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Editor’s notice: This text is a component 11 of a collection, “The Kingdom of Grace.”  Half 10 could be discovered here. 

The grace of God at work in our lives is richly ample, and nobody can inform of all its wonders. By pouring into our hearts the grace of the Holy Spirit, God lifts us as much as reside on his degree, floods us with the sunshine of religion, and everlasting Life begins in us. By his grace God establishes us as his pals, he causes his personal Title to dwell in our hearts, and our hearts share within the one prayer of Jesus Christ to the Father within the Spirit. By way of all of it, the Holy Spirit residing and dwelling in our hearts is busy about reworking you and me into Jesus Christ himself. The method has begun in our baptism. By the present of God’s grace, you might be Jesus. 

Such a press release sounds astonishing to most individuals after they first hear it. Virtually everybody needs to make {qualifications} and draw distinctions. Some individuals make ethical objections: “however I’m such a sinner.” Different individuals make metaphysical objections: “however I’m not equal to God.” Certainly there are {qualifications} and distinctions to be made, however few are those that need to make them merely for the sake of a extra good understanding of the reality. Most of the time, individuals need to quibble with the declare that you might be Jesus with a view to escape the extraordinarily radical claims it makes on us. The assertion is basically an announcement of who you might be within the depths of your soul by the grace of baptism. 

It will be important for us to pause with the reality you might be Jesus in all of its simplicity and fact. To pause with it’s to be like good soil for seeds of the Phrase, and to carry it in prayer and ponder it for a very long time is to be like our Woman pondering the Life rising inside her womb. Day by day of our lives a thousand reverse messages about our id are directed in opposition to us. Catholic Christians, it’s mentioned, are patriarchal, bigoted, misogynistic, homophobic, fundamentalist, totalitarian, hateful, spiteful, judgmental, irrational, deluded, and so on.. What’s the newest label on the record? Does the record ever finish? The reality is, somewhat, you might be Jesus.

Jesus Christ himself says so. “I’m the vine, you’re the branches” (Jn. 15:5). After we ponder bizarre vines and branches, we see {that a} vine and its branches are one organism and one life. In actual fact, a vine and its branches are sometimes so bundled, so entangled, and so steady that it’s virtually not possible to find out anybody place the place the vine ends and the branches start. The vine and branches are blended in a single life type. So it’s with Jesus Christ and us, due to the present of grace.

He and we’re blended in a single type of Life that’s correct and unique to Jesus Christ himself – a type of Life shared with us in baptism, the sacraments, and the entire lifetime of the Church. Simply as all of the sap, vitamins, and vitality move from a vine into its branches, so the divine life, vitality, and prayer of Jesus Christ move into us. 

In his encyclical letter Mystici Corporis, Pope Pius XII compares our union with the Lord Jesus to 2 other forms of unions. On the one hand, he compares our union with the Lord to a “ethical physique” like a sports activities workforce or company. In an ethical physique, completely different individuals are joined collectively just by a standard finish or function and so they work collectively for it. In an ethical physique, nothing unites the members besides their frequent function and joint motion. Now, in our union with the Lord Jesus, we do share a standard finish. In our union with him, all reside and act collectively for God, for salvation, and for the lifetime of the world. Nevertheless, there may be extra to our union with the Lord Jesus than merely a standard function and joint motion. There’s a mysterious, inside, actuality frequent to every of us – one and the identical divine Life flowing in Jesus Christ and in us by grace. 

So, alternatively, Pius XII compares our union with the Lord Jesus to a “pure or bodily physique” like a cat, canine, or our personal our bodies. In a pure physique, the elements are united by a standard nature and belong to at least one and the identical residing physique. The eyes of a human, fingers of a human, and organs of a human are all human. In actual fact, they’re all Joe or all Jane. The elements don’t exist in their very own proper as particular person cats, canine, or bushes do. The elements of a physique would not have their very own particular person existence or id. Now, in our union with the Lord Jesus, we share with him a standard type of life, particularly, the divine Lifetime of Jesus. Scripture even says we’re his members or physique elements (e.g. Eph. 5:3). As baptized human beings, we’re elements of the magical physique of Christ.

However, in contrast to the elements of pure our bodies, in our participation or membership within the mystical physique of Christ every of us exists as an entire and retains his or her personal distinct persona. You and I are elements of Jesus Christ, however not simply elements. You’re additionally your personal individual. The entire of you is part of him and permeated by him. In that sense, you might be Jesus. However you might be Jesus with out ceasing to be a definite individual – you. 

Our union with the Lord Jesus by grace will not be merely an ethical union and never merely a body-part union. Denying that it’s of both of these two varieties, it might sound at first like our union with the Lord Jesus is one thing lower than both of them. However quite the opposite, it’s really one thing extra – way more. Our union with the Lord Jesus is a particular type of union. It’s increased and higher than any type of pure union to be present in the entire world. It’s strictly supernatural, and a sheer present of grace.

Our union with the Lord Jesus is a particular type of union. It’s increased and higher than any type of pure union to be present in the entire world. It’s strictly supernatural, and a sheer present of grace.

Saint Paul realized all of this the onerous means. Earlier than his conversion, he devoted himself to respiratory threats in opposition to Christians, and looking them down. Day by day he was seeing to their arrest, imprisonment, and execution, however on the street to Damascus, he heard the phrases that modified him ceaselessly. “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?” (Acts 9:4). The phrases are price pondering. Saul by no means knew Jesus when Jesus walked the earth. Saul by no means laid fingers on him. Saul had solely persecuted his followers – the Christians. So far as the risen Lord Jesus was involved, nonetheless, Saul’s assault was on him – on Jesus. For there isn’t a union higher or extra radical than the oneness between Jesus Christ and his followers who reside by grace. 

There isn’t any union higher or extra radical than the oneness between Jesus Christ and his followers who reside by grace.

In time, after his personal christening, Saint Paul got here to marvel on the oneness cast by grace between Jesus Christ and us. On the top of his marveling, Saint Paul would exclaim: “it’s now not I who reside, however Jesus Christ who lives in me” (Gal. 2:20). In that second, when he so rejoiced within the fact of our union with Jesus, Saint Paul additionally revealed the key to residing within the union. “For the life I reside now, I reside by religion within the Son of God who beloved me and gave himself up for me.” Religion within the love of Jesus Christ is the key to rising in our union with him, and the means to more and more higher private identification with him. Solely a easy and childlike religion within the Lord Jesus can actually obtain the reality of 1’s identification with him. Solely a easy and childlike religion can actually settle for the saving fact of “Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Col. 1:27). 

Within the Carmelite monastery of Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity, it was customary for the Sisters to have a occupation crucifix with an engraving on the again. On the again of Saint Elizabeth’s, on the upright beam, had been engraved the phrases of Saint Paul in Latin: Vivo enim jam non ego, vivit vero in me Christus – It’s now not I who reside, however Christ lives in me. On the crossbeam had been engraved the straightforward phrases amo Christus – I like Christ. The 2 statements inform the important fact of who you are actually due to your baptism, and what your deepest calling is. 

Baptized into Jesus, you might be Jesus. It’s who you might be. To like Christ is your deepest calling. Our calling now’s to develop day-after-day, by ever new graces, to “the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ” (Eph. 3:13). The one option to develop into him is love, that’s, by clinging to him with a view to turn into one spirit with him. Sure, it’s doable to throw away the present of grace. Sure, it’s doable to kill the lifetime of Christ in us via mortal sin. Sure, it’s even doable for one to stroll away and by no means repent. However “all who cling to the Lord turn into one spirit with him” (1 Cor. 6:17). 

Father James Dominic Brent, O.P. is a Dominican Friar who lives and teaches on the Dominican Home of Research in Washington, DC. A number of of his homilies, non secular conferences, interviews, and radio spots could be discovered on his personal Soundcloud site. He steadily lectures for the Thomistic Institute and seems on Aquinas 101.

Statue of St. Paul at Evening; Deposit Images.

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