We now have an uncommon variety of planets in transition.  Saturn is lastly transferring away from the tough final diploma of Capricorn after right this moment.  We even have Rahu transferring nearer to Mars and Uranus into August 1-Sixth which may result in bursts of anger, wild swings of power and will assorted extra messes as we count on volcanic and earthquake exercise will improve dramatically in addition to rioting.   Mercury is opposing Saturn between Most cancers and Capricorn and Mercury is within the tough last diploma of Most cancers which is the gandanta which may carry up extra emotional catharsis to heal.  Communications get misunderstood and result in disputes and psychological over-processing.

  Holding down the fort is Jupiter stationing and going retrograde at 14 levels Pisces right this moment on July twenty eighth  and aspecting Most cancers and Scorpio and Jupiter has a precise trine to the Solar into July thirty first growing optimism and enlargement.  If you’re dominated by Leo or Pisces or Sagittarius you’re in all probability having a greater time than in case you are dominated by Mars or Mercury however all of us have each planet related to one thing inside us. 


The transition factors between the water and the fireplace indicators between 27-3 levels Most cancers and Leo are tough emotional set off factors for planets  within the zodiac for planets. Mercury is in Pisces navamsha and therefore is extra emotional and non secular and can’t draw on its mental nature to determine find out how to make the transition into the fabric realm, represented by the extra materials nakshatras beginning in Leo and ending in Scorpio.

These first few weeks are essential to remain on prime of meditation,  yoga and non secular observe in any other case these fears will take over and make you unsettled.  Keep out of addictive conduct like binging on Netflix to assuage the feelings, staying up too late,  overeating sweets or different addictive behaviors. You’re secure.  God is working the present and it doesn’t matter what the media tries to do make you’re feeling anxious, come again to your Divine self.

I’ll go away you with a quote from certainly one of my favourite books:

I all the time am impressed by this quote from my favourite ebook:

Emmanuel’s E book: A Information to Residing within the Cosmos.


Concern of the unknown is forgetfulness.

There isn’t any such factor

because the “unknown”

to the soul.

There’s a pure worry and resistance

when one doesn’t recall

one’s personal Divinity.

You’re secure. You’re secure.

You’re infinitely secure.

Oh, my dears,

if I may solely make it attainable

so that you can expertise the loving, mild kindness

of the universe,

the steadiness, the equity,

the sweetness and the enjoyment.

there would by no means be one other second of worry

in your total lives

And that’s true. 

Barry Rosen is on the job.

Barry’s consultations are there that will help you make tough choices, see your life plan and goal, make it easier to determine if transferring to a different location will enhance your life, get assist with relationships, get perception into tough to diagnose well being considerations that the medical doctors can’t work out, provide assist round funding astrology and finance and profession and far more. Sensible Western and Vedic treatments are instructed to offer options and make it easier to transfer via tough areas of your life.

Over thirty years expertise since 1987! When is the top-wind going to finish and when will the tail-wind carry me to my targets? What sensible treatments are you able to do to make a distinction? Barry has over 40 years expertise with many Western therapeutic modalities in addition to conventional Vedic ones.

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