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Angel Tarot Playing cards are basically simply Tarot Playing cards, with art work that options angels, or has an angelic theme.

An Angel Tarot deck differs from Angel Oracle Cards, in that they observe the normal 78 card Tarot construction and system (some extra immediately than others), and are divided into 22 Main Arcana Playing cards, 40 Minor Arcana and 16 Court docket Playing cards.

(The identical fundamental construction as the most well-liked Rider Waite Tarot).

Which Angel Tarot Deck is best for you?

Listed below are your choices:

The Rider Tarot The Rider- Waite Tarot

First off, I can not share any information to Tarot Playing cards with out together with the Rider-Waite Tarot.

The Rider Tarot will not be particularly an Angel Tarot Deck, nevertheless is essentially the most generally used Tarot Deck at present, so whether or not you are a brand new or seasoned Tarot Reader, its a great one to contemplate. This actually is the usual deck utilized in books and even web sites that train Tarot.

When you’re new to studying Tarot, it is a nice deck to begin with as a result of you possibly can study the system and symbolism in addition to the fundamental that means of the playing cards. As soon as you understand the Tarot system its simpler to then department out into the numerous themed Tarot Decks there are to select from at present.

That is additionally thought-about to be the primary trendy Tarot Deck, commissioned by Waite and illustrated by Pamela Colman- Smith.

Whereas this deck doesn’t characteristic an angel theme, you possibly can after all name angels into your Tarot readings and use the Tarot to spice up and heighten your Angel Instinct.

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Now… Onto the 5 Angel Particular Tarot Decks.

Influence of the Angels Tarot

Influence of the Angels Tarot The Affect of the Angels Tarot by Jody Boginski is a nicely thought out and executed 78-card Tarot deck with angelic art work.

It follows the Rider-Waite Tarot construction with nothing “watered down” or modified as is frequent in different Angel Tarot programs.

The angelic art work on the playing cards is a traditional impressed effective artwork fashion collage which largely follows the symbolic picture construction of the Rider Waite system.

The Main Arcana has completely different named angels depicted (and defined within the guidebook) that correspond with every card. ie The Moon Card options Archangel Raphael.

The Minor Arcana imagery depicts scenes intently mirroring the Rider-Waite playing cards, however with the identical classical artwork fashion, and depicting an angel someplace within the scene.

The court docket playing cards photographs are of actual historic figures which correspond to the playing cards that means which is an attention-grabbing extra layer.

All in all that is an Angel Tarot Deck that works for freshmen and but you could possibly actually go deep with it.

It additionally features a 184-page illustrated guidebook with detailed card meanings, angel correspondents and perception into the playing cards imagery and symbolism so you possibly can actually join with and study this deck to learn it intuitively.

Angel Tarot Cards

Angel Tarot Cards The Angel Tarot Playing cards had been initially printed by Doreen Advantage and Radleigh Valentine. It is since, been republished with Radleigh Valentine as the only creator.

This can be a full 78 card tarot deck, with stunning art work that includes angels, mermaids, unicorns, and fairies by the gifted artist Steve A. Roberts.

One of many authors promoting factors for this deck is that you should use the Angel Tarot with out all the negativity and ego based mostly properties that some are inclined to affiliate with extra conventional tarot card decks. It’s mentioned to have been designed to be “100% mild, protected, and reliable”. For instance, “the Idiot card” within the Rider tarot is modified to “The Dreamer” on this deck.The surprising “Tower” tarot card has been modified to “Life Expertise” and the “Satan” card is modified to “Ego”.

Lovely and magical imagery can also be used all through the deck in order that (nearly) each card lifts and conjures up by stunning visible imagery together with offering perception. I say nearly as a result of there are just a few playing cards I actually do not like…

Within the Angel Tarot deck, every of the Main Arcana playing cards correlates with an Archangel, and their particular space of experience, which may be extremely useful to know.

Different modifications when in comparison with conventional tarot decks embrace the Fits…Usually the Tarot is split into cups, wands, swords, and pentacles.

The fits within the Angel Tarot have been modified to fireplace, water, air, and earth. These are the weather related to every swimsuit in the usual Tarot, so its not an enormous change… The art work and symbols each honor and stray from the usual Rider-Waite Tarot Cards.

Angel Tarot by Travis McHenry

Angel Tarot

I actually needed to love this Angel Tarot deck by Travis McHenry, however I used to be upset.

Straying a bit from the normal Rider-Waite construction, this deck has 72 playing cards every corresponding with the 72 angels of the Kabbalah. On every of the 72 playing cards, the normal sigil (assume magical calling card for that angel) is featured. I really like this half!

In a approach this deck is a good introduction to the 72 angels of the Kabbalah, as they’re all proper there, sigils included in a single place. However aside from that I discovered the deck missing.

Neither the playing cards, nor the guidebook give any actual info on the 72 angels aside from their title and sigil.

The art work can also be very minimal, and for my part deceptive (lots of the playing cards have a darkish taste/ really feel) when it comes to the energetic high quality and traits of the angels.

This can be a tarot deck, so the playing cards do have a listed correspondance with the normal tarot construction. ie. the Archangel Michael card is claimed to signify the Chariot … However the connections aren’t apparent, which makes the deck troublesome to make use of for readings.

The Angel Tarot by Jayne Wallace

The Angel Tarot by Jayne Wallace

The Angel Tarot by Jayne Wallace is a full 78-card Tarot Deck illustrated with stunning angelic imagery. It additionally incorporates a full coloration guidebook providing descriptions of the playing cards.

The angel illustrations on this deck have a good looking and vibrant watercolor really feel, particularly the Main Arcana playing cards and Court docket Playing cards (Kings, Queens, Pages) .

The remainder of the Minor Arcana playing cards sadly (Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands) shouldn’t have the identical high quality art work and have a repetitive really feel. The whole Cups swimsuit for instance (10 playing cards) have the identical design… Easy blue wings within the background with 1 to 10 cups within the foreground on the cardboard. When in comparison with the richness of symbolism within the Rider-Waite Tarot for instance, that is actually missing and makes intuitively studying the playing cards fairly difficult since you’re lacking key visible cues.

That being mentioned, when you’re in search of a deck to do mild Tarot readings based mostly on the descriptions within the guidebook, this may very well be a great choice for you. The guidebook descriptions are mild, mild and angelic not “harsh” in any approach as different tarot decks may be perceived to be.

The Angel Wisdom Tarot

Angel Wisdom Tarot The Angel Knowledge Tarot is the most recent (and utterly solo created) deck from Radleigh Valentine, illustrated by Daniel Craig and printed by Hay Home.

It options angelic imagery with a number of intentionally included symbolism on every card to assist add depth and that means to your readings. I like that they included imagery that factors to the astrological correspondence, Archangels associations, and Main Arcana affiliation for every card.

The Angel Knowledge Tarot largely follows the Rider Waite system, nevertheless some playing cards are modified in an try to “soften” the that means. ie. the Idiot is modified to the Dreamer. The Temperance card is modified to steadiness, and so forth.

Every of the playing cards additionally incorporates a written description proper on the cardboard. I do not actually want this in my decks as a result of I wish to learn intuitively, however it has change into considerably of a regular with Hay Home decks, and it could actually make studying the playing cards extra newbie pleasant particularly when you’re first beginning out with the Tarot.

This deck does embrace a guidebook which intentionally gives constructive and uplifting meanings to information your readings.

Which of those do you want most! Remark and let me know, or if you understand of different Angel Tarot Playing cards you have loved be sure you share!

With love and lightweight,

Melanie Beckler



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