The New Yr in Vedic Astrology Begins April 01, 2022 and goes to March 21, 2023.

Whereas Western tradition delights in January New Yr predictions, the Vedic New Yr calendar is commonly run from the brand new Moon within the spring after the spring solstice for the capital metropolis of a rustic. As a result of the foundations for this chart and the New Moon taking place on a Thursday,  the ruler of the New Yr is assigned to be JUPITER  this yr for the US and to Venus for Europe and Asia.   The chart is solid by the capital metropolis of your nation for the brand new moon and predictions for the New Yr are made accordingly. So, the US new Moon is at 2:24 am EDT in Washington, DC.

The Yr of Shubakrita began on  Friday within the early hours within the US however on Saturday for a lot of European and Asian counties primarily based on the dawn and connection to the lunar day.     In Sanskrit Shubakritat” means lucky for the inhabitants of the Universe.   For folks born throughout this yr, the Vedic texts suggest that  which means of time period ‘Shubhakriti’ is an auspicious composition. These born this yr are mentioned to be  changing into realized, a king, a person of advantage and endowed with studying and training. With Jupiter going into Pisces we might instantly be extra optimistic in regards to the coming yr however we additionally know the way troubled our world is.

My colleague, Juliana Swanson of Astral Concord notes:

The brand new group of 5 years spans from 2022-2027. It’s thought-about more easy than the earlier interval as it’s dominated by the auspicious common gods generally known as the Vishvedevas (Vishwadevas), who’re the ten sons of Dharma and Vishva (Daksha’s daughter). Often called the “All Gods,” they’re extolled within the Rig Veda and symbolize useful archetypal rules like fact, abundance, pleasure, will-power, kindness, and forbearance.

On this new five-year interval, the primary yr known as Shubhakrita (2022-23); the second is Sobhakṛit (Shobakrit); the third is Krodhi; and the remaining two years are generally known as Visvavasu and Parabhava. In keeping with Sage Varahamahira in Brihat Samhita, in the course of the first two years, humankind might be blissful; in the course of the third they’ll really feel exceedingly depressing; and over the past two years they are going to be neither blissful nor depressing; however within the final yr there might be turmoil, violence/struggle, and illness.

On this chart Jupiter goes to the third home with Venus for Sagittarius rising for the US and Jupiter is robust in its personal constellation of Purvabhadrapada.     Jupiter is taken into account Marana Karkaka Sthana for the third home which it means it has low moral values and being within the constellation related to secret societies and the deep state, it seems extra enterprise as typical for the US.   The President, represented by the tenth home lord is debilitated in Pisces with the brand new moon being an ideal emblem of our confused President who’s being arrange for a fall  as Mercury is conjunct the eighth lord.  It seems that thee Hunter Biden laptop computer scandal that’s now mainsteam on CNN and the Washington Submit is an indication that the media a able to dump on Biden.   This will culminate this summer season in early August with Biden’s chart lord Mars conjunct Rahu and Uranus in Aries, the sixth home of enemies.  We had sensed that he wouldn’t make it via this yr and meaning Kamala Harris will develop into President.

Mars and Saturn are conjunct in Capricorn within the US 2nd home suggesting loads of stress across the US funds and that’s one thing simple to foretell with the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction persevering with to spur inflation and resulting in rate of interest hikes.   We see inflation peaking in April 2024 so we now have a protracted methods to go earlier than the bubble bursts.  We could have time later to put in writing a extra detailed evaluation of the New Yr chart. We’re having bother printing it to our weblog.


Within the Vedic calendar, there’s a deity or God that governs every year they usually rotate every year for 60 years that are related to the Jupiter and Saturn returns.  That implies that similar to final time when Jupiter was in Aquarius/Posces   and Saturn in Capricorn  in 1961-2 and 1901-2.  Nonetheless Jupiter didn’t go into Aquarius till Feb. 24, 1962 and never till Jan 19, 1903.  In 1902, Jupiter was solidly in Capricorn.  It could be that 1903 is a comparable yr.  In shortly taking a look at 1962, the month of June was mess with three main airline crashes in 1 month.

In keeping with Neelam of Astrobytes:

“Samvatsara’ roughly means the interval of 1 full yr. The time wherein the Planet Jupiter along with his common velocity crosses the journey of 1 signal is known as ‘Samvatsara’. There happen twelve (12) Samvatsaras when Jupiter completes one full spherical of the Zodiac. Whereas shifting within the Zodiac, Jupiter occurs to succeed in typically close to the Earth and typically distant from it. Apart from, it additionally is available in contact with auspicious or inauspicious rays throughout its journey.

It’s due to this indisputable fact that the consequences of each ‘Samvatsara’ develop into totally different. Sixty Samvatsaras repeat repeatedly in a cycle. In the beginning of creation Jupiter and Saturn had been on the zero diploma of Aries. The typical day by day movement of Saturn is 2 (2) Kalas (minutes). Due to this fact, it takes full thirty (30) years in revolving across the Zodiac. The typical day by day movement of Jupiter is 5 (5) Kalas, (minutes). Due to this fact, it takes full twelve (12) years in finishing its journey within the twelve (12) indicators of the Zodiac.

Therefore, we’re going to have affect like we had in 1962-63 and  1902-1903.

Here’s what the Vedic texts say when you had been born this yr, which final was seen between APRIL 1962-63

SHOBHA-KRITA: The native who’s born within the ‘Samvatsara’ of ‘Shobhakrita’ makes progress in each subject. He’s good-looking trying, has wonderful virtues, is kind-hearted, and doer of excellent deeds. Specifically he will get victory or success within the battle of life. He’s endowed with brilliance, courtesy or humility, has stunning eyes and is skilful.

Notes: This ‘Samvatsara’ is named ‘Shobhana’ additionally. The which means of the phrases ‘Shobhana’ and ‘Shobhakrita’ is identical, as a result of the which means of each is gorgeous, wonderful and auspicious. The phrases magnificence and brilliance are synonyms of it. The writer of ‘Jataka Parijata’ makes use of the phrase ‘Shubhakriti’ as an alternative of ‘Shobhakrita.The which means of time period ‘Shubhakriti’ is an auspicious composition. Right here additionally its results are mentioned to be of changing into realized, a king, a person of advantage and endowed with studying and training.

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