The 12th Home and Our Blind Spots

Astrologers are inclined to superficially lump the 12th home challenges into losses, expenditures, and international locations however it’s a lot richer. The 12th home is deeply valued within the Vedic custom as a result of it brings in a deep, unconscious realm and introduces the wealthy, religious territory of void that results in enlightenment if we are able to grasp its ineffable mysteries. Nice issues can occur if we’re keen to unlock its mysteries.

The 12th home represents intense, unconscious, karmic patterns, which invoke emotional, psychological crises and even haunting fears when skilled. The world represents a realm of convoluted risks of the monkey thoughts, which is regularly leaping from tree to tree unable to relaxation and discover peace, and represents an invisible drive that retains us stressed and agitated. This will manifest as deep past-life karma, covert enemies which might be in our thoughts or the perverted logic of our personal subliminal, stressed, churning thoughts.

In line with Ptolemy, an historic astrologer, the 12th home corresponded to that a part of the sky simply above the horizon the place stars have been obscured by the “thick misty exhalations from the moistures of earth.” Therefore it’s a huge hidden realm that’s scary and it represents the blind spots of our weaknesses. This implies that planets positioned right here, their significations, and the homes that they’re linked to might signify deep flaws in our character that we simply might not be capable of see.

Listed here are a few of the blind spots brought on by planets within the 12th home significantly if they’re missing dignity, are weak, tenant debilitated indicators, or are linked to the malefics:

  • Solar within the 12th: The ego could also be blinded by energy however might not see it in any respect and this turns into compensation for low shallowness and lack of self-confidence. When there’s some dignity the Solar might be able to work along with folks and have sufficient humility to be of true service and sacrifice.
  • Moon within the 12th: Right here martyrdom and self-sacrifice turn into compensation for feeling alone. That is usually a spot the place martyr-moms manifest and maternal sacrifice can save the 12th home however when very bothered, deep, and darkish emotional grunge continues to plague us and will transfer us into unhealthy, addictive patterns. Finally children go away the nest and we’re left with unimaginable loss and despair.
  • Mars within the 12th: In Venus dominated indicators like Libra and Taurus, this will likely result in being too fast with intimacy. In indicators like Capricorn, Aquarius, and Virgo folks might not see their unconscious aggressive nature. This will result in surprising violent explosions and indignant tirades as a result of we’re not in contact with our want for freedom and worry of being managed.
  • Mercury within the 12th: These people get imprisoned in their very own minds and are sometimes caught of their heads with countless psychological machinations. The blind spot is that individuals might not understand how a lot they depend on their thoughts. Typically Mercury within the twelfth home could also be blind and gullible in relationships and perhaps too sexually immature and might not be conscious of it. That is significantly troublesome in Pisces.
  • Jupiter within the 12th: Jupiter expands issues and expenditures are one thing that we don’t need to expend an excessive amount of. These people might overindulge however not see their spendthrift methods. Typically non secular fundamentalism takes over their lives however they don’t see it they usually could also be oblivious to their pals and colleagues as to how a lot of a spiritual fanatic they’re.
  • Venus within the 12th: It’s thought that Venus is the one planet that does effectively within the 12th home and this can be true if there’s some dignity. Nonetheless, there’s a tendency to be over-indulgent in funds and sexual exercise. This will result in troublesome sexual entanglements and of being morally unconstrained by pleasure, unaware of the results. Enormous debt can accumulate as a result of Venus simply likes to purchase extra and doesn’t know when to cease.
  • Saturn within the 12th: The planet of service will get over-activated in the home of service. Whereas charity is all the time factor for creating optimistic future lives, overwork can result in being blinded, making a Seva-alcoholic kind of martyrdom. Typically this will likely manifest as spending an excessive amount of, being blind to the fabric tabernacle and the world of economic actuality.
  • Rahu within the 12th: Rahu is all the time a little bit of an unethical gangster so Rahu within the 12th might blind one to unscrupulous or unethical habits. There could also be an inclination to be caught up within the phantasm of fantasy round ambition and a disconnect from the fact of what’s attainable. Rahu is usually linked to deep psychological grunge and may be too robust within the 12th home resulting in addictive patterns once we can’t get a deal with on our deep unconscious fears and paranoia.
  • Ketu within the 12th: In some ways,  Ketu belongs within the 12th home of mystical expertise, moksha, and sacrifice, but when bothered, it might create false holiness and a darkish secret facet. Typically these persons are a parasite dwelling off of the goodwill of others and unconscious of the burden they create. They could be unable to hook up with the fabric world and sensible actuality considering there’s nothing in addition to meditation. They could usually be out of contact with their bodily physique, which ends up in problem to diagnose sicknesses.

If we are able to remedy the mysteries of the 12th home and our hidden karmas, then deep therapeutic can happen, unlocked skills could also be launched, and if one has the blessing of a self-realized soul or Guru, enlightenment might daybreak. However for many of our lifetimes, the 12th home brings deep struggling and an unconscious dread beneath the floor, which we are inclined to take care of by trying out. If we’re on a religious path, we might take shelter in meditation or religious retreat – these are holistic methods to rework 12th home challenges however for the mass inhabitants, the tendency will probably be to take pleasure in addictive habits.

The key of the 12th home is service and sacrifice and to be giving to others in want when our personal deep psychological and unconscious fears come up. Once we get out of our small ego and provides to others, then we turn into greater and the small self can transfer to the bigger self.

For these with no time, this may be achieved by giving to charity and other people in want – that is one technique to get by the troublesome karma of the 12th home.

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