Venus strikes into Gemini on July thirteenth  and stays there till August  6TH.   It’s a constructive transit as it is just with its buddy Mercury till  July sixteenth and doesn’t get another troublesome points.

Total it’s constructive and can nonetheless foster a love of poetry and inventive writing so for artistic writers and songwriters, artistic coding for laptop programmers, and candy communications. That is your time to get that pen out and get that novel began or that ebook of poetry edited. If creativity doesn’t circulate towards the humanities in Gemini, then it strikes into sexual need which could be enjoyable in case you are in a dedicated relationship however difficult in case you are not. The third pure signal of the zodiac has a really sexual facet if it isn’t channeling its power in different methods.

In the event you had been born with an unafflicted Venus in Gemini, then you’re pleasant charming and fun-loving, logical, get pleasure from studying, common and good in relationship with others. The pure third signal of the zodiac Gemini may be very artistic as is Venus so there’s plenty of circulate this month for artistic concepts and innovations and inventive laptop programming. I usually discover that laptop programmers have plenty of Venus/Mercury connections of their charts.

Venus in Gemini can convey out sexuality, as Gemini is the pure third home of the zodiac is related to Kama and sexual expression and relationship power and love of enjoyment, good meals, and the humanities. This transit advantages Taurus and Libra rising essentially the most with a 2nd home transit of Taurus bringing good points from household, finance and love, and appreciation of fine meals. For Libras, it will possibly convey the love of international journey, deep love, and appreciation of Guru or religious knowledge, or nice love in attending church or synagogue.

Aquarius and Gemini and Leo rising may even do nicely with this transit whereas Most cancers rising could get caught up in too many expenditures or sensual indulgences. Aries has to additionally look ahead to a rise in sexual power and switch it into artistic expression.

Venus continues within the constellation of Mrigashira (Orion, Taurus 26.40-Gemini 6.40) till July 18th  the place mental looking out and deep religious knowledge are supported but additionally an ideal ardour. Venus in Ardra nakshatra  July 18th-Thirtieth  (Betelguese, Gemini 6.40-19.59) June 2-14th is a little more tumultuous for relationships, and ideas of breaking apart a relationship may come up as a way to foster the soul’s development. Ardra tends to create storms of emotion and Venus shall be inclined because it will get a 30-degree facet from Rahu in Taurus.  You might be drawn to international companions however it might be stormy.

Venus within the constellation of Purnavasu July 30-August tenth  (Gemini 20-Most cancers 3.20) will join it with Jupiter and possibly the 2 Gurus power collectively can soothe any turmoil from the Rahu/Mars/Urauns conjunction in early August.  We at all times want Venus and Jupiter to get via the challeges of life and discover pleasure and luxury.  . Nonetheless, Venus’s transit right here should create the need to vary companions or create uncertainty in a relationship. However the common mothering and nurturing qualities of Purnavasu will bleed into Venus’s maternal power nicely.

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