Selenite Crystals and the Angelic Realm


I’ve all the time liked crystals of all shapes, colours, and textures…. Selecting a favourite sort of crystal has been one thing I simply didn’t suppose I might do, as a result of I like all of them a lot, however just lately whereas buying at an area gem and mineral store, and speaking with the lady working about how a lot I like crystals, it instantly revealed itself to me.

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I used to be trying by way of a case that held some wonderful crystals I actually resonate with, stones like watermelon tourmaline, kunzite, hiddenite, kyanite, celestite, and lemurian seed crystals… And whereas I completely LOVE all of those stones, when she requested me what my favourite stone was… Instantly, selenite popped into my thoughts.

I advised her, and she or he was shocked at first. In any case, selenite is available, cheap, and it’s gentle, it scratches simply, dissolves in water, and might even break.

She was anticipating me to choose an costly, uncommon, and unique stone like tanzanite, moldavite, or purple beryl… However after I shared my causes for loving selenite a lot, she not solely ‘bought it’ however she was prepared so as to add selenite to her assortment of stones too.

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So… What are the properties of selenite that make it one in all my favourite stones?

properties of selenite

Selenite is like crystallized gentle from the Divine and angelic realms. It’s a stone of readability that always radiates Divine gentle, and really absorbs poisonous and destructive power and transmutes it again into gentle.

Because of this, selenite is self-cleansing, and is nice to make use of to cleanse and recharge your different crystals, help your individual therapeutic and ascension course of, or to create a safety grid to make sure a excessive vibrational, peaceable ambiance in your house or workplace.

Selenite vibrates in nearer alignment to the religious realms than the bodily… It resides simply on the cusp between pure divine white gentle and bodily matter, therefore the crystallized gentle reference.  These crystals anchor Divine gentle into the bodily to deliver therapeutic, cleaning and transformation to physique, thoughts and spirit.

Selenite has an extremely excessive vibration, however its peaceable religious power helps it to subtly, however successfully work to dispel negativity and rmove energetic blockages. It not solely brings readability of thoughts, however cleanses negativity residing within the bodily, and religious realms.

Selenite is delicate although, so when uncovered to essentially harsh, dense, and destructive power, it could break aside, crack, or fracture over time. The nice factor right here is that if it does break aside… It’s like a reset for this excessive vibrational stone, and so the chips or shards remaining, whereas they could be sharp (so watch out), are nonetheless helpful for transmutation, and accessing the infinite gentle of spirit in bodily type.

I as soon as dropped a selenite sphere on the ground and it broke into two. After a second of feeling upset about dropping it, I noticed it was it had reset the stone, and returned it to its full gentle. It was as if the infinite gentle of the stone had been launched from inside it, and it was now brighter, and extra illuminated than earlier than.

Along with pure gentle and readability, selenite balances feelings and carries the vibration of reality, honesty, flexibility, peace and concord. This makes it nice for relationships, companies, and sustaining a peaceable and optimistic surroundings.

Selenite can also be a strong stone of psychic consciousness, instinct, clairvoyance, and accessing the upper realms.

Religious progress and meditation are carefully aligned and assisted by Selenite crystals. Whenever you meditate with selenite chances are you’ll really feel like a blanket of sunshine is warmly wrapped round you, making it nearly easy to shortly entry the upper realms of spirit guides and angels.

You’ll naturally expertise elevated readability, tranquility and serenity within the presence of selenite. Use selenite to develop your consciousness and lift your vibration by merely rubbing the crystalline construction along with your thumb as you meditate. Doing this will likely additionally assist you to to get a glimpse of the higher workings of the universe, and your distinctive place inside all of it.

White, clear, or smoky selenite is highly effective for activating your soul’s presents and religious talents, and defending you on each stage.

Selenite is in and of itself like an illuminated pathway to highest vibrations of Spirit.

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In order for you a flexible, gentle crammed stone to assist clear your aura, launch negativity, promote peace and optimistic power, join with the angels, anchor ascension gentle and crystalline energies into the bodily and a lot extra, take a second to tune into the vibration of selenite, as a result of in the event you’re something like me… This stone is totally one for you!

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Get pleasure from!

With love and light-weight,

Melanie Beckler

P.S. I like Selenite a lot I made a video about it! Be taught extra by watching right here:


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