Purchasers typically ask me about my blended forecast this month. I made some extent of claiming how nice it could be with the exalted Venus or the improved Saturn however they don’t seem to be feeling it on Mondays or Tuesday or Wednesdays.  What provides?

In  day by day life, the Vedic custom has  regarded on the Moon’s course each month by the nakshatras (one nakshatra is roughly how a lot the Moon covers in a single day). They add this impact to the weekday. In India, in addition to in China, Tibet and Europe, the seven days of the week have corresponded since time immemorial to the seven seen planets in the identical approach. Thus, if have to propitiate Saturn, you’d higher do it in a Saturday. That is how they arrive at fortunate or unfortunate days for an individual and the areas of day by day forecasting.

The ruler of the day begins with dawn and never midnight and therefore within the winter whether it is Sunday morning and nonetheless darkish out and you utilize that point, you’re nonetheless on Saturday.

Whereas most individuals can keep in mind this sequence simply, if not, right here is a straightforward information. Most are apparent:

Sunday–Sunday– A Day to attach with the Divine, go to church or temple.

Monday–MOON DAY- A day to do cooking cleansing, nurturing actions.

Tuesday– Mars Day– A day to enter battle, battle your enemies, be concerned in aggressive sports activities.

Wednesday–Mercury’s Day– (Mercoledì in Italian) reminds us of the connection to Mercury.   A day for writing, advertising and marketing and enterprise actions.

Thursday–Jupiter’s Day- (Thorsday–Thor is the Scandanvian equal of Jupiter) : A day for instructing and dedicated to religious information and the Guru.

Friday–Venus’s Day (Freitag in Germany reminds us of the Scanadiavian equal–Frieda–goddess of peace.) A day for relationship, relationships, enjoyable, music dancing and entertaining. Good day for enterprise enlargement, advertising and marketing and enterprise relationships.

Saturday–Saturn’s Day –A day for doing family chores, catching up on work, cleansing.

The 7 days of the week get related to the rays of the Rainbow: Purple, Orange, Yellow, Inexperienced, Blue, Indigo and Violent and no marvel Sunday is related to Purple and Rubys and so sporting purple on a Sunday will assist that coloration.  Orange or cream are related to the moon so put on that coloration to assist the moon on a Monday.  Tuesday is related to yellow or purple and Mars.  Wednesdays to Inexperienced and Mercury and Thursday to Blue or (Yellow) and Friday to Indigo  the colour of the evening sky and Saturn to Violet or Blue/Black.  Carrying the colour of the day of the week can empower the planet notably whether it is weak in your natal chart or in transit if you wish to strengthen it.

Most of that is apparent  however there may be pure assist for doing these actions on sure days of the week as a result of their nature is tied to that day and we naturally do issues that day.  Friday evening is date and occasion time to honor Venus and we construct issues and assemble and tinker within the storage on Saturday. Once we do issues on their pure days of the week, we get extra assist from that planet.

Planets reveal their nature in transit primarily based on their power within the sky.  So Fridays and Thursday are notably expansive when Venus is in Libra, Taurus and Pisces and even Aquarius.  Wednesdays  will likely be greatest with Mercury is in Gemini and Virgo and Libra and Taurus and notably tough in Pisces.  Tuesdays dominated by Mars will likely be good when Mars is in Pisces, Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius and Capricorn and will likely be tough this summer time in July when Mars and Mercury are collectively in Most cancers.

Monday are at all times blended relying on what goes with the moon that week.  Sundays are robust with the Solar in Sagittarius this month however difficult Oct 16-Nov. 15 when Solar is in Libra, Pisces, Aries, Leo and Scorpio and related with Jupiter with Jupiter owned nakshatras like Purvabhadrapada and Punavasu (Gemini 20-Most cancers 3.20) and Vishakha (Libra 20-Scorpio 3.20).

What are your fortunate days of the week? 

The hidden secret is predicated on the planets in your natal chart, you’ll find that sure days of the week may have an innate good luck or tough high quality to them.  For instance I’ve Mars in Aries because the chart lord and Jupiter stationary and an exalted Saturn and my Solar in Pisces is my strongest planet.  Therefore Sundays are my greatest day of the week after which Thursday, Tuesday and Saturday in that order and that helps me plan and make appointments.   Venus is my weakest planet in my chart and owns my seventh and twelfth homes and Friday is my most difficult day after Monday, which is related to my debilitated moon in Scorpio.  Wednesdays are difficult and blended for me with Mercury within the 4th in Aquarius.

So if you end up planning appointments, think about your fortunate days of the week to your natal chart after which think about what’s going on in transit.





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