September 2015 Ascension Energy Wave


The power of accelerated ascension for Earth and for humanity is already right here, and now it’s rising!

Should you’re like most individuals, you’re already noticing enormous adjustments unfolding in your life… These adjustments are as a result of power of accelerated ascension, which may in any other case be described as an Ascension Power Wave.

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Beginning in late August of 2015, by way of about September 28th… The power will actually be heightened, because the Earth bodily and metaphysically aligns with an enormous collection of transformational power waves.

These gentle power waves come from the Heart of the Cosmos, from Supply, God, and they’re elevating the vibration of every thing encountered on their path.

Scientifically, these power waves have been observed, measured and described as Gamma waves.

In the end, nonetheless you take a look at them, or describe what is going on… In a single kind or one other, we’re headed right into a HUGE tsunami wave of LIGHT.

This in fact, is correct on Divine time and to not be feared. For a very long time now the Earth and humanity have been receiving elevated gentle, ascension codes, and consciousness downloads from the Divine by way of photo voltaic flares, gamma rays, angels ascended masters and ascension gateway openings.

Sure, 2012 ties into this wave of power too.

2012 was a Divine cosmic alignment and the official entrance into the brand new paradigm of the brand new age. The 888 Lions Gateway relates as effectively, it was like a threshold we stepped over into the brand new paradigm… Now the September Wave X Power is the welcoming celebration. A full initiation into the brand new power.

That is yet one more section of the Nice Awakening which continues to unfold…

The energetic wave of September 2015 affords additional assist in our collective shift into the Golden Age, and the return to Love and Oneness on Planet Earth.

Our lesson and alternative now’s to journey the wave of sunshine into new chance reasonably than being dragged down into the undercurrent beneath.

From my perspective, and based mostly on the steering of the angels and my instinct, the September power wave’s objective is to cleanse the consciousness of humanity, elevating our vibration, and shifting us individually and collectively into dwelling in a brand new paradigm.

That is a gap, and a possibility for humanity as a collective consciousness to grow to be extra woke up than ever earlier than, and to shift out of the outdated paradigm of worry, management and manipulation into greater vibrations of LOVE, PEACE, and COOPERATION.

That is ascension, and we now have the unbelievable alternative to dwell by way of it now. We’re evolving into the best potential variations of ourselves.

We’ve all the time been religious beings in bodily kind… However for many of us we’ve been blocked from perceiving the fullness of our religious energy and lightweight. Now, all of us have the chance to retain our bodily skill to understand by way of 5 senses whereas including on the brilliance, mastery, and great thing about our FULL Religious Mild and Energy. This will manifest in so some ways like elevated bodily and religious talents, new know-how, superior creativity, expanded intelligence, and consciousness in a number of dimensions, tuning into an expanded cosmic perspective, and a lot extra.

There are in fact people who find themselves perceiving this power shift by way of the lenses of worry, and specializing in the potential challenges, hardships, and obstacles which can come up on account of the energetic shift. There are those that are utterly oblivious to something taking place… However the fact stays, for many who are awake, and awakening, the chance is right here, and greater than ever LOVE is the way in which into the brand new paradigm.

Love is the important thing to driving this gamma photon wave of sunshine into new heights… Into true freedom, love, and peace. Because the power continues to raise, hold your coronary heart open, your toes grounded to the earth and your spirit elevating in gentle, rising into it’s highest vibrational kind.

This can be a thrilling time of each celebration, lifting in gentle and consciously selecting to dwell in love and pleasure. It is usually a time of letting go of all that doesn’t serve you…

Let go, launch, and step by way of the doorways of infinite chance opening earlier than you.

The angels encourage you to ask your self… Ask your coronary heart, and your inside being:

What do you need to expertise within the new paradigm?

What would you like this gentle wave of power to imply for you?

Something is feasible… Now greater than ever. Clear your thoughts, open your coronary heart and get clear about what you actually want… Not simply materials wishes, and bodily issues… Go deeper than that.

Now’s the time of aligning with the infinite, good, limitless chance that’s your highest religious gentle and genuine fact.

Don’t attempt to restrict the limitless.

You too can assist your self throughout the shifting power by sustaining a excessive vibration, staying optimistic, maintaining a healthy diet, and making aware selections to be impeccable in all areas of your life. This alternative will give you a strong basis of affection which you can lean on as the sunshine will increase, builds, and attracts to the floor all decrease vibrations to be launched.

Decrease vibrations, patterns, thought varieties, and conditions will come up in your expertise to allow them to be launched, to make means for elevated gentle to floor, and enter in.

Be prepared to allow them to go.

You possibly can’t take outdated power, grudges, limiting ideas, limiting beliefs or trauma into the upper realms… Let these vibrational patterns go as they seem, so you may journey the sunshine wave into new chance.

Take excellent care of your self throughout these occasions of accelerated ascension and elevated change. Be prepared to vary, be adaptable, and float.

Treating your self with immense self love and care will assist you on this transition. And naturally hold calling in your groups of spirit guides, angels and ascended masters who’re very actual, current, in a position and prepared that will help you .

Should you’re undecided what to do, or how you can reply… Let love be your information…

Maintain shifting again into love. Into gratitude, forgiveness, and right into a willingness to let Divine presence information you into the infinite gentle and love that awaits.

This shift is going on for everybody in a method or one other. The ascension power is affecting the planet, humanity, and all species. While you search for it you will notice manifestations of ascension taking place in some ways, shapes, colours, sizes and varieties.

That is the brand new earth rising from throughout the outdated… Search for it.

See the miracles, the magic and the great thing about humanity collectively returning to like. Discover the rallies for peace, the lies uncovered, and the tyrannical manipulations uncovered.

Discover the brand new rising from the ashes of the outdated.

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Search for new options, new prospects, and new potential as humanity works collectively to heal itself, heal the Earth, co-create with each other and positively influence All.

Extra shall be awakening now, shedding off the grogginess of a protracted deep slumber, and people who have woke up will attain a brand new peak.

Take heed to your physique, as it can let you know what it wants throughout this shift too. Relaxation when that you must, change your weight loss program as you’re impressed, let go of ingesting toxins… Take care.

Movement with the ascension adjustments of sunshine already streaming onto your planet, and shortly rising to proceed to speed up this Divinely impressed, guided, and fulfilled shift. Act upon your inside instinct, return to like, open your coronary heart to your self and to others and benefit from the shift you’re dwelling by way of now.

You’re shifting on each degree. Psychological, bodily, emotional, religious…. Don’t resist the adjustments… Embrace the sunshine of the Divine that’s accessible inside you. It will assist you thru your transition. Enter inside. Open your coronary heart. Let your gentle shine.

It’s no mistake you’re right here.

That is the chance we now have been ready for.

The time is now.

Melanie Beckler
with steering from Archangel Metatron



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