Spiritual Ascension Stages – 7 Levels of the Ascension Path Revealed!


7 Ascension Phases Revealed

The ascension process is what you undergo as you transition from being solely centered on the bodily as a 3D restricted bodily being into full consciousness of your religious nature, energy and lightweight.

As you progress via the degrees of ascension, you reconnect together with your open coronary heart, achieve a better sense of goal and awakening, and merge together with your greater selves. This stepping again into full oneness and reference to divine supply gentle is actually stunning.

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Spiritual Ascension Stages

The primary ascension stage is self-examination. That is the place you start to query the exterior world round you. You ask questions like “Who am I actually? Is there extra occurring right here than meets the attention? Is there extra to bodily actuality than society, the media, and possibly even my household are telling me? Why am I actually right here? There have to be one thing extra.”

Non secular Examine

After reflection comes research. You start to ask questions and seek for the solutions which carries you into stage two, which is religious research. Diving into religious books, analysis on the web, enrolling in programs, or going via guided meditations, channelings, or packages. You utilize what you might be studying to reply the questions, “Who am I actually. Why am I actually right here? What is admittedly occurring?”

Stepping Into Being of Service In direction of Others

You’re starting to know extra of who you actually are and how one can give again to the world. You are starting to realize a mastery of some religious ideas and concepts. You are then sharing them with others. That is the place the cycle of studying and educating unfolds.

As you step into service in your path, you are still studying, rising, meditating, wanting inward, and doing what you’ll be able to to reconnect together with your gentle. You understand that serving others is a really massive a part of why you might be actually right here.

This service comes from the guts. It is not an try and get something from others. It’s merely since you’re waking up, you’re on fireplace, and your coronary heart is opening. You need to serve, help, and information others as you proceed to progress in your path

Coronary heart Illumination

By your service to others and your continued clearing away of limiting beliefs, feelings, and previous unfavourable patterns, your coronary heart truly opens. It turns into illuminated and stuffed with divine gentle. You actually turn out to be woke up via your coronary heart heart.

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When your coronary heart is open, that gentle is ready to rise upward, opening your throat in addition to your capability to hearken to divine steerage and listen to within the realms of spirit. It continues to rise into your third eye, opening your psychic sight or instinct. It continues as much as your crown so as to expertise your direct reference to supply and start residing life with the heart-based intention to proceed to be of service, shine your full gentle, absolutely awaken, and embody all that you’re.

You at the moment are residing life in a state of affection. You’re flowing forth forgiveness, tuning into gratitude and selecting love in each second. This implies turning away from concern, from the decrease vibrational feelings and experiences, and embodying love. By this, you embody the complete gentle that you’re.

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Changing into a Method-Bathe

Becoming An Ascension Wayshower

By your religious and psychic items, your instinct and a deep realizing of who you actually comes into focus. Your service is empowered. Not solely can you serve in a manner that’s extra joyful, abundantly rewarding, and fulfilling for you, however you are in a position to extra successfully serve, love, and assist others.

That is whenever you step into the subsequent stage which is actually being a way-shower. You reside life with an open coronary heart, and thru your service you step ahead to be a consultant of the message you might be educating.

Not solely are you studying and educating, you at the moment are embodying, shining forth, and sharing out of your open coronary heart.

Embodiment of Your Crystalline Divine Blueprint

That is the Christed state. You embody the Christ template, which is your woke up self.

On this stage, you might be unifying all layers, dimensions, and features of your self. You deliver Christ consciousness into your life and dwell this. That is how you’re the way-shower.

On this state, you’re flowing with bliss and ease, you’re naturally serving others, and also you proceed to develop and ascend.

Reuniting with Supply

It is a full multidimensional manifestation. That is thus far past bodily. It’s extremely huge and expanded. I have no idea of anybody alive presently on this full embodiment of supply consciousness and presence, however that is the place the ascension path is headed. That is the place embodying the divine in bodily type is obtainable and the place we’re as ascending initiates. We’re all returning to this pure full supply gentle connection. After this, the subsequent stage is exterior of a bodily expression. It’s about leaving the bodily physique and returning absolutely to supply.

Possibly at that time, you need to turn out to be a star or enter into one other galaxy or some other variety of issues. You’re absolutely returning and reuniting with supply and getting into a brand new journey; a brand new existence.

The Christ Consciousness Template

Christ consciousness is a template that we’re all in a position to ascend into. Simply as Jesus Christ absolutely embodied this Christ template, so are you able to and I – on this lifetime. We are able to absolutely embody our crystalline self.

I am not saying you are changing into Jesus right here. I’m saying you are changing into the absolutely woke up model of you.

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Embodiment of the Christ consciousness template is sort of a stunning snowflake. There is not any two manifestations of Christ consciousness which are the identical, simply as no two snowflakes are the identical. How I embody my absolutely woke up crystalline self is totally different from Jesus, is totally different from you and that’s what makes this ascension course of so stunning and thrilling.

Every of us awakening to our full crystalline gentle seems to be completely totally different. Your abilities and items are totally different than mine. There’s room for us all on the high.

Collectively, we’re creating the brand new paradigm of earth the place all of us are Christed, woke up beings residing in concord, elevating the vibration of this planet and really loving life. We’re experiencing a brand new paradigm that has by no means been seen earlier than. It is a golden age that’s vibrant, woke up, crystalline, and fully new. These are the steps on the trail as people. And after we all take them collectively, magic is what unfolds.

With love and blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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