you could start to see the sacred geometry in every little thing! It’s within the spirals in pine cones. The seed patterns and the way in which a sunflowers develop. The right shapes of a spider making its cobwebs, or the hexagonal construction and hive of the working bees.

It’s fairly truthfully… Magic!

Grounding With The Earth’s Planetary Grid!

Go outdoors in nature! Discover how the crops converse to your senses, and the way the sounds calm and uplift your vibration. The grounding and meditative qualities of spending time in nature is one other means of connecting to the sacred geometry of Creation.

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It restores, repairs, and cleanse your power physique so you could increase your vibration. And whenever you increase your vibration, you open up the channels to receiving divine knowledge, perception, love and steering out of your angels, spirit guides, and Greater self!

Nature not solely grounds you thru your Root chakra, however connects you to the Infinite above by way of the Crown chakra. Nature is essentially the most pure path to reconnect with spirit! It’s Spirit’s present to us, and with consciousness, openness and presence we’re every in a position to tune in to the numerous blessings which can be obtainable to us every within the current second now.

To attach with the sacred geometrical structure of nature is to attach with our sacred existence in geometric kind! Its vibrational high quality evokes pleasure, magnificence, awe, peace…these are all states that put you again in your circulation, in alignment together with your Divine Self, our intuitive realizing of your I AM core, and the supply, Oneness, that’s inside us all.

4 Sacred Geometry Symbols To Infuse Your Life With!

Sacred Geometry is so pleasing to the eye just because the vibration behind it emanates the common oneness with all that’s. Listed here are among the widespread sacred geometry kinds that you’ll generally see on garments, necklaces, artwork, crystals, and on-line when exploring spirituality and consciousness.

seed of life

Sacred Geometry: Seed of Life

Seed of Life

The Seed of Life is a sacred geometrical symbol with 7 circles, 6 of them overlapping each other forming an attractive geometrical sample of a blooming flower. The seed of life is a generally used mandala that represents Creation. The quantity 7 is critical, and in spiritual texts it represents the 7 days of Creation. 7 additionally connects to the principle chakra facilities we have now in our physique that unify our thoughts, physique and spirit. In numerology, the quantity 7 is the seeker.

Meditating on the Seed of life, gazing into it, drawing it, sporting it, and connecting with this sacred image means that you can spark concepts, to embrace new beginnings, and to maintain looking for your divine fact!

The seed of life represents elevating your consciousness by seeing the sacredness in all issues. By way of divine love, and divine timing, all issues bloom.

Visualize the seed of life to raise your vibration, and stability your thoughts, physique, and spirit.

Sacred Geometry: Flower of Life

Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is a sacred geometrical image that branches out from the seed of life! Whereas the Seed of Life has 7 circles, the flower of life has 19 circles. 19 is a quantity that carries an innate centering high quality, which can provide you perception into the energetic high quality of the Flower of Life kind.

The Flower of Life is an attractive and complex sacred geometrical sample the place every circle overlaps each other and creates petal shapes, therefore the title “Flower of Life”.

Like water molecules, the sacred geometrical define that retains this manner collectively is a hexagon.

Traditionally, the Flower of Life image has been discovered all through historical past throughout completely different cultures and religions. In Egypt, the image is carved into a number of temples similar to within the temple of Osiris. In Beijing, China, the Flower of Life is noticed with the Chinese language Guardian Lion statues on the Forbidden Palace. It’s present in temples throughout the Center East, and likewise within the artwork sketches of Leonardo DaVinci.

The Flower of Life is without doubt one of the hottest sacred geometrical designs as a result of it’s a vibrational reminder of the co-creation of the universe! As woke up souls, we are able to use the flower of life as a visible to recollect our personal circle of sunshine, and the way we overlap and reunite with the multidimensional features of ourselves.

Sacred Geometry: Sri Yantra

Sri Yantra

The Sri Yantra has been a tremendous religious visualization software to meditate on, heal, and to purify one’s thoughts and coronary heart.

Its power prompts the trail of religious liberation, balancing the sacred masculine and female energies inside. Tibetan Buddhist monks in India study the sacred artwork of constructing Sri Yantras out of high quality grains of sand solely to destroy it and pour the sand into nature.

Two issues come to thoughts with this apply! It represents the impermanence and transient nature of life, and likewise, that this apply of making artwork with sacred geometry similar to Sri Yantra, has a robust vibrational power, that even when it’s bodily destroyed, the apply can remodel, harmonize, and lift the vibrational grid of the planet!

Sri Yantra and Third Eye Opening

It’s not unusual for individuals to open their third eye when incorporating Sri Yantra of their meditative apply. Think about what this may do for you. Sri Yantra is an effective way to join with the Divine Thoughts as a result of it is aware of the artwork of letting go, of detachment and permitting the motion of power to restoring and balancing the energies of creation.

Sacred Geometry: Metatron’s Dice

Metatrons Cube

Metatron’s dice is so highly effective as a result of it vibrates and accommodates all of the platonic solids of sacred geometry which make up the constructing blocks of life. The phrase platonic, comes from the thinker Plato, as a result of he’s the one earlier philosophers to find sacred geometry, believing that these shapes additionally resemble the God, the Spirit, the Heavenly realms that we have now entry to right here on Earth.

He linked the 4 components with these geometrical patterns:

  • Tetrahedron and Hearth: Ardour and Drive
  • Dice and Earth: Grounding and Intuition
  • Octahedron and Air: Ideas and Info
  • Icosahedron and Water: Feelings and Instinct

Wanting carefully, you may see virtually each geometrical form that exists. This provides us a greater take a look at how the bodily world, and the connection to our Oneness, and the vantage level of the Divine Thoughts the place we are able to see the tree of life come collectively. Nothing is really separate, and we are able to all the time discover parallels, patterns, and similarities that join the bodily with the religious.

What’s much more fascinating, is how one can really use sacred geometry as a therapeutic software to rise above the established order of the collective consciousness and heal distortion and densities inside bodily manifestation by way of merely accessing the upper states of your Divine fact and consciousness.

Archangel Metatron and Sacred Geometry

Archangel Metatron and Sacred Geometry - Whats the Connection?

Archangel Metatron is understood to be one of many angels of life. This implies he oversees lifeforce and the crystallization of Divine Thoughts into bodily and religious actuality. This naturally includes templates of sacred geometry.

When working with people, Metatron will use sacred geometry types of gentle to clear distortion and harmonize power restoring stability in our emotional, bodily, psychological, and religious our bodies.

His religious toolbox of therapeutic instruments works instantly to clear decrease vibrational energies, so that you could be reconnect together with your Divine Thoughts and Religious Energy!

Do you wish to see how Sacred Geometry can assist you in your religious path?

Join with Metatron within the new Sacred Geometry Blueprint Sessions.

As you pay attention you’ll uncover how one can co-create with the sacred geometry power of affection to disclose and faucet into the facility of your limitless multi-dimensional fact.

Metatron will join with you instantly by way of the Sacred Geometry kind often called Metatron’s Dice to clear any densities, programming and stability your energies.

While you work with Metatron’s Dice by visualizing above your head, you may really feel his dice spiraling and dealing by way of your power physique and spinning your chakras. His Dice is the sacred geometry of 13 spheres. Additionally it is often called the Star Merkaba of Gentle and is so powerfully cleaning everytime you really feel out of alignment. Metatron’s Dice is obtainable to you, and might immediately start working out of your crown chakra to your root chakra whenever you name on him for help.

It’s also possible to use a easy intention or prayer to invoke Metatron’s presence.

“I now name upon Archangel Metatron, to assist me convey stability between my Ego self and Divine self in order that I could obtain the Highest Divine gentle obtainable to me now.”

Archangel Metatron is a powerful ally whom you may join with to assist restore your vibrational resonance together with your highest divine self. Quiet your thoughts, and permit your coronary heart to open and your vibration to lift to tune into his highly effective power and presence.

Connecting To Metatron’s Sacred Geometrical Instruments

Connecting with Metatron will assist to open the pathway to elevating your consciousness, eradicating limiting beliefs inside your psyche, and awakening your gentle physique. It’s not unusual for Archangel Metatron to make use of a number of sacred geometric instruments to help your therapeutic.

Geometric shapes similar to a dice, stars, and sacred 3D geometric shapes just like the merkaba, are all related to Metatron’s energy to combine polarizing energies into excellent stability. Visualizing or sensing their essence being labored by way of your power physique can assist you increase your vibration, stability your ideas, and create construction in your life!

Within the Sacred Geometry Blueprint Periods with Archangel Metatron you’ll:

☀️Expertise the Sacred Geometry of the spiral which reminds you of your ever-evolving journey in life and empowers you to carry upward in a Divine Spiral into the following degree of Greater Gentle.

☀️Activate the Merkaba, the sacred geometric construction of your crystalline gentle physique.

☀️Attune to the geometric sample of Divine perfection..

☀️Co-create with the sacred geometry power of affection to disclose and faucet into the facility of your limitless multi-dimensional fact.

Now Accessible for $51 Solely $27!

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Concepts On How To Use Sacred Geometry As A Religious Follow!

Ideas on How To Use Sacred Geometry As A Spiritual Practice!

Sacred Geometry is all around us, and is actually the blueprint for a way the Divine crystallizes into phsyical kind.

Sacred Geometry can clearly be seen and witnessed in nature who’s so abundantly presenting countless alternatives and sacred areas for us to reconnect with the facility of the infinite.

Listed here are some concepts on issues to do to make use of sacred geometry to raise your vibration and open the sacred portals of your divine gentle.

Align Your Energies And Steadiness Your Chakras

  • Chakra symbols have every kind of sacred geometrical shapes. Each chakra symbol and its associated color has a vibration that represents an power. Meditate on the Chakra symbols to tune into the harmonized coherent energies of every of the chakra facilities.
  • Clear your thoughts of all worries and insecurities! Relaxation the palm of your hand draw your consideration to the image of every chakra. Discover the colours and let it gentle up and spin in your chakra factors.
  • Make some mandala and sacred geometry artwork and use it as a meditation to awaken and join together with your physique’s power. There’s no proper or incorrect solution to do it! The symbols are fueled with intention already on a multidimensional degree. You simply merely should be open to receiving it.

Restore Your Energies And Get out in Nature!

  • Nature is so grounding is as a result of its in sync with the Earth’s Planetary Grid, the Flower of Life and of creation! Use this as your ally in your religious journey, permitting the power power to flow into by way of your chakras and embracing the help of Mom Earth’s sacred geometric kind.

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  • Drink and discover contemporary spring water from the supply! Recent water is more likely to retain its sacred geometric kind, serving to you restore your pure genuine vibration that’s related to the earth. Its crystalline construction is in sync with the planetary grid earlier than it’s filtered and transported by way of the pipes.
  • Meditate with flowers and rely the flower petals. Discover the sacred geometrical patterns of flowers, how the leaves are organized. Discover the symmetry as all of them hyperlink again to the flower of life. You would possibly see spirals, hearts, circles, and the way every certainly one of them accommodates an uplifting vibrational essence.
  • You can see it simpler to attach your angels and spirit guides if you end up strolling by way of a backyard and smelling the roses just because they increase and elevate your vibration to a frequency the place you’re receptive to the divine messages for you!

Set Your Intentions

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