What Are Incarnated Angels?


Incarnated Angels

For probably the most half angels are on a distinct evolutionary path than humanity, and once more, for probably the most half… Being born and residing life on the Earth is just not part of an angels regular incarnation cycle.


Because of the attention-grabbing occasions we dwell in, some angels have incarnated on Earth for a few causes. One mild, and one night time… Which makes excellent sense when you think about we’re speaking about angels incarnating right into a 3D world of distinction and duality proper?

Fallen Angels

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There’s a lot dispute as as to whether fallen angels are actual… Many individuals really feel extra comfy with the concept they aren’t actual… That angels are and can all the time be of service to humanity within the highest mild and love in response to Divine Will.

It’s stated by some that angels don’t have free will… And that is largely true.

However actually, its extra like their free will operates in a totally totally different approach from humanities.

Angels have the free will to both comply with Divine Will or not.

If not… If angels select to desert present in excellent concord with Divine will. It is a selection that’s everlasting.

If not… That is the supply of “fallen angels”. Angels who’ve chosen to be forged out of Heaven as a result of they now not need to serve in response to Divine Will.

They made their free will option to enter into separation.

Traditionally there have been two separate accounts of fallen angels.

One account may be discovered within the Ebook of Enoch (A e book of the Bible that’s controversially exterior of the canonical Scriptures) the place there was recorded an important fall. The place a gaggle of angels fell from Heaven because of lust after feminine people. These angels incarnated, married human ladies, and had kids (who turned out to be giants once they had been born)… And there’s a complete continued drama enjoying out because of this. It’s stated that this fall is definitely the origin of evil on Earth.

If you wish to be taught extra about this … Look into the Ebook of Enoch…

Elizabeth Clair Prophet has a e book that dives into this account with canonical Biblical references in addition to excerpts from the Ebook of Enoch. One other Ebook of Enoch examine companion is by Joseph Lumpkin.

Volunteer Souls

In response to evil on the planet…

There are some angels who’re included within the group of extremely advanced souls serving in alignment with Divine Will who’ve incarnated on the planet to be of service in releasing humanity from the grip of manipulation, management and concern based mostly programming set in place by the fallen angels. ( is alleged the trendy identified teams of the cabal and Illuminati are ancestors of the fallen angels) and since they’re completely minimize of from the absolution of God… They’ve chosen to intentionally trigger ailing will within the lives of the “Sons of God” or people on the trail of ascension.

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The superb, and delightful information is there are such a lot of starseeds, lightworkers, incarnated angels, extremely advanced non secular beings, and ascended masters who’ve chosen to incarnate on planet Earth right now as volunteer souls…

Right here to make a distinction, to lift the vibration of the planet and to help in releasing humanity from the management and manipulation of all sources of evil…

This is part of the ascension course of, and sure, it’s occurring now.

… to be continued

In the mean time… Click Here to be taught extra about Earth Angels and Starseeds

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