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June 2022 is a “make it occur” (Taurus) “quick” (Gemini) month.

If on the finish of final month Mars and Jupiter have “lit a fireplace” inside us, in June we’re requested to do one thing about it. 

Let’s check out an important transits of the month: 

June third, 2022 – Mercury Goes Direct

On June third, 2022, Mercury goes direct at 26° Taurus. YES!

Mercury direct will convey again our focus, psychological readability, and sense of path. Up to now 3 weeks, Mercury retrograde gave us the chance to deal with these areas of our life that had been up for assessment.

Now that we’ve finished the work, we’re prepared to maneuver on with a brand new sense of goal. Full steam forward! 

June fifth, 2022 – Saturn Goes Retrograde

On June fifth, 2022 Saturn goes retrograde, drawing our consideration to themes of accountability, responsibility and consequence. Saturn begins its yearly 4 and a half months retrograde journey at 25° Aquarius, and can flip direct on October twenty third, 2022 at 18° Aquarius.

In September and October, Saturn will get inside 1° of orb from a sq. to Uranus – final 12 months’s Saturn-Uranus sq. themes will re-emerge. When you’ve got planets between 18°-25° levels in mounted indicators (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) Saturn will present the place in your life you’re at cross functions. 

Retrogrades are instances of revision, of attempting completely different approaches. When you really feel caught, that’s often as a result of there’s multiple space of your life that wants analyzing.

When you’re sick, it might be your  well being, but additionally your shut relationships that want your consideration. When you’re unhappy in your profession, altering jobs is simply part of the puzzle: you may additionally want to vary areas.

Saturn retrograde (and its sq. to Uranus) asks for a systemic change. Saturn gives you the grit to maintain going, and Uranus will present you some completely different views. By the tip of the retrograde, you’ll provide you with new options to outdated issues. 

June Eleventh-Sixteenth, 2022 – Venus Conjunct Uranus And North Node

On June Eleventh, 2022 Venus is conjunct Uranus at 16° Taurus. A number of days later, Venus additionally connects with the North Node.

Venus is the planet of affection and private values. Uranus is the planet of fact, freedom and liberation. The North Node is our compass, our life’s goal.

We might imagine we’re true to ourselves, that we all know what we would like… however generally it takes a Venus-Uranus transit to shake us and present us what we actually need. Once we do discover out what it’s that we would like, the entire universe conspires to make it occur. 

June 14th, 2022 – Full Moon In Sagittarius

On June 14th, 2022 we now have a Full Moon at 23° Sagittarius. The Full Moon is sq. Neptune in Pisces. The ruler of the Full Moon, Jupiter is unaspected in Aries.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is a fruits of the present lunar cycle that began on Might thirtieth, after we had a New Moon in Gemini. The New Moon ruler, Mercury was retrograde so the entire lunar cycle carries this introspective high quality.

On the Full Moon, we might initially really feel that we’ve misplaced our compass (Jupiter unaspected). However that’s as a result of our outdated beliefs not serve us… a minimum of not on this present context.

The Full Moon sq. Neptune will present us that there’s a manner – a special manner – to attain our objectives. On the Full Moon, enable the inquisitive spirit of Sagittarius to information you to find completely different solutions in uncommon locations.      

June fifteenth, 2022 – Mars Conjunct Chiron

On June fifteenth, 2022 Mars is conjunct Chiron at 15° Aries. 

Mars is how we assert ourselves, Chiron is the wounded healer, and Aries is our identification. Some previous hurts across the subject of “I’m” might resurface throughout this transit.

Emotions of doubt, disgrace and inadequacy are often triggered when we now have a Mars-Chiron transit. Questions like “What’s unsuitable with me?”, “Am I right here accidentally?”, “Why can’t I discover my life’s goal?” might come to your consciousness.

As a substitute of numbing them down, have a look at these uncomfortable emotions as a chance to grasp your self at a deeper degree.

There’s nothing unsuitable with you – nor along with your needs, wants and wishes. You could have them for a cause – and that cause is immediately related along with your goal on this lifetime. 

June twenty first, 2022 – Solar Enters Most cancers

On June twenty first, the Solar enters Most cancers and we now have the Summer time Solstice within the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice within the Southern Hemisphere.

Regardless of the place you reside, twenty first of June is without doubt one of the most vital days of the 12 months. The Solar is both on the highest level within the sky, or on the lowest. This marks a fruits – a degree of “no return”. We both have the longest day, or the longest evening of the 12 months.

Issues are about to shift. Our priorities might change. On this magical day, tune in and mirror on the place you’re at a crossroad in your life. The universe will information you on the subsequent plan of action.  

June twenty third, 2022 – Venus Enters Gemini

On June twenty third, 2022 Venus enters Gemini. Venus exhibits us what we worth. If in Taurus, Venus valued stability and luxury, in Gemini, Venus values curiosity and mental pursuits.

Studying a brand new ability, touring, assembly new folks, singing, dancing, writing or working along with your fingers are a few of Venus in Gemini’s favourite actions. 

Gemini is a Mercury signal, so in fact, communication (Mercury) in relationships (Venus) is a central theme of this transit. When Venus is in Gemini, we discover it simpler to articulate our emotions.

In fact, emotions are there to be felt, however realizing find out how to label and put them into phrases might help us perceive ourselves and others from a extra goal lens. On this manner, we are able to rewire outdated relating patterns, diffuse resentment, and discover a new sense of intimacy.    

June twenty eighth, 2022 – Neptune Goes Retrograde

On June twenty eighth, 2022, Neptune goes retrograde at 25° Pisces. 

When a planet adjustments path, there’s an intensification of its themes. When Neptune goes retrograde, outdated goals, wishes, fantasies, longings, emotions we haven’t totally processed resurface, demanding our consideration. 

What makes Neptune completely different from different planets is its subtlety. Neptune will not be the Uranian lightbulb second, nor the Plutonian slap within the face.

Neptune is much less apparent. Take note of indicators, serendipities, goals, uncommon communication or messages. If one thing feels related and vital – even should you can’t put your finger on it –  likelihood is, it IS vital and Neptune is whispering into your ear.

In fact, if in case you have planets or angles round 25° Pisces you’ll really feel Neptune’s change in path extra intensely. 

June twenty ninth, 2022 – New Moon In Most cancers

On June twenty ninth, 2022 we now have a New Moon at 7° Most cancers. The New Moon is conjunct the Black Moon Lilith (BML) and it’s precisely sq. Juptiter, now at 7° Aries.

This can be a daring, action-oriented New Moon. Most cancers is our internal mama bear; it’s what we maintain expensive to our coronary heart. Jupiter in Aries offers us the impulse to behave upon what it’s that we maintain most expensive.

Our feelings (Most cancers) gasoline our actions (Aries) and the opposite manner round. The impulse to take motion may be very robust, virtually Pavlovian. It could be uncooked and taboo (Black Moon Lilith). However it should finally set us on a brand new trajectory, a trajectory that’s extra aligned with who we actually are.

If June guarantees to be eventful, await July. In July 2022 we now have probably the most anticipated transits of the 12 months and maybe of the last decade: North Node conjunct Uranus in Taurus. I’ll write a separate report about this monumental transit – keep tuned!

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