What is a birth chart in astrology?


Your beginning chart is a two-dimensional map of what the sky regarded like from the exact second and placement of your beginning. 

Nonetheless to most, a beginning chart is a chaotic jumble of esoteric symbols, glyphs, and features. It’s, fairly merely, overwhelming. It has its personal language and like every language or map, it takes time, power, and persistence to decode it. However we promise, it’s well worth the effort.

Your beginning chart as a map of your life’s function

Simply as a map provides a symbolic illustration of area — charting out roads, mountains, and rivers from the angle of the map person — your beginning chart is a map of your life’s function. And like a map, it has fairly exact instructions about the place to go, methods to get there, and what to develop inside your self alongside the best way. It’s a blueprint of your personal heroic mission and methods to reside it out. 

Why your beginning time is so necessary 

The sky by no means sleeps. It’s, from our vantage level, all the time on the transfer. The sky seems to be totally different from minute to minute, if we’re paying consideration. Your beginning time determines how the sky regarded in the mean time you entered this world — that’s why it’s such a vital piece to this puzzle. It’s additionally why everybody and their canine has texted their mother/caregiver/member of the family to ask what time they have been born. 

If you don’t know your birth time, check out this post.  

The place have been you born? 

Have you ever ever seen that the evening sky seems to be totally different in case you journey to a faraway place? Or that the Solar rises and units at totally different instances, relying in your location? Not solely does the time of your beginning matter, but additionally the location. The place you have been born determines what the sky regarded like if you have been born, and subsequently what your beginning chart seems to be like, and what it has to say about your function.   

Your beginning chart is a gathering place of area, time, earth, sky, and You.

Whereas some traditions depict the beginning chart in different shapes (akin to squares), CHANI app maps the planets onto a wheel. Like all circle, the chart wheel is manufactured from 360°. 

Simply as in Google Avenue View, we orient ourselves within the circle as if we’re located within the middle of it, quite than wanting down from above. This may be complicated at first, as a result of we’re used to imagining a compass with West to the left, East to the precise, North on prime, and South on the underside. In a beginning chart, the instructions are flipped, as a result of we label it as if we’re on the within, searching. (Theater youngsters, you could have a neater time visualizing this. It’s much like figuring out Stage Left or Stage Proper from the angle of the actors — not the viewers.)

Infographic of where the ascendant (rising sign) is on a birth chart

The Ascendant

Which means if you take a look at your beginning chart, the rising signal is located on the left of the chart, referred to as the Japanese hemisphere, the place the Solar rises. The diploma rising in the mean time of your beginning turns into the diploma of your ascendant, which is the purpose that the majority intimately represents you.

Infographic of where the midheaven, or MC, is on a birth chart

The Midheaven (MC)

The midheaven varieties the Southern hemisphere — or excessive midday of the chart. That is the place the Solar culminates within the sky, and the place you are typically most seen.

Infographic of where the descendant, or DC. is on a birth chart.

The Descendant (DC)

The descendant is discovered within the Western hemisphere, the place the Solar units. This level of the chart represents your shut relationships and different folks.

Infographic of where the IC, or Imum Coeli, is on a birth chart.

The Imum Coeli (IC)

The IC, or Imum Coeli, is discovered within the Northern hemisphere. That is the midnight of the chart, the place you reside out your non-public life.

To drag up your chart now as you undergo this text, use this tool or head over to the CHANI app.

Delivery Chart Necessities 

A beginning chart contains 4 important elements: 1. the planets, 2. the relationships (or facets) the planets kind with one another, 3. the indicators, and 4. the homes. 


The planets characterize the central drives in a chart, such because the drive to like and join (Venus), suppose and talk (Mercury), or win (Mars). 

Conventional astrologers give attention to the planets you possibly can see with the bare eye, from our two light-bearers (the Solar and the Moon) to Saturn. Trendy astrologers embody Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, which have been found between 1781 and 1930, in addition to asteroids and minor planets, akin to Chiron. 

The normal planets and their roles are:

Solar — your identification and the place you shine

Moon — your physique and feelings

Mercury — how and the place you talk

Venus — how and the place you join

Mars — how and the place you’re taking motion

Jupiter — how and the place you create abundance

Saturn — how and the place you create boundaries

The trendy planets and their roles are:

Uranus —  how and the place you innovate and disrupt

Neptune — how and the place you employ your creativeness

Pluto — how and the place you maintain secret energy


Facets symbolize the relationships that planets have with one another. Similar to people, not all planets work effectively collectively. 

Think about that you just go to a celebration. At that celebration, there are individuals who act like your biggest champions, singing your praises to anybody who will pay attention. However there are additionally individuals who glare at you from throughout the room, making you uncomfortable and unnerved. Then there are folks you are feeling impartial about, and folks that you just by no means really meet, even in case you’ve vaguely heard of them. 

Briefly, your beginning chart is a celebration, and each planet comes bearing their very own agenda. 

Realizing who’s in your group and who would possibly really feel like your saboteur is necessary info. In the long run, we imagine that we will make mates with the entire room — or beginning chart, because it have been. It takes work and self-understanding to revive a difficult set-up into one that’s useful and affirming, however that’s the magic of working with astrology.

The normal facets (or relationships) between planets are:


Sextiles — planets which are 2 indicators away from one another (or 60 levels aside). One planet can be in an earth signal, the opposite in a water signal, or one can be in a hearth signal, the opposite in an air signal. These parts are likely to work effectively collectively, and sextiles can really feel like encouraging items, although they’re a bit extra refined than trines. 

Trines — planets which are 4 indicators away from one another and in the identical component (or 120 levels aside). There’s pure concord and stream between these planets. They converse the identical language. Trines between planets are likely to carry blessings, safety, and ease.


Squares — planets which are 3 indicators away from one another (ex. One in Scorpio and one other in Leo). Squares carry factors of friction, which encourage us towards motion, even when they really feel a bit abrasive. 

Oppositions — planets which are 6 indicators away from one another (in indicators reverse to one another). Oppositions carry tugs of conflict, the place we’re requested to stability opposites and perceive what we mission onto the world and what we should be capable of reclaim for ourselves.


Conjunctions — planets which are in the identical signal as one other planet. The nearer the planets are to one another, the extra their energies will fuse collectively, like mixing two important oils collectively to kind a novel perfume. 


In an astrology chart, the zodiac indicators characterize the model, method, or temper, by way of which the planets categorical themselves. Mercury within the subterranean cisterns of Scorpio will categorical itself otherwise from the butterfly-tongued airways of Gemini, for instance.

The indicators and their types are:

Aries — unbiased, action-oriented

Taurus — stabilizing, grounded

Gemini — curious and conversational

Most cancers — caring, emotive 

Leo — expressive, entertaining

Virgo — perfecting, analytical 

Libra — accommodating, justice-oriented

Scorpio — mysterious, penetrating

Sagittarius — buoyant, optimistic

Capricorn — disciplined, self-restricting

Aquarius — mental, definitive

Pisces — delicate, inventive

We are able to consider indicators because the properties of the planets. Within the conventional system, every of the 7 classical planets (the Solar, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn) have a particular relationship to the indicators, doing exceptionally effectively in some locations, whereas feeling challenged in others. 

The indicators additionally assist to interrupt the 360° of the chart wheel into 12 equal elements of 30°.

Recall {that a} map is a symbolic illustration of area. Equally, the indicators of our zodiac supply a symbolic depiction of the constellations that the Solar passes by way of from our standpoint on Earth. 

This path of the Solar from our perspective is called the “ecliptic.” In actuality, these constellations don’t kind 30 equal levels. The constellation Virgo is twice the scale of Libra, for instance. Nonetheless, like every map or diagram, this visible illustration of actuality has its personal knowledge and efficacy. The drawing doesn’t should be “to scale” to be helpful. 


Just like the indicators, there are 12 homes. The homes characterize totally different areas of your life. As an illustration, your eleventh Home represents your friendships and neighborhood involvements, whereas your 4th Home represents household, dwelling, and ancestral lineage. 

The 12 homes are:

1st Home — self, physique, look, and vitality

2nd Home — property, sources, and livelihood

third Home — communication, day by day life, siblings, and prolonged household

4th Home — mother and father, dwelling, and foundations

fifth Home — kids, inventive initiatives, intercourse, and pleasure

sixth Home — work and well being

seventh Home — dedicated partnerships

eighth Home — demise, psychological well being, and different folks’s sources

ninth Home — journey, schooling, publishing, faith, astrology, and philosophy

tenth Home — profession and public roles

eleventh Home — mates, neighborhood, patrons, and success

twelfth Home — hidden life, secrets and techniques, sorrow, and loss

Whereas the planets in indicators are calculated from an outer actuality (the photo voltaic system), the homes are rooted within the time and placement of your beginning. They’re what carry the sky right down to you. 

If the distinction between indicators and homes nonetheless feels murky, it is perhaps useful to do not forget that the quickest shifting physique, the Moon, takes 2-3 days to cross by way of an indication. Nonetheless, the Moon will cross by way of each home in your beginning chart in a 24-hour window. The identical applies for each planet. For instance, Pluto takes 12-31 years to cross by way of one signal, however 24 hours to cross by way of the 12 homes. 

How you can begin utilizing this map

It takes time to grasp all these puzzle items, however the journey is enjoyable and rewarding. As you dig into the nooks and crannies of your chart, you’ll discover a language to specific what you realize deeply about your self, however have presumably struggled to specific. You obtain a chicken’s eye view of your personal heroic quest in life, together with the paths that can carry you essentially the most pleasure and which means. 

Listed below are a number of concepts to get you began:

  • Pull up your beginning chart on the CHANI app or our online tool.
  • Reasonably than making an attempt to grasp each piece of your chart on the similar time, begin with these 3 keys: your Solar, Moon, and rising signal, in addition to the planet that guidelines your rising signal. We break down every of those elements within the CHANI app, and you can even study extra in Chani’s e-book, You Were Born For This. 
  • Select one in all these keys — your Solar, Moon, rising signal, or the planet that guidelines your rising signal — to get to know over the subsequent month. Draw out its image and place it in your altar, or in your lavatory mirror. Meditate on the planet or signal’s pure function or model (for instance, the planet Venus as a connector, or the signal Leo as self-expressive.) How do you embody these energies? How do you wish to?
  • Commit a pocket book or journal to your apprenticeship of your chart — write down your notes, brainstorms, and downloads.

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