Secrets of The Elements by rising sign


Excerpt from Barry’s Book Finding your blind spots. 

These 5 indicators have flaws related to the weather:


  • Aries: has issues with water
  • Taurus: has issues with hearth
  • Most cancers: has issues with earth
  • Leo: has issues with air
  • Scorpio: has issues with area


Deadly flaws of the weather:


Aries: has issues with jala, the water factor, therefore they might have issue with emotion, love, meals, and connecting to the general public. Venus and the Moon change into troublesome planets, creating relationship issues except the Moon and/or Venus are properly positioned within the chart or if the 4th, eighth, and twelfth homes supply some compensation.


The antidote is connecting extra to Mom Divine power by means of mantras or worship. If Mars or the primary home is stricken, the Aries rising folks must watch out with impatience, selfishness, “I need it now” conceitedness, recklessness, and leaving duties undone.


Taurus: has issues with Agni, the hearth factor, therefore they’ve an issue with ‘rise up and go’. The fireplace planets, Solar, Mars, and Ketu, all have respective points however are important for conducting something. Taurus is thought for being essentially the most earthy and grounded of the indicators. They’ll get caught with the tendency to carry onto cash or materials issues of their life. Taurus wants assist with the hearth indicators and hearth planets and it helps if these are properly positioned. Numerous fiery and vigorous cardio train is necessary to get this signal shifting, as there is usually a tendency towards heaviness, despair, and melancholy. One can sense why Jupiter right here would possibly trigger issues with weight achieve and even diabetes regardless of being an auspicious planet in an auspicious signal. Taurus needs to be cautious with sweets if Jupiter is stricken. Jupiter or Venus stricken within the chart can create stubbornness, inflexibility, greed, laziness, self-indulgence, ultra-conservative positions, intolerance, and over-accumulation.


Most cancers: This rising signal has issues with the earth factor and therefore with materials success, construction and manifesting within the materials world. Therefore, a powerful stability of well-placed planets in Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo might be useful to offset this latent flaw. A well-placed Venus or Saturn can offset this imbalance notably if they’re properly aspected or are in Taurus or Capricorn. Cancers must actively give attention to saving cash and getting motivated for worldly success. Typically, they’d reasonably simply meditate and bathe within the wonders of the religious world. If the Moon or the primary home is stricken, Cancers need assistance to offset this latent flaw. If the Moon or the primary home is stricken, Cancers could have issues with being too dependent or clingy, hoarding, hypersensitivity, moodiness, winsomeness, abandonment, and choosing dysfunctional buddies and companions. Forcing themselves to get grounded within the materials world is crucial. Doing earthy actions like constructing, carpentry, and gardening is useful. Growing the hearth factor by means of energetic and fiery cardio train is necessary to get the photo voltaic plexus enlivened and get the hearth shifting.


Leo: Leos have issues with the air factor or vayu and therefore Saturn and Rahu must be robust or strengthened of their charts. Archetypically, the king wants good servants to achieve success due to this fact, wants a very good relationship with Saturn and but Leos have essentially the most issue with Saturn. Well being and longevity might be a difficulty if Saturn and Rahu aren’t properly positioned within the natal beginning chart. If the Solar or the primary home is stricken, Leos might must take care of vainness, conceitedness, boasting, condescension, dominance, having issues with subordinates, being energy starvation, letting profession take over their lives, which create imbalances. Growing the water factor and cooling off the warmth with swimming might be useful. It could be smart to not overdo intense cardio power to verify the air factor doesn’t get out of stability. After all, all of it is determined by the person chart. Train is nice however one mustn’t get dehydrated or depleted.


Scorpio: Scorpios has an issue with area or akasha and have issue holding all the things collectively as they’ve a powerful capability to intuitively go into the ether realm and deeply join and develop their consciousness. Their robust quest for Moksha wants the Divine connection to remind them that each one is properly and God and the Divine are caring for them. Jupiter is the treatment for this affliction, as they want the Guru and information. This helps to collect and floor consciousness and convey issues collectively and take them out of meditative isolation. Neighborhood turns into necessary to forestall isolation and being alone.


Pisces and Sagittarius: These indicators must be strongly outstanding within the chart and Jupiter related to Mars or Ketu to rebalance this affliction. If Mars, Ketu, or Scorpio is stricken, there might be issues with being too essential, possessive, vengeful, hypersensitive, controlling, grim, being victimized in relationships, overworking and extreme fear. Very grounding and earthy actions like gardening are important for them and even one thing like gentle weight coaching can assist them in combating the lightness that may overtake them. Grounding yoga is useful.


Charts are very particular person and I don’t ever need to stereotype folks by signal. However typically it’s a approach of placing one’s finger instantly on an individual’s core downside. I hope the reader finds this data as enlightening as I did.


Particular because of Andrew Foss and Sanjay Rath for his or her insights on this materials.

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