Venus enters  Most cancers August sixth   which is among the higher occasions of the month. Venus and the Moon are mates though the Moon likes everybody and Venus just isn’t as glad  Venus/Moon combos in Jaimini astrology that mixture is especially good for wealth and abundance so Moon conjuct Venus this month on August 25-26 is especially fantastic for a celebration or celebration of magnificence within the residence of deep love of mom. Venus and the Moon are good mates in being the 2 most female planets and Venus in Most cancers brings out inventive creativity, consolation, magnificence, deep compassion and caring, emotional openness, sensitivity, and a deep capability to like. 

The transit is generally unafflicted however by the top of the transit into August twenty eighth, it will get an opposition from Saturn in Capricorn.   Mars additionally squares it from Aries till August eleventh however it’s a extensive and never vital side.

Venus goes into the constellation of Pushya  (Most cancers 3.20-16.40) on August 9-Twentieth  the place it will get linked to a robust Saturn. Whereas the 2 are mates, Saturn and Venus combos can create love with restrictions, emotional dryness, detachment or love of older individuals and robust enterprise skills. Nonetheless Venus can get pissed off with love and fervour as a result of it has too many obligations.  This vitality can even be felt towards the top of the month as Venus strikes towards opposition with Saturn.  The lesson with this transit is to be much less egocentric and fewer indulgent within the senses. The constellation of Pushya is considered one of  essentially the most auspicious ones for deep spirituality and knowledge to come back out. Pushya is linked to the deity Brihaspati who has the knowledge to advise the gods and is a rival to the devata, Shukracharya, the advisor to the fabric world.

Venus goes into the constellation of Ashlesha  (Most cancers 16.20-29.59) know as Hydrae in astronomy August 20-Thirty first  the place it’s linked Mercury. Venus will get debilitated in Virgo, so it’s not glad to be in Mercury’s star the place ugly and jealous gossip and sharp tongues can lead indignant battles between ladies. Relationships endure right here and might be indignant or vicious or crammed with controlling energies. Nonetheless Venus can cope with the poisons of Ashlesha higher than every other planet with its nurturing and therapeutic qualities however has to maneuver into selfless service so as to take action. The tip of the Ashlesha (Most cancers 26.40-29.59) is the gandanta the place karmic knots must get untwisted by Venus is exalted right here within the Pisces pada and may cope with it properly.

So get pleasure from Fridays this month when Venus is queen and linked to the nurturing vitality of Most cancers however at all times a unstable time because the moon adjustments indicators each 2.5 days and the place the Moon is each few days will impression Venus.

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