What Is Subtle Energy & How to Connect


Turning into extra conscious of your spirit guides and angels, the Divine steering and perception which is out there, and your psychic capability and intuitive perception, requires you to tune into Refined Power.

What Is Refined Power?

Refined Power is an idea which is current all through many alternative cultures, religions, and traditions. Simply to provide you a fast thought of what I imply… Refined Power has been known as prana, vitality, the power, life power vitality, chi, the Holy Spirit, qi, ether, the vitality of consciousness, cosmic energy, non secular vitality, vibrational vitality,… and extra!

By turning into conscious of the delicate vitality which is flowing all through all the things, interconnecting all of life, and current between time and house within the void, you’re one step nearer to with the ability to translate this pure vitality into clear solutions, understanding and perception you may perceive.

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To obtain steering and clear solutions from the sphere of delicate vitality which interconnects All, which incorporates you, your angels, the earth, and All That Is, you’ll need to discover ways to tune into the delicate vibrations of life first.

Rising your sensitivity to the pure energies round you is a vital step in understanding delicate vitality and tuning into the steering of the angels and the Divine. Like all talent, perceiving delicate vitality could be developed and improved upon. To get higher at sensing, seeing and feeling it, you should first start,  so let’s get began!

Refined Power Meditation Script

An .MP3 Recording of this meditation is out there within the Working With Your Angels Course

To finish the next delicate vitality meditation begin by sitting in a snug and relaxed place, shut your eyes, breathe and let go of any stress or stress. Enable your self to change into actually relaxed. Once you’re prepared… Countdown from 3 to 1, after which think about you’re exterior, sitting within the daylight, in a fantastic pure location. Someplace you are feeling protected, and surrounded with the fantastic thing about the earth.

Together with your consciousness and creativeness, discover the fantastic thing about nature throughout you. Paint the psychological image and see the bushes, grasses and flowers, the solar brightly shining down upon you, and picture that you’re surrounded in a fantastic orb of rainbow mild. Visualize the rainbow orb shimmering round you, defending your vitality, and representing your delicate vitality subject.

Maintaining your eyes closed and from this inward targeted place, change into conscious of your environment, discover how the bushes, crops, grasses, stones, the very floor you’re sitting on all emanate a delicate vitality and light-weight.

Turn into conscious of this mild in your thoughts’s eye. It’s nearly as should you’re imagining it or remembering it from a very long time in the past. Simply observe and see the light mild radiating off of all the things round you from all of the pure world.

what is subtle energy

Discover a cluster of bushes that are shut collectively. Observe their lights gently mixing and dancing collectively, after which discover a tree which is standing alone. Its vitality lighting up all the space round it in a fantastic, highly effective, and but light mild orb.

Discover the factor of water on this countryside scene. A luminescent mild floating simply above the floor of the water.

Take one other second now simply to breathe and soak in all of the therapeutic and rejuvenating blessings of the pure world round you.

Chill out after which in your psychological imaginative and prescient, in your creativeness, think about that you simply’re standing up and starting to stroll round this peaceable location within the countryside. As you do, discover your rainbow mild orb, the vitality round you because it interacts with the delicate vitality of the pure world.

Think about that you simply’re now standing underneath a tree and witness as your mild subject merges with the bigger mild subject of the tree for only a second. Observe your energies dancing collectively, merging within the current second, after which as you step away, your vitality goes with you, the tree resumes its orb, and you’ve got every acquired blessing and rejuvenation from the interplay out of your connection.

Now think about you’re strolling previous a subject of flowers and as you do, discover the fragile mild vitality fields of the flowers dancing out in the direction of you in a wave as you stroll by. Gently touching your vitality with their therapeutic, delicate vitality.

Attain out in the direction of a flower and really feel for a second your mild subject merging and interacting with the light mild vitality of the flower. Within the current second the place your energies meet, you every obtain a blessing from the interplay.

Now stroll in the direction of the water on this stunning, tranquil scene, in your inside realm, and attain out in the direction of the water not touching the water, however bathing within the iridescent mild subject above the water.

As you attain out, your delicate vitality reaches out, merging with the delicate vitality of the water.

Let your self marvel and benefit from the magnificence and light-weight that subtly vibrates from all of existence, from the entire pure world. You might be experiencing delicate vitality, life power vitality that you’re a a part of, that you’re one with.

Think about that you simply’re now discovering a grassy hillside and sitting down. As you sit, discover that you’re met with a delicate, delicate, white vitality from the bottom which interacts together with your energetic subject as you sit down. As you might be grounded, receiving profit from the delicate vitality of the bottom, take one other second now simply to breathe and observe the fantastic thing about the pure world that’s round you, of the bodily bushes, crops, flowers, water and their magnificent, light, energetic subject of delicate vitality which surrounds them.

As you breathe, let your self obtain therapeutic and rejuvenating advantages from the pure world. For with each interplay, with nature, you might be blessed and uplifted. The therapeutic of the pure world impressed upon you. Presently, returning consciousness to your bodily physique discover how you are feeling, noticing if there are any locations of feeling caught, wherever you discover stagnant vitality, and breathe the sunshine of nature into these locations letting go of any stress or caught vitality, receiving the rejuvenating and therapeutic advantages of the divine mild which is throughout which is interwoven into all of existence. Obtain the therapeutic profit out of your delicate vitality interacting with the delicate vitality of the pure world.

And now as you full this train, make a psychological notice to repeat this course of from a completely acutely aware place, going out into nature, quieting your thoughts, activating your creativeness and your instinct to tuning into your delicate vitality subject. Then think about, discover and change into conscious of the delicate vitality of the bushes, the earth, crops, flowers, water, rocks, stones, crystals, and work together.

Take This Course of Out Into Nature For Additional Refined Power Enjoyable and Studying

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Discover how your delicate vitality merges with the delicate vitality of the pure world when you find yourself exterior, and in shut proximity to a tree, the Ocean or a Lake, for you aren’t separate. You might be one and with consciousness, the blessings of the delicate vitality which is current could be realized, skilled, understood, and from on this realm of All That Is, infinite therapeutic, rejuvenation, blessings, and well-being are capable of be accessed by you, tuned into, embraced, and shared for the very best and biggest good.

Get pleasure from connecting with the gorgeous delicate vitality of the pure world, which is able to assist to extend your consciousness of vitality, making the realms of angels, and the steering of the Divine much more pleasing. As soon as you might be simply perceiving and tuning into delicate vitality, by then working with opening your chakras, releasing blockages, and permitting your vitality to circulation you may translate the messages contained inside delicate vitality into particular steering, perception, and even vitality therapeutic.

For now, merely join and luxuriate in.

Did you do that meditation? Are you already perceiving the vitality of bushes, crystals, flowers and water? Depart me a remark beneath or on facebook!

With love, mild, and gratitude,
Melanie Beckler

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