The Discipline and Dynamics of the 6th House: Rising Above the Challenges of Health and Co-Worker


The sixth home is a home of enemies, illness, litigation, digestive energy, and on a regular basis work. From the fifth home, we discovered about expressing our emotions and ideas to others. Within the sixth home, we now have to discover ways to work with our enemies and even defeat others and their responses to us.


The sixth home is a home of karmic difficulties that specific themselves by enemies, money owed, struggles, and challenges towards serving others in life. It represents the drudgery of going to work day by day and having the self-discipline to do it. The important thing to the sixth home is the power to beat our obstacles and have the braveness to struggle. Of the three most difficult homes of the sixth, eighth, and twelfth, the sixth home is the least problematic to take care of if we’re disciplined and can follow overcoming dangerous habits and vices.


Psychologically and emotionally, the challenges of the sixth home educate us to:

  • Settle for with regular endurance and endurance whereas sustaining a stoic perspective.
  • Honoring the self-discipline and dignity of day by day work.
  • Disciplining ourselves to do common train and eat nutritious meals moderately with weight-reduction plan.
  • Therapeutic crises might be subdued by common nourishment and enough train whereas studying to regulate cravings.

Most astrologers speak concerning the sixth home when it comes to well being. In case your rising signal and its proprietor are stronger than the sixth home, and your Solar and Mars are properly positioned, you’ll have extra capability to take care of the challenges of this home. The ruler of the sixth home would be the service of illness in your physique. So, if the sixth home is Aries and owned by Mars then chances are you’ll be topic to extra Martian well being issues that are fireplace oriented creating issues with blood and adrenals and so forth. If a robust, unafflicted, benefic planet like Jupiter or Venus tenants the sixth home, it’ll help our well being but when troubled, it could create well being points associated to that planet. Therefore, if a weak Jupiter is related to the sixth home, it could trigger allergic reactions and liver illnesses. If a weak Venus is there, it could create reproductive issues or issues with STDs.


Troubled planets or weak planets conjunct the sixth home ruler or within the sixth home could create well being challenges as follows:


  • Solar: Warmth allergic reactions, blood strain, coronary heart issues.
  • Moon: Diabetes, emotional and psychological issues, abdomen problems.
  • Mars: Fevers, muscular issues, pores and skin breakouts, hernia, piles.
  • Mercury: Nervous issues, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, pains in arms.
  • Venus: Blood sugars, diabetes, weak kidneys, sexual ailments, eye problems.
  • Jupiter: Liver, ft, lymphatic, diabetes.
  • Saturn: Anxiousness, strokes, long-term issues.
  • Rahu: Worry, poisoning, phobias.
  • Ketu: Itching issues; psychological sickness; troublesome to diagnose well being issues.


In the long run, the key of the sixth home is self-discipline. Mars, the karaka or signifier of this home, requires disciple, and Saturn, the secondary ruler, additionally likes common routine. Are the planets robust sufficient of their connection to the sixth home to permit us to do our train usually, eat correctly, do our yoga usually, and never eat that additional piece of cheesecake? If we are able to discover the braveness to be disciplined then the challenges of the sixth home might be overcome.


If we get identified with well being points related to the sixth home, we are able to get by them if we do what our well being practitioner suggests reminiscent of get contemporary air and common train whereas being disciplined about weight-reduction plan. If we now have weak planets afflicting the sixth home, then we could also be lazy and self-indulgent so the issues will proceed.


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