The Solar strikes into the tip of Most cancers on August 14th and the 27-30 diploma space of Most cancers is taken into account a weak level referred to as the Gandata or karmic know.  The deepest level of the know is August 16-Seventeenth positioned between 29.20-0.40.  In election astrology, it suggested to not begin vital issues when the Solar is altering indicators when it’s thought of weak.  The Most cancers gandanta (Most cancers 29.20-29.59)  within the constellation of Hyrda (Ashlesha, Most cancers 16.40-29.59) is a spot the place the toxins of the previous are accumulating in an enormous knot that’s troublesome to untie.  Deep unconscious patterns and troublesome issues appear to come up that appear daunting and full of regrets.  Bear in mind you have got the facility of free will within the current second to maneuver via into new mild and don’t have to stay within the shadows and errors of the previous. Allow them to go.  They appear tangled and troublesome to take care of however you’re robust sufficient to get via them.

The Leo gandanta ( Leo 0.00-0.40)  (August Seventeenth) within the constellation of Regulus (Magha, Leo 0.00-13.20) is extra materials and the soul is troubled in its choice to maneuver ahead now right into a extra profitable materials life and start a fabric journey via the extra tamasic constellations that dominate into Dec. fifteenth that are extra interested by cash and safety.  The Solar going into Leo this afternoon might be exalted within the navamsha and really feel new energy and confidence in management to maneuver ahead now however generally is a bit egocentric.

The Solar is the center of the Kala Purusha and everybody derives energy and vitality and well being from his benevolent rays. He represents; braveness, valor, royalty, fatherhood, victory, and success. He’s at dwelling and powerful in his personal signal of Leo.

Leo is the signal of Individualization, an indication of majestic mild and energy, and is the pure fifth signal of the zodiac which represents the artistic urge of the Cosmic man to return to his Supply. It represents the Divine Youngster holding the hand of his Father within the Sky however impetuously leaping into the world of matter, Leo is a fabric signal however they at all times have a watch towards the heavens. The problem of Leo — and one thing we’re seeing in our Leo President– is that their egotism is so entrenched that they aren’t ready to surrender their materials attainments or their place and go for one thing greater for the planet.

The Solar entered Leo on August Seventeenth on the Leo gandanta (Leo 0.00-0.40) within the constellation of Regulus (Magha, Leo 0.00-13.20) the place there may be extra materials emphasis on life and the soul is troubled in its choice to maneuver ahead now into extra profitable materials life and start a fabric journey via the extra tamasic constellations of Magha-Jyestha that dominate into early winter.  The Solar shouldn’t be bothered in transit besides by a 90 diploma sq. from Mars in Taurus which is precise August twenty seventh and has a 3 diploma orb between August 24-Thirtieth.   This facet will be very energetic for a lot of –significantly Leo rising and might result in nice accomplishment however you might bowl somebody over together with your energy and trigger disputes in case your ego stays too wrapped up in getting its manner.  It might trigger anger and irritability.  Typically you will need to combat and arise in your beliefs and what’s vital however use your judgment whether or not it’s definitely worth the expense.

For those who have been born with Solar in Leo you have got robust management skills, ambition, are likely to suppose huge, are unbiased, liberal, and have nice stamina. This transit is generally unafflicted so the Solar returns to energy after the summer season eclipses.

This can be a nice time to work in your Divinity. The important thing might be to assist others and never want reward or consideration. You’re nice, and you must acknowledge your self after which others will accomplish that. Just like the Leo Lion, look to the mirror and see the good Royal soul that you’re. In Christian mythology, the Lion is the consultant of the Divine king. Stand up out of the shadows of previous expertise and transfer towards deeper spirituality by letting go of the previous. You’re nice in your personal Divinity. Don’t get misplaced in small ego. Jai Guru Dev. Victory to the Large Thoughts after which let go of the little ego that wishes to maintain us chained to the fabric world.

Leo is dwelling for the Solar however on this signal he’s cussed, unbiased whereas very organized in doing humanitarian work.

Leos do greatest with this transit coming dwelling and restoring management and confidence and vitality.  Solar does one of the best with 3, 6, tenth, and eleventh home transits from the Moon or Rising signal so in case your moon or rising signal is Gemini, Pisces, Scorpio, or Libra, this transit will profit you essentially the most.  Aries and Scorpio and Sagittarius do significantly nicely with this transit as a result of pure friendships between Solar/Mars and Jupiter.

Particular due to Komilla Sutton and Prash Trivedi for his or her fantastic insights on the nakshatras and the gandanta.

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